NTK Tent Reviews: The NTK Arizona GT 9/10

Camping in the wilderness can be a great way to leave all the worries in your life behind. It enables you to explore an entirely different side of life, all the while marveling at the beauty of nature.

However, finding a comfortable and spacious tent is essential if you want to make your camping experience memorable. As mesmerizing as nature can be, it can be equally harsh – especially if you go unprepared. Hence, we recommend the NTK Arizona 9/10! 

This 9-to-10-person tent checks all the boxes to help you enjoy an unforgettable camping trip. So what makes NTK Arizona 9/10 the better choice among other options out there? Let’s find out!

The NTK Arizona GT 9/10

The NTK Arizona GT 9/10


  • Easy assembly due to color-coded poles
  • A height of 6.2 ft makes it exceptionally comfortable for most users
  • Its double layer 190T polyester material ensures that the tent remains waterproof with a rating of 2500mm
  • It contains a full-coverage rainfly
  • Protects users from harmful UV rays due to the nature of its material
  • It comes with a lantern and extra batteries
  • It consists of fully breathable mosquito mesh in the inner tent
  • Also possesses a gear loft for essential equipment and other items
  • It comes with a portable LED camping lantern with extra batteries


  • It may not be spacious enough for 9-10 people
  • For maximum comfort, no more than six people should use it
  • Its 26.45 lb weight makes it difficult to carry on foot for a lengthy period
  • The windows of the tent open from the outside

About NTK

NTK is one of the most reliable companies for tents, airbeds, and other camping equipment. Created in 1975 and still thriving, it was initially founded in Brazil, renowned for its rich outdoor culture and heavy rain! Hence, camping equipment is becoming a basic necessity.

Now, they’ve expanded to become one of the most popular sellers of tents in the USA. Their amazing bathtub-style and waterproof tents are some of the most popular products and have attracted many individuals in the US who have now become loyal customers.

Most individuals who have purchased their tents have made NTK their preferred choice for any camping equipment. One such tent, which, at the moment, is grabbing everyone’s attention, is the NTK Arizona GT 9/10. We will discuss this spectacular tent in detail in the following sections.

Design and How to Assemble

The NTK Arizona GT 9/10

Although the product has been marketed as spacious for 9-10 people, the reality is slightly different. After measuring, the total floor area is 13m2, which means that for nine people, each one gets about 1.44m2 of room to work with.

For ten people, this becomes even more bothersome since each person would only get 1.30m2 of space. Thus, we recommend that the maximum occupancy for this tent be 5-6 people so that you’re able to enjoy the ethereal scenery in the wilderness in the comfort of your own space. Regardless, whether you want to include nine or more people is your choice. Now, on to the positives.

Assembling this beast is exceedingly easy due to its color-coded poles made of fiberglass, which may not be as sturdy as aluminum but still isn’t a bad option. Another reason for its easy and efficient setup is the aluminum pin-and-ring system, which essentially removes all the difficulties usually associated with pitching a tent. 

In addition, the tent consists of 5 poles, with 2 creating the central dome-like structure, while the other three extend the tent from the sides, creating a tunnel-like shape. 

Moreover, the tent is a bathtub-style tent. For those unfamiliar with this term, it means that most of the tent (including the seams) is above the ground by about 20 centimeters to make sure it does not collect groundwater. The material, in addition to being waterproof, also meets CPAI-84 flammability requirements.

However, this uniquely designed equipment is a 3-season family tent as the inner mesh doesn’t allow the warmth to stay inside, making it inappropriate for snowy or cold conditions. Nonetheless, it is still suitable for extended family vacations in other seasons.


As mentioned in the pros list, the NTK Arizona GT 9/10 is a double-layer tent, which means an inner tent, plus a fly. The PU-coated polyester 190T fly covers the entire inner tent to offer complete protection from the rain and harmful UV rays. Moreover, the fly has a 2500mm waterproof rating, which is a pretty great one for most conditions.

The inner tent has been lined with mesh almost everywhere to make sure there is good ventilation. Plus, the ultra-thin mesh also protects inhabitants from the smallest mosquitoes. It is also increasingly durable compared to other family tents, but that does not mean you should run and attack the walls head-on!

Aside from that, the floor is made of a robust anti-fungal material. The primary component is seamless polyethylene—a layer of silver also coats this to keep you dry. Once inside, the tent has two rooms with a divider in between. The separator is more like a curtain since it can be peeled back to the side after removing the central zipper, wall, and ceiling toggles. As a result, you’re able to get at least a semblance of privacy in the wilderness. 

The inside is so spacious that, for instance, even if you were to put two queen-sized beds in there, you’d still have room to spare. In conclusion, the tent has two external doors on the inner tent and fly. Plus, its unique structure allows it to have a height of 6.2 ft, slightly taller than the average man or woman.

Just make sure that you bring a car or motor vehicle with you wherever you travel with your family or friends. This is because of the heavier than average weight (26.45 lb), which does not allow it to be carried on foot for long.

Additional Features

The NTK Arizona GT 9/10

What sets the NTK Arizona GT 9/10 apart from its competition is its other handy features that make your life easier. For example, inside the tent in front of the door is a doormat to clean all the filth that may have stuck to your boots when you went outside. Furthermore, this ensures that the inside of your tent remains clean and also dry.

In addition to the doormat inside the inner tent, you will also find a heavy-duty carry bag with compression straps. This bag will fulfill at least one person’s backpacking needs for hiking, rock climbing, or other activities.

Don’t feel like sleeping too early? Want to raise some hell with your family or friends at night? You’re in luck because accompanying the Arizona GT is a portable LED camping lantern for all your nighttime enjoyment. Furthermore, the best thing about the lamp is that extra batteries are also included. Last but not least, fitted inside the tent are gear loops, as well as utility pockets, for all the additional items you may be carrying.

The Best Option Among Tents for 9-10 People?

We believe so, even though it may be ideal for 5-6 people for the most comfort. Out of all the huge tents, even those declaring that they can hold up to 12 people, the NTK Arizona GT 9/10 is the most favorable option. Why? Because the feature that sets it apart from all others is its excellent ventilation and high waterproof rating.

We can all imagine that a tent filling up with water every time it rains, or the floor continuously collecting groundwater, can ruin a trip for the people inside. This could cause the tent owners to curse themselves for buying one that had a low waterproof rating. Hence, to save yourself from that embarrassment, we strongly recommend going with the Arizona GT instead. 

Added benefits include that it is considerably cheaper than tents offering the same type of features. In addition, the fly can be removed for clear nights and rolled up quite quickly for all you stargazers out there to eat your heart out by looking through the three large windows in the tent. It even comes with a 6-month warranty from the manufacturer, sweetening the deal further.

The carry bag with compression straps, the portable camping lantern, the gear loops, and utility pockets are bonuses. Additionally, after collecting feedback from numerous users who have all praised its comfy and robust nature, we also learned that packing, setting up, and unpacking the tent is ridiculously easier than others. 

So, if you’re open to fitting 9-10 people in a tent, we say do it in this one because though some people might get a little annoyed at times, its height and its two rooms separated by a divider may make it somewhat more bearable than the others.

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