Best Tents For Camping With Dogs

There is no doubt that dogs are a person’s best friend. Whether you’re planning to go on a walk or a camping trip, they would love to stick by your side. However, to take your dog camping, you need to pick the right tent so it can sleep with you. You’ll need to find the best tents for camping with dogs.

Though companies don’t create tents for camping with dogs, they make large tents. However, there are also ones with separate rooms which would work best for this. This way, when you keep water or food inside a separate room or segregated space, it does not spill or cause you any problems as you sleep.

Before we head into the list of the best tents for camping with dogs, let’s see a brief buyer’s guide.

Top 7 Best Tents for Camping With Dogs – Quick Snapshot!

  1. Coleman Steel Creek Fast Pitch Dome Tent with Screen Room
  2. Petego Umbra Portable Pet House and Containment System
  3. Mountainsmith Morrison 2
  4. Coleman WeatherMaster 6-Person Tent with Screen Room
  5. Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent
  6. Big Agnes Dog House Tent
  7. Coleman Sundome Tent

Buyers’ Guide – How to Buy the Best Tents for Camping With Dogs

While a large tent usually does the job, there are a few things you should look for when buying tents to camp with your dogs, such as the durability of the tent fabric. You also have to think about the ventilation inside when you are sleeping. The ease of installation is also a crucial factor, and lastly, the size of the tent is especially important.


You may have a small dog or a big retriever with you while you are camping. Depending on the size of your pet, you will need an equally large tent to camp with it. Though a dog is not bigger than a human in size, it tends to move around much more. Therefore, if the tent is small, a big dog could cause a wild mess inside the tent while moving around.

To make sure that does not happen, the tent should be big enough for both of you. In fact, experts suggest getting a tent that can house at least four people with ease for this purpose. This way, not only can you give your dog plenty of moving space, but you can also allow it to have a water bowl inside without worrying about spillage.

Furthermore, some tents give you rooms that are separated by a mesh screen. As a result, you can keep your dog in the other room, and the mesh will allow it to see you. This way, it sleeps assured that its owner is with it inside the tent.

If you can buy a tent with separate rooms, that is well and good, but a large tent that can accommodate at least 2-4 people is the preferred size for camping with a dog.


Some tents are completely sealed off to protect from the cold weather. But if it is warm outside, these tents also come with mesh windows you can open up. Therefore, the cool breeze at night can pass through the tent and keep the inside temperature from getting too hot.

If it gets too hot, your dog will probably feel uncomfortable, and so will you. It might get suffocating inside the tent, which means neither of you will be able to sleep peacefully. That is why, when buying a tent, you should check if it has mesh screen doors or windows that can be zipped open if it gets too warm inside.

The best option is to buy a tent with windows that can help you seal the tent in bad weather to protect you and your pet from it. These can either be opened up with a zipper or have hooks that can be undone if it gets warm. It also allows you to control the intensity of the breeze you want inside the tent by opening it halfway or full.


Tents can be quite hard to install at times, but there are some that just pop open. It is good to have tents with as few cords attached to them as possible. That is because your dog might trip on the cord and loosen it or bring the tent down with it. Installation of a tent is a massive part of why you should buy one tent and not the other. 

Tents that are difficult to install and set up are unappealing, regardless of how good they function. This is especially because it becomes a pain to set up and pack when you are camping. If it takes you more than an hour to just get your tent to stand up so you can relax, then you will be exhausted beyond your limits. After all, the reason you set up camp in the first place is to rest when you are tired.

If you are already exhausted and then have to set up a tent that takes even more effort, the feeling is not pleasant in the slightest. Instead of doing so, just get a tent that pops open easily and does not take tons of time to set up. Moreover, look for a tent that is easy to install so you and your dog can relax and rest. Also, see that the tent is stable when it is done being installed so that your pup does not pull it down.

Pricing and Warranty

Now, this is entirely up to the person purchasing the tent. Whether they want to spend big bucks on a feature they can do without or not. If you have the money, you can buy something good and luxurious for you and your pet dog. Regardless, many choices can help you save money on features that are not entirely necessary.

As far as security goes, some brands offer warranties, while others have replacement policies. You should check with the vendor to see whether the tent comes with a warranty or not.

Best Tents for Camping With Dogs

1. Coleman Steel Creek Fast Pitch Dome Tent with Screen Room

Coleman Steel Creek Fast Pitch Dome Tent with Screen Room

Coleman introduces this six-person tent with a screen room that is perfect for your dog. A separate room for your canine will let you sleep in peace and give the dog its personal space. The Steel Creek Fast Pitch Dome Tent is a durable tent that can withstand all seasons, which means it can also withstand your dog’s paws.

The mesh screen in the other room will keep your dog cool during the warm summer. Furthermore, there is enough room in the bigger compartment for you and your dog to sleep if you want to do so together. But if you want to leave your dog in the screen room, that is entirely up to you.

The setup time for this tent is relatively fast, almost taking around 10-15 minutes. Also, a minimal number of cords are being used, so you can’t trip on them even if you are clumsy.

The tent is entirely waterproof, so you can rest assured of safety even if it’s raining outside. Plus, the durability of the tent allows it to withstand moderate storms without a problem. The seams are also tight and don’t let any water inside from any corner whatsoever.

However, this tent is pretty spacious, giving you the ability to put in 2 queen-sized beds if you want. That is a lot of space, so you can easily go camping with your pup. After all, your dog will be plenty happy with all the space in this spacious and luxurious screen room tent.


  • It is pretty spacious and comfortable
  • It allows ease of set up with minimal cords
  • Made of durable and high-quality material
  • The material is rainproof to shield you from harsh weather


  • It may be too big for you and your dog alone

2. Petego Umbra Portable Pet House and Containment System

Petego Umbra Portable Pet House and Containment System

Does your large tent not have extra room for you to keep your dog? Having a separate room is quite helpful for keeping dogs inside, so you can give them water without the worry of spillage. But if you don’t have one, the Petego Umbra Portable Pet House might be a good solution. Although this is not a tent for you to camp with your dog, you can think of it as a portable solution.

The tent is extremely easy to open and close up, comes with its own stakes, and carries a bag. It is small but comes in different sizes, so check the size before you decide to buy it. If your dog is big, you’ll probably want to buy a bigger size. It is also pretty durable, though if a dog wanted to break apart this tent, they could do so with ease. But then again, dogs can break apart any tent regardless of its durability.

It hardly takes 5-10 minutes to set this up for yourself and your pup. There are big mesh windows for airflow, which set this tent apart from its competitors. Though the tent has a waterproof fly, the mesh may allow some rain to get inside. So, consider that before putting it outside with your dog in it. 

The biggest issue is that this is a separate tent for your dog and can be considered extra weight while camping. So if you are going on a hike or trail with your dog, this may not be the best option. This is because you are just overburdening yourself with its weight by carrying it since there are several other tents with separate screen rooms for your pets.


  • Durable construction
  • Relatively easy to open and close
  • Mesh windows for airflow
  • Small enough to put in a big tent
  • Waterproof fly


  • Extra baggage
  • Water can enter through mesh windows

3. Mountainsmith Morrison 2

Mountainsmith Morrison 2

If you have a small dog or one that sleeps with you and is inseparable from you, this is the tent for you. The Mountainsmith Morrison 2 is made and designed for two individuals. It is small, has two doors, and can be used to rest instead of doing anything else inside. However, the space is small, so you can only fit one sleeping bag and your dog in it.

The tent is easy to set up since everything is included, color-coded, and simple to assemble. It hardly takes 10 minutes to finish setting up this tent since everything is almost seamless. The two rods are color-coded, and some clips attach the tent fabric to the rods and give them structure. The clips are also easy to undo and secure, so that closing or opening up the tent is a breeze.

Furthermore, the tent comes with its stakes and cords, as well as a carry bag. It is a hassle-free and tool-free tent that is excellent for backpackers. The tent also comes with a fly that you can remove if you are sure it will not rain and just want to relax. The mesh inside will keep the inside ventilated to ensure you stay cool during the warm summers.

However, since it is small, you may have trouble keeping your dog in it with a bowl of water. This is because there may be water spilling out of the bowl, making the inside wet. Also, the fly needs to be appropriately waterproofed, as the mesh windows are huge and do not offer protection against rain. So, if the fly starts to leak, there will likely be water coming in from the mesh windows.


  • Easy to set up and pack
  • Tool-free and hassle-free
  • Two entries for convenience
  • Big mesh windows for ventilation
  • Durable material


  • Very small in size
  • The fly might leak if not waterproofed

4. Coleman WeatherMaster 6-Person Tent with Screen Room

Coleman WeatherMaster 6-Person Tent with Screen Room

Another great tent by Coleman, the WeatherMaster, is quite similar to the previous one. However, this one has a door with hinges that can be opened and closed without the hassle of zippers. It can house six people, though it is good enough for 4, with a dog that can sleep in the screen room.

The tent has several features, such as pockets inside the tent in which you can keep small items of your liking. There is also a fly on the top that protects the tent from rain. Overall, the tent’s material is pretty strong and durable, so your dog won’t be able to claw its way out with ease. Although, as we said before, if very determined, a dog can tear its way out of almost anything.

The screen room has mesh all over, so it is excellent if you want to enjoy the scenery on a starry night while you lie inside. Furthermore, your dog will also be able to see its surroundings from the screened room. However, some users have complained about water seeping into the screened room. They could have fixed this by raising the height of the floor, but regardless, the main tent is dry even if the screened room gets water inside.


  • Relatively affordable
  • Hinged door for easy access
  • Screen room for your dog
  • Easy setup
  • Pockets for small items


  • Water may seep inside the screen room

5. Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent

Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent

Wenzel isn’t a new name in the list of tent manufacturers. In fact, it is one of the most reliable brands for camping equipment out there. They are known for their high quality and durability, and the Klondike Tent is no exception to the rule.

The Wenzel Klondike Tent offers space for eight people to fit in. However, for maximum comfort, six persons would be able to sleep comfortably without a dog. On the other hand, if you have a dog, it is better to only have four people with you. Like the Coleman tents, this one also comes with a screened room, which is spacious enough for more than just one dog.

The tent comes in 3 colors, though it is a slight hassle to set it up alone. Still, we doubt you are going alone with your dog if you opt for this huge camping tent. You will most likely have other people accompanying you, so it will be easier to set up the tent. Overall, it can take up to 20-25 minutes to set the whole thing properly.

Besides that, the tent is durable and, if appropriately waterproofed using Scotch Guard or other sealants, it is also rainproof. This tent can withstand moderate storms and your dog’s paws without worry. Furthermore, you can put up two folding chairs inside the screening room during the day to enjoy some drinks.

Lastly, other than the hassle of setting it up, it is a pretty decent tent for camping with your dog. It has mesh windows in the main room and on the roof if you want to use it without a fly on a sunny day. There is also a ventilation slot inside, so it is pretty airy and allows the breeze to pass through.


  • Allows for excellent ventilation
  • Quite spacious for four persons and your dog
  • Has a screen room
  • Durable and weatherproof


  • It is a hassle to set up alone

6. Big Agnes Dog House Tent

Big Agnes Dog House Tent

A spacious yet straightforward piece of gear, the Big Agnes Dog House Tent is made to camp with your dog. Although it does not have any screened rooms, there is enough room so you can have your dog inside without any worries. It has one front door, which is pretty big, and a window in the back that is made of mesh.

The best thing about the tent is that the windows can be opened up or closed as needed. So if it is rainy outside, you can simply close the window, but if it gets warm, then just toggle it down all the way.

The fly on the top is non-removable, which may be problematic for some people. But otherwise, it is an excellent tent with a simple setup. Regardless, it is a bit overpriced for the size since Coleman offers more space and even a screen room for a more affordable price.

This tent is designed for dogs to settle in, so it is pretty durable in its construction. There are also pockets inside to slide in stuff when you need to put it somewhere for quick access. Overall, it makes for an excellent tent for camping with your dog.


  • It has a simple design
  • It comes with an easy access door
  • You can open and close the mesh window as you want
  • There are pockets inside for easy access to the stuff later on


  • Slightly overpriced

7. Coleman Sundome Tent

Coleman Sundome Tent

The Sundome tent by Coleman is a small two-person tent that is relatively simple. It is an excellent option when you are backpacking alone with your pet pooch. The tent comes with a removable fly and is made of durable material. Armed with Weathertec technology, the tent is supposedly protected from harsh weather conditions. However, just to be sure, always apply a waterproof coating on your tent and specifically the seams to avoid getting wet during rainy weather.

The Sundome has a big mesh window, so when you cover it with the fly, a vent allows airflow inside the tent. As a result, even during the rain, you can still get decent air unless you close the vent when the weather is too harsh. Other than that, the tent is simple and easy enough to set up.

Two people can comfortably lie down inside the tent and relax. It also has pockets inside to keep your stuff while you are lying down for easier access later. Also, just like all Coleman tents, it comes with a port that allows you to slide in an electric cord to get power inside.

The biggest issue with this tent is that it is pretty small. This should be fine if you don’t mind sleeping close to your dog. On the other hand, if you want to give your dog a bowl of water, it might spill over and get the inside wet. Still, we are sure it can easily accommodate a dog with you if you wanted to.


  • It is quite affordable
  • The tent is lightweight and easy to carry
  • Allows ease of setting up
  • It has pockets inside for storage
  • Made of durable material


  • It might be a tad small for your dog to sleep comfortably


There are several reasons why you would want your dog to sleep with you in the tent. For starters, dogs can escape their leashes if they try hard enough. In addition, you wouldn’t want your dog to get curious about something and runoff in the middle of the night. At the same time, it could get uncomfortable if your tent is not designed to accommodate dogs.

Also, dogs need to have water at night in case they get thirsty, so having a large tent can help you out. You can simply keep a water bowl inside the tent without worrying about spillage. The tent also protects your lovely pet friend from any bad weather outside. If it starts to drizzle or pour, you will have nothing to worry about.

All of the above are the best tents for camping with your dog. Any of these will serve the purpose of keeping your pet safe from the harsh weather elements. Just ensure your dog is not too big for the tent and that it does not tear the tent apart.

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