The Top 10 Best Hiking Backpack Under $100 Today

For most hikers, the kind of equipment used will largely determine the success of your trip. For instance, if you’re trekking across the country, you’ll need a solid pair of hiking boots. Similarly, the best hiking backpack under $100 allows you an affordable way to enjoy your next outdoor excursion.

Water is often a crucial requirement if you are venturing off the beaten path. Additionally, some rope and a change of clothes are a must-have for any outdoor enthusiast. You will need space to store all these items. Only the best backpacks will satisfy your luggage storage needs.

The Top 10 Hiking Backpacks – Quick Snapshot!

  1. TETON Sports Oasis Hydration Pack
  2. WintMing Camping Rucksack
  3. Osprey Daylite Plus Daypack
  4. FENGDONG Lightweight Hiking Backpack
  5. Loowoko Hiking Backpack
  6. Desert Sky Versatile Outdoors Backpack
  7. MORABI 40L Lightweight Hiking Backpack
  8. TETON Sports Explorer
  9. OMASKA Multifunctional Tactical Hiking Backpack
  10. Mardingtop 65L Hiking Backpack

Hiking backpacks are a bit different from regular camping packs. Campers get by with massive storage. Their bags often include secondary pockets and pouches. For hikers, the backpack’s size and level of comfort are crucial factors.

Hiking takes a lot of energy. If you decide to haul excessive loads, you’ll quickly tire out and fail to achieve your milestones. That’s why most of the packs we tested were compact and straightforward.

On the flip side, we did come across supersized storage solutions. These backpacks had a generous packing capacity and are perfect for someone planning a long-distance trip. They have ample room to store equipment, boots, food, and a sizable hydration system.

We identified a trio of standout hiking backpacks with an attractive price tag under $100.

●      WintMing Camping Rucksack – Best large capacity backpack

●      TETON Sports Oasis Hydration Pack – Best hydration pack

●      Osprey Daylite Plus Daypack – Best compact backpack

1. TETON Sports Oasis Hydration Pack

Every time you want to head into the wild outdoors, you must have a hydration plan. People usually stack a pair of water bottles, while others go for an in-built water bladder. Although most bags can accommodate them, it is often at the expense of interior storage space. The TETON Sports Oasis Hydration Pack is a well-thought hiking companion that will ensure your hydration needs are met.

Product Overview

Like most hydration packs, TETON Sports’ product is relatively small.

The interior chamber, for instance, will only fit 18 liters’ worth of luggage.

If you aren’t going camping, this backpack will hold just about everything you need for a day out in the woods.

The pack follows a streamlined design principle with comfortable straps to keep you from getting sore shoulders.

It has several compression straps which allow you to squeeze it further.

If you aren’t carrying a lot of items, you could eliminate any open spaces and prevent the bag from bouncing about.

It is a lightweight pack when empty. The compact size ensures that you travel light.

There is an integrated rain cover that is sewn in and stored at the seat of the pack.

You can quickly pull it out and cover your luggage in case of sudden rain showers.

Standout Feature

Being a proper hydration pack, you will not have to worry about your water intake. Its water pouch holds about two liters of fluid. You’ll also get a sip tube that doesn’t tangle and lasts longer than the competition.

The problem with hydration packs is that the water eventually takes on an aftertaste. But, after a couple of washes, that issue was non-existent in the TETON Sports pack. If you aren’t satisfied with the 2L bladder, this bag can hold a 3L piece. However, it is going to be tightly packed if you intend to carry additional luggage.

Any outdoor buff needs many pockets on their backpack. The TETON pack has four zippered slots that will secure your electronic valuables and even keys.


●      2L hydration pack is included
●      It can hold a 10inch laptop
●      A pair of elastic water bottle holders
●      Quick customer service response


●     Water aftertaste takes several washes to go away
●      Water bottles will take up space inside the pack

2. WintMing Camping Rucksack

A serious camper needs all the space they can get, especially when shopping for the best backpack under $100. WintMing’s massive 70L Camping Rucksack will hold just about anything you want to bring on your next backpacking adventure.

Product Overview

This is a big backpack by any standard. It is tall (almost 30 inches), and the interior has enough depth to store a sizeable load. To ready to bring along everything you would need for a three-day nature excursion. You can also include an extra pair of hiking boots and even a hammock.

The backpack boasts a robust 600D waterproof nylon fabric. This will ensure all your equipment remains dry and cozy for when you set up camp. Also, the pack will withstand dense and thorny bushes without so much as a scratch.

Thanks to its unique padding system, even though the rucksack can haul up to 40 pounds, you won’t scrape your shoulders carrying it around. The shoulder straps are wide and well cushioned with breathable mesh straps. It also features padded waist straps to ease the burden on your back and waist when c such an enormous load.

Standout Feature

The MOLLE system is a must-have for most backpackers. It is extensive on the WintMing pack allowing you a wealth of additional storage. There are multiple side and exterior pockets to squeeze in a couple more pounds of gear.


●    MOLLE system compatibility
●    Plenty of interior storage space
●    Padded waist and shoulder straps
●    Scratch-resistant fabric
●    Elastic rope harness


●    Very tall backpack for shorter hikers
●    The pack doesn’t accommodate a hydration bladder and tube

3. Osprey Daylite Plus Daypack

If you are looking for the best hiking backpack under $100 for short trips and light loads, Osprey is one of the best companies for you. They have decades of experience making backpacks for all events. The Osprey Daylite Plus Daypack should be your go-to option if you’re planning to hit the woods on the weekend.

Product Overview

The Daylite Plus is generally a tiny carry-pod that you can attach to a larger backpack. It’s usually intended as a secondary storage attachment for larger Osprey packs. Nevertheless, it’s a nifty hauler to take on shorter hikes and trips.

The pack is pretty small and will hold just 20L worth of luggage. This is twice what other hydration packs offer. However, it has a lot more pockets which you can maximize for storage. There is a compartment at the front with a mesh organizer and another secured using a zipper. They will store your radio, a bunch of keys, and some pens.

At the back, you’ll find a padded sleeve that will hold a sizeable laptop. For example, our 15-inch MacBook fit quite snugly. This slot can also be used to store your hydration pack. There are mesh pockets on the sides that are big enough for water bottles.

Standout Feature

The backpack has a decent-sized pocket sleeve inside its main compartment. A hydration pack will sit perfectly inside this space, and you can also store important documents such as maps. The bag is made from 210D Nylon that protects your electronics and documents from water splashes.


●    Sizeable laptop compartment
●    Will accommodate a hydration pack
●    It can be used as secondary storage on larger packs
●    Multiple mesh slots
●    Multipurpose hydration compartment


●   Water bottle pockets are a bit loose
●   Grab handle rubs against your body

4. FENGDONG Lightweight Hiking Backpack

Outdoor buffs understand the importance of staying active. Frequent hiking allows you to keep fit and explore the wild on a budget. However, you will need the right equipment to keep your activity levels high. Keeping your body hydrated is a crucial piece of the hiking puzzle. That’s why the FENGDONG Lightweight Hiking Backpack is a must-have for your quick weekend hiking trips.

Product Overview

The FENGDONG Lightweight Hiking Backpack is incredibly lightweight. Weighing only one pound, you will quickly forget that you’re carrying anything on your back if it’s empty. It only has a single compartment that’s worth around 10L’s worth of storage.

Granted, it is a tiny piece of hiking gear. But if you aren’t going camping, this pack will hold everything you need for a perfect daytime hiking experience.

You will primarily use this pack as a hydration reservoir. It can hold up to 2L of liquid in the professionally made bladder inside. It doesn’t leak and has a TPU construction. This material makes it easier to clean than ordinary PVC.

Activity packs are usually made of simple material designed to hold the most essential items. The FENDGDONG Lightweight backpack features an aluminum insulation layer. This works to keep your hydration fluids cool and refreshing, especially on a hot day.

Standout Features

From our first glance, the bag looks relatively small. Unless you’re going on a three-day hike, you won’t need a whole lot of room. Furthermore, you would want to keep your payload as light as possible. This pack allows you to only carry the necessities with you.

Apart from the primary storage slot, the pack has a slew of nifty side pockets and slots. They will fit your wallet, smartphone, and survival radio while trudging through the wild.


●   Double insulation layer for fluids
●   Ventilated mesh padded shoulder straps
●   Almost weightless daypack
●   Hands-free hydration
●  Accommodates a cycling helmet


●   The hydration tube needs several usages to loosen up
●   The nozzle allows less water through
●   Not the most streamline design out there

5. Loowoko Hiking Backpack

The size of your hiking backpack matters a great deal. If you plan to carry a ton of equipment, then a smaller pack will not prove helpful. Luckily, Loowoko’s 50L Hiking Backpack is certainly a contender for the best hiking backpack under $100 award.

Product Overview

The bag is decently sized. It will hold up to 50L’s worth of luggage and equipment for your outdoor excursion. This allows you to pack up everything you need to survive a 3-day hike.

Backpackers typically have to find a balance when selecting bigger packs. When opting for a larger luggage carrier, you will have to deal with strict airline regulations on luggage size.

Loowoko’s backpack is, nevertheless, adequately sized and adheres to many carriers’ specifications.

This backpack has close to a dozen straps that make it possible to attach more things to it. So if you run out of room inside, you can easily strap on your sleeping bag, hammocks, and additional gear onto the pack.

However, be mindful of the weight, especially if you are planning an extended trip.

Standout Features

Trudging through forested paths and up mountain trails extracts a heavy toll on their bodies for many hikers. To make these trips, they often invest in comfortable hiking boots, apparel, and like the Loowoko Hiking backpack, a comfortable luggage hauler.

This backpack has a wealth of padding strewn all over its exterior. This meshed padding allows your shoulders a bit of comfort, especially when you decide to fill up your hiking pack. Remember, the 50L bag is quite hefty, and you’re going to need all the cushioning you can get.


●   Eight adjustable straps
●   Easily accessible side pockets
●   Shoulder straps and back support cushioning
●   Includes a rain cover
● Plentiful 50L luggage capacity


●   No hydration bladder
●   Lacks an internal frame

6.  Desert Sky Versatile Outdoors Backpack

Nothing beats a multipurpose outdoor backpack. You can strap it up with your documents and computer while heading to work. On the weekends, quickly fill the pack with supplies and hiking equipment and enjoy the natural world. The Desert Sky Versatile Outdoors Backpack is one of the best hiking backpacks under $100 today.

Product Overview

Regular carry-on backpacks are often smaller since they are designed only to accommodate only a few items. Once you’ve got your minicomputer, a few documents, and a couple of pens inside, you hardly need additional space. But if you lead an active lifestyle, that kind of everyday pack will not satisfy your needs.

The Desert Sky pack is a cut above the rest. It holds an impressive 40L when fully packed.

With prevailing hiking standards, this isn’t much. However, it is adequate for a day or two of camping.

The interior compartment is subdivided into four sections. It has a padded pocket for your laptop with multiple external pockets for valuable and miniature outdoor gear.

Serious backpackers will appreciate this compact storage space.

Standout Features

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a multipurpose backpack that accommodates a hydration bladder. The Desert Sky pack has a decent bladder sleeve running on both sides with clamps to keep everything tidy. The backpack’s waist belt similarly houses a pair of water bottle pouches.

Moreover, you’ll appreciate the various straps on the pack’s top and bottom sections. These are handy, especially if you want to bring along your sleeping bag.

When exploring the outdoors, you must always keep an eye on the weather. But if you’ve got the Desert Sky pack, you won’t have to worry about getting your gear soaked in a summertime downpour. The rain cover draws over the bag for a snug fit to keep everything dry and cozy.


●   Comfortable back padding and shoulder support
●   Perfect for hiking and business travel
●   Multiple pockets
●   Well thought-out hydration system


●   Shoulder straps too close together
●   No hydration bladder included
●   Inelastic laptop compartment

7. MORABI 40L Lightweight Hiking Backpack

Most backpackers and outdoor buffs are only interested in how much luggage they can haul. The MORABI Lightweight Hiking Backpack is a unique one. It comes with all the bells and whistles of an ordinary pack while spotting an array of bold color schemes.

Product Overview

The MORABI backpack is a bold piece of outdoor equipment. Straight away, you will notice the camo print on its exterior. You can get various shades to go along with the pattern and make a statement with your gear.

Apart from its aesthetics, the pack is also highly functional. It can hold up to 40L of luggage and gear. The backpack is made from waterproof Nylon, which allows your equipment to remain dry and cozy even under a light shower.

The backpack is equally comfortable. It comes equipped with a wealth of padding along its shoulder straps.

Equally, the bag feels comfortable along your back because of an adequate amount of spongy material lining this section.

Standout Feature

Even though this backpack is quite a beauty, its strategic properties are how well it collapses. The pack has a dry weight of just under a pound. The nylon construction keeps the weight down, and this is compounded by the extensive sponge meshing employed. You’ll get a complimentary storage pocket to squeeze the backpack in.

MORABI also ships the pack with plenty of nifty features for the ardent camper. There is a USB charging port and cable for your electronic radio and smartphone.

Additionally, the chest straps house a whistle buckle that is an invaluable tool when out camping. Other complementary accessories include a fire starting kit, compass, and a handy blade.


●   Unique camouflage pattern
●   Multiple internal compartments
●   Lightweight and compact backpack
●   Complimentary outdoor gear
●   Waterproof material
●   MORABI customer guarantee


●   It doesn’t accommodate a hydration bladder
●   Lacks secondary external straps

8. TETON Sports Explorer 

Proper prior planning is crucial for any hiker. Before heading out to the wild outdoors, you need to be well geared for the journey ahead of you. As such, your backpack must be able to haul all your paraphernalia, including food and hydration equipment, to keep you going until the next rest stop. The TETON Sports Explorer is your go-to hiking backpack if you are looking for an optimum packing capacity.

Product Overview

The TETON Sports Explorer has ample room. It is rated at 65L, which is good for up to fifty pounds worth of luggage. Get ready to store a decent length of climbing rope, a change of clothes, and enough drinking water. This bag will sustain three days’ worth of hiking when it is full.

Backpackers need all the storage room they can get. Nevertheless, all that luggage tends to weigh a ton, and it can get tiring hauling all your equipment through the woods.

That’s why the TETON Sports Explorer comes equipped with adequately padded shoulder and waist straps.

What’s more, this backpack has an open-cell foam lumbar pad that keeps fatigue and soreness at bay. This pack is also highly adjustable.

You can fine-tune the padded shoulder straps for a perfect fit.

No matter your size, you can quickly work through a range of adjustments for that perfect fit on your way up a mountain pass.

Standout Features

For such a roomy backpack, the TETON pack ships with multiple storage slots and compartments. You can easily attach your tent poles, hydration equipment, and sleeping bag to the pack. It also accommodates a 3-liter bladder to keep your body fluids at the correct level.

You won’t want to set the pack down every time you retrieve a compass or GPS module when fully loaded. That’s why there are several easily accessible side pockets attached to the backpack.

The pack includes a waterproof rain cover. We all know how unpredictable the weather can get, especially if you don’t have access to the weather forecast. That’s why it is essential to be prepared for an eventual downpour. You can quickly draw out the integrated rainfly at the pack’s bottom to conceal your luggage and keep everything dry and cozy in case of inclement weather.


●   A wealth of storage space
●   Multiple and easily accessible external pockets
●   Integrated rain cover
●   Padded waist and shoulder straps
●   Lumbar support
●   Adjustable straps


●   Quite large for short-statured backpackers
●   The interior diameter is narrow
●   Not suited for storing water bottles

9. OMASKA Multifunctional Tactical Hiking Backpack

Are you looking to ditch that hefty 50L backpack – maybe get a lightweight pack that will hold all your essentials as you venture off the beaten path? The OMASKA Multifunctional Tactical Hiking Backpack is your best bet. It is delightfully compact and one of the best hiking backpacks under $100 you can get today.

Product Overview

Most tiny hiking backpacks are dedicated hydration packs. They are often tailored to store your drinking fluids.

Some will go overboard and offer twin water bottle pockets that take up precious space in an already compact pack.

On the other hand, OMASKA’s Tactical pack achieves the right balance between the two requirements.

It doesn’t have a dedicated bladder pouch.

However, you still get a pair of side pockets for your hydration bottles.

The main compartment is roomy.

You can fit inside a 14-inch laptop with enough room to spare for documents and other smaller items.

This compartment is well divided with organizational slots that will perfectly fit your cards, tactical knife, compass, and other gear.

Standout Feature

Small bags tend to have a pretty narrow center of gravity. If the straps aren’t tight enough, you’ll have to contend with an awkwardly swinging load. That’s why it comes fitted with a slew of adjustable straps for your shoulders and chest. These should help you get a tight fit even if the bag is half full.

The shoulder straps also have D-ring clips on which you can fasten minor accessories like sunglasses. There’s even a patch on the front that holds your address information and even a tiny flag.


●   High-quality waterproof material
●   Sizeable interior compartment
●   A pair of water bottle side pockets
●   Completely adjustable shoulder and chest straps


●   No water bladder
●   It cannot be used with larger backpacks

10. Mardingtop 65L Hiking Backpack

Like most large-capacity backpacks, the Mardington 65L Hiking Backpack is a tall product. You can carry enough luggage and camping gear to last a weekend of camping. As genuine backpackers, you wouldn’t want any setbacks in the wild for lack of essential equipment.

Product Overview

Another contender for the best hiking backpack under $100 crown, Mardingtop’s offering has enough room for a mini vacation. The main hold will comfortably fit 65L’s worth of equipment. Get your sleeping bag, boots, a change of clothes, and even sufficient food and drink to keep you going the extra mile.

The pack includes sizeable detachable pockets and a reasonable MOLLE webbing system. These secondary storage pouches should afford hikers additional room to stash critical gear. Multiple straps allow you to attach your climbing rope, tent poles, and even a tent before hitting the woods.

Thanks to the rain cover, this pack is also waterproof. The Nylon embedded in its fabric also helps to keep your stuff dry and cozy.

The pack is pretty comfortable to carry, even if you decide to use every inch of its massive compartment. The waist belt comes with sufficient padding as well as shoulder straps. Moreover, many tiny pockets line its waist belt, giving you more room to stash little bits of hiking paraphernalia.

Standout Feature

The Mardingtop Hiking pack has a primary compartment suitable for 65L storage capacity. There are a pair of additional side pockets. These aren’t your regular secondary pouches as they are pretty substantial and give you an extra 10L  storage room.


●   MOLLE system
●   Accommodates a hydration system
●   Roomy interior
●   Sizeable secondary storage side pockets
●   Adequate waist, back, and shoulder padding
●   Multiple straps


●   Not suitable for extended hikes
●   Brightly colored rain cover
●   Upper shoulder straps may need frequent tightening when fully loaded

Features to Consider When Buying a Hiking Backpack

You will find hundreds of hiking backpacks, especially if you are on a budget. There are plenty of options at less than $100, and each is differently equipped. When shopping for a hiking pack, you first have to consider your needs. Are you going on a proper camping trip or just a day-long hike?

With that in mind, there are several factors to consider when selecting the best hiking backpack under $100.

Storage Space and Organization

Hikers planning an extended trip need a ton of gear. Camping equipment, clothes, and food all take up precious space inside your backpack. That’s why a decent size is a must-have. Luckily, there are plenty of 40L, 50L, and even 70L capacity rucksacks on the market.

Larger bags often have multiple organizational slots. These make it easier to pack and stash your belongings. A pack with just one massive interior space often gets filled up too quickly, leaving little extra room for additional gear and equipment.

Does It Accommodate a Hydration System

If you are leading an active lifestyle, you understand how important it is to remain hydrated at all times. That’s why most backpacks are loaded with side pockets. It is the easiest way to stash your water bottle and even carry a few extras.

Miniature hydration packs are an excellent solution for the light traveler. These often include a hydration bladder and tube. The tube must be long and fastened with robust clamps onto the pack.


Nylon is a popular fabric for hiking backpacks. It is incredibly lightweight, waterproof and scratch-resistant. Some packs use canvas, which is sturdier than Nylon but weighs significantly more.

Adjustable Straps

A backpack should have plenty of straps to fasten it, particularly if you trudge through bushes and up woody mountain trails. When your pack isn’t loaded, it will swing about and inconvenience your hike. If you are running, you will eventually use more energy to maintain a comfortable posture. However, straps will hold your pack tightly against your body and prevent any random swaying.

The Takeaway

The best hiking backpack under $100 doesn’t have to be a 70L behemoth. Even though a sizeable bag ensures that you are adequately equipped to face the wild, it’s not the only consideration when shopping for an outdoor backpack.

Smaller packs will make any short dash through the wild outdoors enjoyable. A hydration pack is as important as a hammock and sleeping bag. Nevertheless, it all boils down to what your intentions are when heading out into nature.


1. Which is the best hiking backpack brand?

There are hundreds of outdoor equipment companies specializing in outdoor backpacks. While most of them are newcomers, notable names include Osprey, Mardingtop, and Alexander McQueen.

2. What is the best size for a hiking daypack?

Hiking backpacks do not have to be massive storage spaces. If you are only going out for the day, you certainly won’t need 70L’s worth of space. Any hiking bag holding at least 20L with an upper limit of 40L works just fine.

3. What color backpack should I get for camping?

The woods have an array of colors. Most hikers will opt for a camouflage print on their backpacks as it matches most hiking gear and the surrounding environment. Beige and different shades of green combined with a camo print also go well on most outdoor packs.

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