Naturehike Tent Review: Cloud Up 2

In recent times, single-person tents have lost their charm to most tent manufacturers who prefer to create large 5-6 person tents for family camping. However, a single or two-person tent has its unique advantages that can compete with much bigger tents.

For instance, while venturing out into the wilderness with a group of friends or even colleagues from work, most individuals prefer packing a single-person tent for themselves. 

Why? It’s simple, really. Each person prefers their own space to peacefully keep their equipment and, more importantly, sleep peacefully without disturbing or being disturbed by others. After all, you can’t fully enjoy your camping experience if you cannot get adequate rest and, of course, some privacy.

Fortunately, Naturehike understands this and has thus come up with arguably one of the best single-person tents available in 2021. The Cloud Up 2! Join us to discuss its pros and cons below and provide you with in-depth details about the product.

Naturehike Tent Review – Cloud Up 2


  • Incredibly cheap, keeping in mind the value it offers
  • A cozy small size that can keep you warm in cold conditions
  • The quality of the material is excellent, and it can withstand long spells of rain and strong winds
  • The rainfly and floor are entirely seam-taped
  • Additional features include guy lines, stakes, and footprint


  • Limited size and height, not suitable for tall campers
  • Not as lightweight as it proclaims, so not ideal for hikes in mountainous regions or any other trip where you have to carry it for long distances
  • Only one door for entrance and exit, which could cause inconvenience

About Naturehike

The now well-recognized providers of outdoor equipment had a humble beginning. Founded in 2010, the company has strived to provide its customers with the highest quality while maintaining the lightweight nature of its tents.

Their mission statement is to increase the number of hikers and campers and develop outdoor sports by manufacturing the lightest tents around. With light and durable tents by their side, hikers can put their minds at ease while undertaking long and arduous hikes. 

This encourages hikers to take on even more demanding challenges and explore new, undiscovered areas. To further add to their credibility, Naturehike won Amazon’s Best Seller Award in 2018, in addition to receiving multiple top awards from AliExpress.

However, the most impressive award is the one Naturehike received at the International Trading Exhibition held in Nanjing in 2019. They won a golden award for being the Best Asian Outdoor Brand.

Naturehike has expanded its business to 72 countries across the globe, including North America, Western Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. They also have solid markets in Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, and South America, and their primary aim is to become the largest provider of lightweight but sturdy tents.

Design and How to Set Up

Before we continue, you must be familiar with the most critical rule when purchasing a tent. The rule states that when you decide to buy a tent, always get one size larger than the number of people you are taking. For this reason, even though this tent is technically for two people, we would advise you to think of it as a single-person tent for maximum comfort.

The Naturehike Cloud 2 has a dome-shaped structure which is ideal for backpacking. Additionally, it weighs around 3.7 lbs, so there is certainly some truth to it being lightweight. Still, it would be ill-advised to carry it with you on long-distance hikes and climbs. The tent’s set-up is relatively simple. It possesses hub-style poles and a quick clip design, making it increasingly straightforward, even for beginners. 

For further protection, there are additional guy lines to add to the sides of the tent. This will stop the rainfly from flapping throughout the night. If you need more information on setting it up, Naturehike has made a video on it on their official website.

Unfortunately, like every other tent, there are some flaws in the design. Firstly, the lack of interior space is a bother for most campers since it only boasts a total space of 36.5 square feet. An average-sized human requires at least 20 square feet of space, so you can see how difficult it would be to squeeze in two people, along with their supplies.

As the cherry on top, it only has one vestibule for your backpack and one front door for going in and out. These difficulties should present you with even more reasons to consider it as a single-person tent.

Material and Specifications

If there is one thing to expect from tents made by Naturehike, it is their sturdy and durable quality of materials. This tent has a 20D nylon-silica rain fly and groundsheet to prevent you from getting wet and keep you warm during inclement conditions. Additionally, it contains 210T polyester plaid fabric to make it sturdy, breathable, and rainproof.

However, it is worth pointing out that even though 20D is considered a high-quality material among experts, for the tent to be genuinely ultralight, the nylon should be between the range of 7D to 15D.

Aside from that, the poles are made of standard 7001 series aluminum, which, although reliable, is nothing extraordinary. There is a single ventilation window in the tent to reduce condensation and increase ventilation. However, you will have a minor condensation issue unless you buy the upgraded version, especially if you close the front door. Finally, the inner roof of the tent is lined with b3 mesh to keep it well ventilated and keep the mosquitos out.

As mentioned above, the rain fly and floor are fully seam-taped, and PU coated, which gives the tent an overall PU rating of 4000 mm. This rating ensures that the campers inside remain dry in the most modest rainstorms. In addition, its 20D nylon also allows it to be heavy enough to withstand heavy winds, albeit for a short amount of time.

NatureHike claims that this tent is adequate for all seasons. Regardless, we do not recommend using it in locations with heavy snowfall and the powerful winds that accompany it. This tent is not strong enough and, due to its lack of insulation, the cold can easily penetrate through it.

Why You Should Buy Cloud up 2

The most important reason why we recommend this tent for any individual is its exceedingly low price. As a matter of fact, compared with other similarly designed tents, it is about one-third the price of its competitors. However, what’s more important is the value the Cloud Up 2 offers at an affordable price.

So, for people on a budget who are also looking for outstanding quality, this tent would suit you perfectly. This is because it offers most of the functionality of high-budget tents at surprisingly low rates. What’s even more surprising is that, included along with the tent, is its own groundsheet for your shoes, extra guy-lines, and even stakes.

However, there are some shortcomings in this Naturehike tent. These include limited interior space and not being strong enough to survive heavy snowfall. To sum up, the Cloud Up 2 would be perfect for solo hikers who prefer the ease of use and reliability of tents, mainly due to its low cost and excellent construction.

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