Best Tent Waterproofing Spray: Top 6 Tested By Experts

Can you imagine camping in the rain? Maybe if you have a waterproof tent, you can think of enjoying the weather. However, a leaky tent in such weather is nothing short of a nightmare. That’s where having the best tent waterproofing spray on the market can help.

A camping tent tends to wear out after some time, which is why it needs waterproofing. You need to find a reliable and long-lasting waterproofing spray for your tent. Previously, most gear enthusiasts used the tent spray to extend its life cycle.

Waterproofing old tents can make them more solid to handle extreme weather conditions. However, it becomes challenging to find the right product among numerous options in the market.

Therefore, we have handpicked the six best tent waterproof sprays for you after thorough research. So, if you are ready to take your adventures to a top-notch level, let’s proceed with the list.


  1. Top 6 Tent Waterproof Spray
  2. Things to Consider Before Buying Tent Waterproofing Spray
  3. Frequently Asked Questions
  4. Final Thoughts

Top 6 Tent Waterproof Spray – Reviews

A wrong product can ruin the functionality of your tent, cause foul odors and discoloration. That’s why you must be careful while selecting the right product for your tent.

The products reviewed below are chosen based on their effectiveness, reliability, and durability.  This is to make sure that your money is not going in vain.

1. Scotchgard Heavy Duty Water Shield

Scotchgard Heavy Duty Water Shield

Since its launch in the 1950s, Scotchgard has been the top brand for waterproof tent sprays. The company manufactures some of the most affordable waterproof sprays for tents. Although the formula has changed over time, its effectiveness remains top-quality.

You don’t have to use much of the spray to waterproof your tent. A single coat is more than enough to protect your tent from rain and leaks. On light nylon, it offers about 60 sq. ft of resistance. Nonetheless, you should redo the application after every season.

Sitting inside your tent should never be an uncomfortable experience. The spray should not affect the breathability of the tent. Luckily, the Scotchgard spray doesn’t impact the breathability and provides total water resistance.

Apart from that, the spray is odorless, so you can wake up to the fresh smell of nature instead of the chemicals. The spray works on most materials and fabrics. Therefore, you can easily use it on outdoor garments and gears.


  • An affordable choice for regular campers
  • You can use the spray to seal waterproof tents, outdoor boots, backpacks, and furniture
  • Maintains breathability without the odor of harmful chemicals
  • You only need a single coat


  • It does not resist UV rays
  • It can also stain the fabric

2. Gear AID Tent Waterproofing Spray Kits

Gear AID Tent Waterproofing Spray Kits

If you want to reproof your old tent, Gear AID Seam Grip TF tent Fabric Sealer is the best choice for you. This waterproofing spray effectively restores the tent’s coating to its original condition.

The spray comes with a fast-acting design. You can use it on any synthetic gear or insulated garments you want to waterproof. The spray provides water resistance and also repels oil and stains.

You can even use the Gear Spray to waterproof a large surface area. The spray easily covers about 85 sq. ft of any surface. Moreover, its unique design makes sure that the fluid is not wasted while applying.

The Gear Waterproofing Spray takes about four hours to dry and gives a perfect finish. Upon drying, it forms an invisible and unnoticeable protective layer that doesn’t crack easily.

The most vital point of the spray is that it can conveniently handle lower and higher temperatures. As a result, you can take your waterproofed camping tent anywhere you want without worrying about the heat.


  • Can cover about 85 sq. ft of material
  • Silicone and PFOA-free spray
  • Water-based formula that dries quickly
  • It doesn’t cause discomfort or moisture inside the tent


  • It takes longer to apply compared to other spray bottles
  • You may need to apply more than one coat

3. Atsko Silicone Water-Guard

Atsko Silicone Water-Guard

Are you looking for a versatile yet affordable waterproof spray? The Atsko Silicone Water-Guard is your best choice. This tent waterproofing spray gives you two bottles of 10.5 ounces each to waterproof your tent at a pretty reasonable price.

In addition to silicone tents, you can also use the spray to patch leather, sleeping bags, and other outdoor accessories. Furthermore, the silicone waterproof spray allows air to circulate inside the tent. As a result, you get a restful and quiet night’s sleep free of chemical odors.

The manufacturers recommend you spray on synthetic polyester, cotton, and nylon. In addition, the spray will have absolute water resistance, which means you won’t have to reapply it too much.

Its odorless nature makes it efficient to use on clothes and other soft materials. Aside from that, the spray comes in an aerosol spray bottle for easy application on a large area.

The manufactures of this product recommend using spray-on synthetic polyester, cotton, and nylon. Also, the spray can provide total water resistance such that you don’t have to reapply the spray frequently.


  • Odorless spray that clears out without leaving any stain
  • One coat is sufficient to waterproof an entire tent, car cover, or a pile of clothes
  • It is suitable for waterproofing jackets, umbrellas, tents, and shoes
  • It provides an excellent value for money


  • An uneven layer can result in mild discoloration
  • It might smell on a fresh application

4. KIWI Camp Dry Heavy Duty Water Repellent

KIWI Camp Dry Heavy Duty Water Repellent

Other than KIWI Camp Dry Water-repellent, there is no other waterproofing spray for heavy-duty tent protection. The silicone in this water-repellent ensures a high degree of waterproofing. As a result, storms and other adverse weather conditions do not impact your camping trips.

The water-repellent is not only of good quality, but it also provides excellent protection. Furthermore, the solution does not create an impermeable layer that can suffocate the inside of your tent. The formula of the spray repels water but still allows air to pass.

You can also use the spray on backpacks, shoes, jackets, and tarps in addition to tents.

Not just the tent, you can apply the sprays on backpacks, shoes, coats, and tarps. Since it is a mist applicator, the application of the spray is a lot easier. Furthermore, it absorbs the water but quickly wicks it out.


  • It can easily cover a large tent with two coats
  • Offers an even layer coating with mist applicator
  • Can waterproof other materials in addition to the tent
  • Suitable for polyester, cotton, and nylon


  • Can stain white fabrics
  • It takes a long time to dry completely

5. Star Brite Waterproofing Spray

Star Brite Waterproofing Spray

The Star Brite Waterproofing Spray helps you protect your tent from stains, sun damage, and leaks. The spray can repel stains, patch leaks, and guard against UV rays all at the same time, providing triple protection.

A 22-ounce bottle of the spray can cover approximately 80 square feet of every surface. As a result, you can efficiently waterproof a giant tent. Moreover, it only takes one coat to get optimum protection.

Like the other waterproof sprays on the list, Star Brite will maintain the fabric’s quality, color, breathability, and texture. You won’t be able to tell the difference even if you apply several coats.

The spray is silicon-based and takes about six hours to dry. Furthermore, you can apply the Star Brite spray on any unlaminated material without the fear of leaving behind a stain or smell. Therefore, the product is suitable, especially if you want to waterproof a broad surface.


  • A single coat is sufficient for complete protection
  • It offers triple protection against leaks, stains, and UV rays
  • Can extend the life cycle of the fabric
  • Maintains the quality and breathability of the fabric


  • It uses a less-gentle silicone formula
  • Denatured alcohol dilution can affect the fabric

6. Nikwax Tent and Gear Cleaning Waterproofing

Nikwax Tent and Gear Cleaning Waterproofing

The last addition to our list of the best tent waterproofing sprays is the Nikwax Tent and Gear Cleaning Waterproofing.

Most waterproofing sprays only offer protection from leaks, but this spray also provides you with UV protection.

The most notable thing about this spray is its ease of use and safety. This spray is safe to use for children and adults alike.

That is because the Nikwax spray does not contain any added scent, optical brighteners, VOCs, or PFCs. Moreover, this tent waterproofing spray is biodegradable.

The water-based formula for this spray is reliable and solid. You can apply the spray on tents, waterproof jackets, boat covers, and backpacks. In addition, this versatile product is an excellent option if you want to waterproof your outside furniture.


  • It always keeps the gear protected and dry
  • Protects from harmful UV rays
  • Eliminates grime and dirt while applying on the tent surface
  • Environmentally-friendly and biodegradable formula


  • Can stain light-colored fabrics
  • Not highly durable

Things to Consider Before Buying Tent Waterproofing Spray

Waterproofing sprays are helpful for more than just protecting your tent from leaks. They shield the tent from sun damage, extend its life, and maintain its original quality. Therefore, you must purchase the best tent waterproofing spray that can provide you with the above features.

That is why we created this buying guide to highlight some of the most important factors to consider when purchasing tent waterproofing sprays.

Types of Waterproofing Sprays

When it comes to waterproof sprays, you only have three options. These include tent fabric, non-silicone vs. silicone sprays, and spray vs. aerosol bottles.

  • Tent Fabric

Canvas, Polyester, and Nylon are the three most popular fabric types used to make tents. As a result, silicone-based sprays can be used on these fabric forms because they are safe. If the tent is laminated or coated, you can even use a water-based spray.

  • Non-Silicone vs Silicone Sprays

Silicone-based sprays are best for waterproofing sinks and bathrooms to prevent water leakage. Moreover, the spray can penetrate entirely in the fabric so that it won’t peel away compared to acrylic or PU coating.

  • Spray vs Aerosol Bottles

Spray bottles have a trigger that allows you to spray manually. As a result, you have more control over the spray. The only disadvantage is that the solution could spread unevenly over the tent’s surface.

On the other hand, aerosol sprays allow for easy application with just one click of a button. They penetrate well into the fabric, but they may be harmful to the environment.

Environmental Impact

The water-based sprays are made with biodegradable ingredients which are gentle on fabrics as well as the environment.

No matter what waterproofing spray you use, it won’t remain on the tent’s surface for a lifetime. When chemicals meet the water sources, they gradually wash out the spray. So, if you want to reduce the environmental effects of chemical spills, water-based sprays are the way to go.

Water-based sprays make use of biodegradable additives, which are gentle on fabrics and the environment.

Breathability and Scent

When it’s rainy outside, no one likes to feel suffocated inside the tent. Waterproof sprays do not reduce the fabric’s breathability but rather maintain it. So make sure your waterproof spray doesn’t make you feel like you’re trapped inside a suffocating room with no windows.

In addition, the waterproof sprays on this list do not have a strong odor. You should make sure you purchase a waterproof tent that will be odorless as soon as it dries.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many times should you apply waterproofing spray on your tent?

During reapplication, you should reapply the waterproofing spray to the inner coating and seams as you deem necessary. You can pour water on the seam sealers to see if there is any leakage.

Rain guards tend to lose their effectiveness quickly, so keep an eye on the seams and reapply the spray if needed. In general, the spray can be used twice, once in the middle of summer and once in the spring.

2. How to apply waterproofing sprays on the tent?

Applying waterproof sprays to the tent is not as easy as it seems. To get an equal coat of spray all over the tent’s surface, you must follow the directions carefully. Here’s how to go about it:

  • Read the directions carefully to see whether the rain fly needs to be dry or damp to start the process.
  • Then coat the floor exterior and fly with an even and thin layer.
  • Next, let the coating sit for a while as directed on the spray bottle.
  • After that, you can wipe away any excess spray and let it dry for the time specified in the instructions.

3. Is it possible to make homemade waterproof spray?

Though making a waterproof spray for tents at home is not recommended, it is certainly possible. For this purpose, you need a consistent 1:1 solution of mineral spirits and silicone. However, if you make silicone-based spray at home, it won’t turn out gentle and will probably wash away in no time.

4. Do you need to waterproof your newly purchased tent?

The answer to this question depends on the quality and market price of the tent. Some of the high-quality tents are already waterproof, while the less expensive tents are not. If you don’t want leaks to ruin your camping trip, you’ll need to waterproof the less expensive tent.

Final Thoughts

Just the thought of rainy camping with a leaky tent is depressing. But if you don’t take suitable precautions, it is likely to become a reality. Fortunately, you can purchase waterproofing sprays for your tent to guarantee a safe camping experience. In such miserable circumstances, these sprays can be your lifesaver.

From the top products to purchasing tips, you now have everything you need to know about waterproofing sprays. You should carefully go through the product reviews to determine which waterproofing spray is most appropriate for your tent. Don’t forget to fix any damaged seals while you’re at it!

After that, you can go on with your camping and enjoy the rain the way it should be appreciated, without the fear of getting soaked.

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