Kamp Rite Tent Cot Review

When it comes to essential camping gear, along with flashlights and mosquito repellents, a tent or cot is also considered necessary. Plus, choosing a tent or cot that is simple to set up and light in weight is also a crucial factor. When spending all that time in nature, a good night’s sleep is needed to keep your energy up for the next day of adventure. Therefore, your sleeping arrangement needs to be comfortable and portable. Enter the Kamp Rite tent cot review.

When going out into nature, the gear you plan to bring along can make or break your experience. And when it comes to good-quality, durable tents or cots, the Kamp Rite Tent Cot is recommended by most campers.

The Kamp Rite is known as the world leader in off-the-ground camping gear. Just as the name suggests, the Kamp Rite tent cot is a half-tent and half-cot. This hybrid offers a convertible two-in-one setup. Additionally, the tent cot can also be used as a lounge chair for when you want to soak in the sun.

Kamp Rite tent cot is custom-fitted and can be used for different purposes. Moreover, it can also be set up and dismantled within a few seconds. Keep in mind that setting up and packing down the tent is widely known as the most challenging task during a camping trip. So when it comes to efficiency in the setup process, this tent cot makes the process seamless.

Kamp Rite Tent Cot Review

Key Features

  • No-See-Um Mesh on doors and windows
  • Heavy Duty 190t Nylon
  • Powder-coated, heavy-duty aluminum frame
  • Elevated cot base
  • Zippers that are resistant to corrosion
  • You can convert it to a cot or lounge chair
  • It offers a multi-functional hinge design
  • Interior pockets for storage
  • Top-quality buckles and clips
  • Easy to set up and takedown
  • Can withstand up to 350lbs in weight


  • Setup Size: 90’’L X 3’’W X 47”H
  • Tent Size: 90’’L X 32’’W X 36’’H
  • Bed Size: 90’’L X 32’’W
  • Carrying Capacity: 350 lbs
  • Weight: 32 lbs
  • Folded Size: 36’’L X 34’’W X 7’’H
  • Shipping Size: 36’’L X 36’’W X 7’’H


  • Waterproof Rain Fly
  • 600D Carry Bag


  • Easy setup
  • Durable and stable
  • Comfortable
  • Has a rain fly tent to protect against wet weather
  • Versatile


  • Too large to store when folded
  • Quite heavy due to its size
  • The support bar in the middle can be bothersome
  • Low tent roof

Main Features

Durability and Material

Besides the construction, the material of the tent cot should be the most crucial factor worth considering when speaking of durability and performance. Not only do you want to get the best value for your money, but your safety is also at stake. As a result, you need something that does not break or collapse on you halfway through your slumber.

Fortunately, when it comes to safety and money, Kamp Rite does not take any chances. That is why this cot is built with heavy-duty, robust 190T nylon fabric. This fabric is as durable as it is sturdy.

The frame of this tent cot is also incredibly strong. It is constructed from powdered aluminum steel, which means it’s both long-lasting and heavy-duty. Therefore, it is safe to say you can use this cot for many seasons to come.


Kamp Rite Tent Cot Review

Once set up, this cot measures 90 inches by 47 inches, offering ample room for twisting and turning. This comes along with a domed-shaped top to provide more headroom. Needless to say, the cot will give you a chance to catch up on some of that beauty sleep.

When it comes to choosing outdoor gear, size is an important factor. This is especially true for tent cots. Getting the right-sized tent cot is crucial. Because if the size of the cot is too small, it could prove to be very uncomfortable.

But if you choose the Kamp Rite tent cot, you will not have to worry about the size. Its large and spacious interior provides more than enough room when fully set up – even for the big guys.


Once you reach the campsite, exhausted and probably hungry, setting up a tent cot could take a long time, especially if you have to follow some complicated manual or guide. Therefore, you need something that’s simple and does not consume more time than necessary.

One of the Kamp Rite tent cot’s selling points is its simplicity. And that is why we recommend this gear for individuals looking for comfort on a nature getaway.

Thanks to Kamp Rite’s hinge design, you can set up the tent cot with great ease. Not only is it efficient, but it is also a one-person job. Therefore, it requires no assistance from a third party during the setting-up process.

Comfort and Stability

When it comes to tent cots, stability is of crucial importance. But maybe you learned that the hard way. After all, spending the night on a wobbly tent cot can be uncomfortable, to say the least.

Or maybe you’ve had to improvise a new way of sleeping because your tent cot just couldn’t hold up till morning. Needless to say, it’s very frustrating when that happens.

Fortunately for you, Kamp Rite understands this uncomfortable dilemma. That is why they have designed this tent cot with maximum stability in mind. They have also added two extra legs at the base for additional stability. This will aid in giving you a good night’s sleep and let you turn and twist as much as you desire without giving out.

If all of that was not enough, Kamp Rite has also made the cot well-padded to prevent the frame from hurting your back during the late hours of the night.


Convenience may be the last thing on your mind when going on a camping trip. But even if secluding yourself from civilization can entail some inconvenience, that doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of modern camping equipment.

When you have a whole lot of gear to bring along on your camping getaway, having equipment that can double as something else can go a long way towards shedding some weight.

And that is exactly what this cot is all about. Kamp Rite has designed this cot in such a way that you can quickly turn it into a lounge chair. Hence, not only will you be able to enjoy some daytime rest under the shade of a tree. But you can also convert it into a tent cot when the stars come out.


Kamp Rite Tent Cot Review

Regardless of what applications a tent or tent cot can offer, it requires a significant amount of space in your bag. Therefore, you will need a separate carrying bag for something like this. Fortunately, Kamp Rite has got you covered in this regard. How, you may ask? Well, Kamp Rite offers a carrying bag along with their tent cot. This makes your outdoor vacation efficient as well as comfortable.

In addition, to ensure that you can enjoy the wet weather comfortably, they also provide a rain fly cover for your tent. Not only will it come in handy during bad weather conditions, but you can also leave behind your tent with the rain fly cover on. Hence, you can hike light and not have to worry about the well-being of your tent while you’re gone.


This tent cot is worth every penny it costs, to say the least. This is especially true when you consider the instant comfort that the Kamp Rite tent cot offers. We understand that you could use something like a hammock to sleep off the ground during an outdoor getaway. However, hammocks are not all that comfy and can prove to be a bit claustrophobic, primarily due to their instability. More often than not, you will find yourself falling from it during an afternoon nap.

A tent cot like this one lets you move and sleep however you like. Sleeping in the position you want without worrying about insects and bugs makes this cot a strong contender.


Versatility is something Kamp Rite had in mind when designing this cot. Not only is this cot great for outdoor use, but you can also make the most out of it at home. After all, Kamp Rite was built for both outdoor and indoor applications.

You can use it when the kids are coming over or when your friends are visiting for the weekend. This is because you can convert the cot into an extra lounge chair. Therefore, when you’re not using it for camping, you can still get the best of what the equipment has to offer.

Main Benefits of Kamp Rite Tent Cot

Being off the Ground

When trying to sleep in a forest or just generally in the open, being on the ground can make you anxious, thus leaving you sleep-deprived. With this tent cot, not only will you be able to sleep off the ground, but you’ll be at the height of 11 inches, to be precise. 

This means you will be much warmer and more comfortable. You will also not have to worry about any creepy crawlers joining you during the night.

Constructed With Quality

Kamp Rite Tent Cot Review

One concern you might have about this product is if it can hold your weight throughout the night without collapsing on you. Fortunately, this tent cot is built with a strong 190T heavy-duty nylon material, which lets you have a peaceful slumber. Furthermore, it is also durable enough to last you for many years to come.

Translucent Mesh

These mesh covers eliminate any openings from the doors and windows of your tent cot. Therefore, you get rid of any chances of bugs or flies getting into your tent. These No-See-Um mesh covers are also translucent, which means when camping with friends, you can avail yourself of some privacy as well. Therefore, we believe sleeping without annoying bugs, and some privacy is no less than a blessing when you’re staying outdoors.

Can Be Used as a Chair

You can use this tent cot as a lounging chair during the daytime before you decide to hit the hay. So, when it is all packed up, not only are you carrying a bed with you, but you are also carrying a lounge chair which you can take advantage of whenever you like.

Rainfly Included With Purchase

One of the benefits you can reap from Kamp Rite is that it includes a rainfly cover with the purchase. This adds more value to the tent and makes camping in wet conditions more comfortable.

Carrying Capacity of 350lbs

This tent cot is designed to hold a lot of weight for several hours consistently. The Kamp Rite tent cot can withstand a weight of 350 lbs, which is more than enough to ensure security and reliability.

Can Be Cleaned Easily

Not only is this tent cot durable and portable, but it can also be cleaned easily. You can use a water hose to remove any annoying dust and sand from the frame as well as the mesh. After drying it off, you can store it in the carry bag provided with the purchase. In this way, your tent cot will stay in great condition even when it is not being used.

Easy To Carry Around

The dimensions of the tent cot, when folded, are 36 inches long, 34 inches wide, and 7 inches high. With these dimensions, it can easily be stored in the bag that is provided with the purchase of this product.

Two Interior Pockets

This tent cot also provides two interior storage pockets on the inner side of the tent cot. These pockets are for items you may require while inside this tent cot. So, you won’t have to go looking inside your bag every time you need a flashlight.

Built-In Foam and Pad

This tent cot also comes equipped with a built-in foam pad for added comfort. This is something most tent cots don’t offer in this price range. Therefore, not only will you be sleeping above the ground, but you will also be cozy and comfortable throughout the night. And the best thing is, you won’t have to wake up with a sore back. (Been there, done that.)


Having the right equipment while on a camping trip is crucial. We would even go as far as to say that it makes or breaks the experience. But more importantly, getting the wrong cot can severely impact your camping experience. Especially if it’s your first time and you’re not used to camping outdoors.

Without the right cot, it can be terribly difficult to get a good night’s sleep. This is necessary to keep you active for the adventure of the next day. Fortunately, this tent cot is designed specifically with that idea in mind.

From durability to comfort, and even ease of carrying around along with a variety of different features we’ve discussed above – the Kamp Rite tent cot checks all the boxes. It will make your next camping trip easier, but more importantly, comfortable. That is why we believe that you won’t regret buying this camping gear. 

With all that in mind, the Kamp Rite tent cot is your best choice if you are looking for versatility, efficiency, and reliability.

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