Best Pop Up Beach Tent – Top 6 Reviews & Buying Guide

A family trip to the beach is great fun. Setting up a pop up tent to ensure shelter for your family should be top priority. Having a tent like this will help to protect your family from the sun, rain and cool breeze.

What this guide offers in the search for the best pop up beach tent:

  • A quick snapshot of our top choices.
  • What is the best pop up beach tent.
  • The difference between a canopy tent and a best pop up beach tent model
  • The benefits of a beach tent
  • How to choose the best pop up beach tent
  • Top 6 best picks!
  • Final Thoughts & Editor’s Choice!

Top 6 Best Pop Up Beach Tent – Quick Snapshot!

If you are short on time, have a quick glance at our top 6 best pop up beach tent models available on the market. All models can be at your doorstep with the click of a button. We created this list after assessing various customer’s reviews and ratings.

  1. Easthills Outdoors Instant Shader
  2. Outdoorsman Lab Pop Up Tent
  3. iCorer Automatic Pop Up Instant
  4. Pacific Breeze Beach Tent
  5. Lightspeed Cabana Outdoor Beach Tent
  6. Coleman Compact Shade Shelter

What Is the Difference Between a Canopy Tent and Some Best Pop Up Beach Tent Models?

There are two varying types of beach tents on the market right at this very moment. One is a canopy design and the second one is pop up style beach tent.

The pop up tent provides more of a closed off or secluded area for families. It is great fun for kids to play inside. They provide extreme comfort and protection against the harsh sun, as well as the wind and rain.  The best part about the pop up tent is that they can be set up in a simple minute.

Moreover, these types of tents generally offer three walls with an open front that enables its user to lay down and get some extra sunlight. They have built-in groundsheets which can be handy to keep your feet clean and the rest of your body burning on the often steaming hot sand. Therefore, there is no need to carry any extra mats or floor coverings. Some models even offer windows which allow proper air circulation. Lastly, beach tents have pretty decent stability, especially against high winds.

A canopy tent, on the other hand has no walls. It does have a roof covering though, while all the four sides are open when in use. They offer a large area of shelter to enjoy which means you can bring the whole family along, even the dog! It’s also a great holding bay for camping chairs or other beach gear. One downside is that they don’t have groundsheets or any type of flooring which can sometimes leave a bit of mess for the user to clean.

Both canopy tents and pop up beach tents are suited for the whole family. So either way, both are great choices but of course with their slight differences.

What Are the Benefits of a Beach Tent?

If you are planning on an outdoor trip to a beach site then something you should really considering purchasing is one of the best pop up beach tent models you can find.  There’s a fair chance you’ll regret not making the purchase when that afternoon sun starts to bite and you have no refuge but to pack up and leave!

If you’re asking yourself, why? Then we have an answer for you right here. The exposure of the harsh sunlight and often brutal ultraviolet rays at the beach can be worry some. So, it is important to have your own shelter.

The beach camping tents are made up of special coatings to protect you against harmful rays, sunburn and more.

Moreover, owning the best new age pop up tent 2021 can offer, ensures child safety. You may have a young baby or kids that can definitely benefit allowing them to take a nap, eat snacks or even just play inside the tent area.  It’s either that or possibly copping a mouthful of sand or an eyeful from a nasty sand storm. Aint nothing enjoyable about that!

Furthermore, you can place any food items, water bottles, towels, umbrellas and other beach gear inside to keep them out of the elements. Just to be able to enjoy a moment of comfort and rest in your beach tent is enough to think about making a purchase.

Do yourself a favor and choose a color that really stands out so you can recognize your beach home from far away. Above all, you can simply zip the door shut and have yourself a private little place to change clothes or get some rest. Lastly, you can easily carry these types of tents. They come with a handy carry bag to help maneuver them with ease from carpark to beach spot.

How to Choose the Best Pop Up Beach Tent Model

Choosing the best pop up beach tent model for your needs is quick and easy. Make sure you know what your capacity entails and what shape suits your style. If you are a large family then look for the respective model.

After that, check out if it offers any hidden extras such as internal pockets. Yes, it is very important to be able to keep your car keys, smartphones, and other belongings inside the tent while you’re out having fun in the sun.

Secondly, look for the pop up tent that has a built-in groundsheet. Thus, you can rest in the sunlight for a while without getting sand all over the place. As mentioned earlier, this bonus extra space is super useful for kids to play around in.

Thirdly, choose the one that has a closable front door. Some models offer a feature that allows the user to convert the groundsheet into the front door. This is very beneficial as it allows you to change clothes, feed babies or rest a while. Lastly, have a look at the quality of the materials that are used as you will most likely be taking it out frequently on outdoor trips so you want it to be built tough.

Our Reviews for the Best Pop Up Beach Tent Models – Top 6 Best Picks

1. Easthills Outdoors Instant Shader

Easthills Outdoors Instant Shader

Easthills is a market-leading brand for outdoor accessories. They produce quality beach tents, beach towels, bags, coolers, and sleeping bags. If you are looking to buy the best pop up beach tent model that this brand can offer then you will be able to spend more time, maximum comfort, and memories following your choice.

Why? Because, the best part about the Easthills Outdoors Instant Shader is its ground flooring/sheet that can easily convert into a door. The groundsheet significantly increases the surface area when you open it up. Thus, it lets you enjoy the beach views by allowing you to place a couple of beach chairs inside the beach tent. If it’s privacy you’re after then simply zip up the door and leave the world behind.

The tent is made of high-quality fabric known as polyester. This fabric performs very well, especially around beachy areas. In addition to this, it will not only protect you against sunlight but also hold it own against the beaming sunlight, winds, or any lesser problematic weather damage.

Moreover, the frame is strong and made of fiberglass. The structure is durable and ready to face varying weather challenges. It can easily fit two adults and a couple of kids inside. The capacity is good enough for small families.

Furthermore, the installation process is very simple. All you need is to lock it up while pulling the strings. In addition to this, if you are confused about assembling this tent, then the pack includes a manual guide to help you for this purpose.


  • Breathable fabric
  • Decent sun shelter
  • Net pockets
  • 1-year warranty
  • Compact shape


  • Other models offer more area

2. Outdoorsman Lab Pop Up Tent

Outdoorsman Lab Pop Up Tent

Outdoorsman lab is a top-rated brand for camping tents and sleeping pads.  It ensures high performance and durability throughout its list of products. Let us explore one of the market leading models known as the Outdoorsman Lab Pop Up Tent.

According to the camper’s reviews, extreme sunshine is the most challenging thing to face when set up on beach sites. Therefore, if you lack proper shelter then it will be tough for you to be able to bare the brunt of the heat.

This is the reason that this specific model utilizes a special sun blocking layer within the fabric. This tent provides you sun and UV rays protection. A beach is a location where the winds can vary in speed and force. Therefore, for added stability, this model comes with three sand pockets to help keep it held down in place. Buy this model with confidence, as it will never let you down.

The fabric this tent is constructed with is waterproof, therefore, it will not allow moisture inside. In addition to this, it dries in a few seconds if you accidently drip beach water inside by mistake.

Furthermore, this model comes with a carry bag to help lift it easily during backpack trips. It has a strap to give that extra strength when lifting it using the handle. Thus, a compact and smart pop up tent for camping.

The internal space is a good size for small kids to play in. However, the adults will have to sit on the outer flooring if the kids take charge inside. It is not such a large beach tent but it’s roomy enough for kids.


  • Easy to pop up and fold down
  • Proper air circulation
  • Sand pockets
  • Moisture resistant
  • Groundsheet


  • Not a good size for just adults

3. iCorer Automatic Pop Up Instant

iCorer Automatic Pop Up Instant

Finding the best pop up tent 2021 has to offer should lead you to one that is lightweight, compact, and easy to set up. Here we have a model that is a perfect combination of all these features known as the iCorer Automatic Pop Up Instant.

Similar to other models, this beach tent also has extended outer flooring to increase the surface area. It has three walls with one side that opens up to enable a user to lay down comfortably.

Furthermore, it is a smaller size camping tent that doesn’t contain much space to place your gear or sun chairs. However, the space that it does have is enough for kids and adults to sit around or lay down.

The walls are composed using nylon fabric that makes it best to use for beach trips. In addition to this, the frame is sturdy and can withstand heavy winds at the beach. As the size is compact, it is easy to carry on most outdoor trips. It only takes a small amount of space in the back of your car so you have room for all of your other stuff. The carry bag will enable you to lug it around with ease. From your car park to the beach area, no problems!

Furthermore, it takes just a few minutes to be ready for use. All the parts and fabrics come pre-assembled. Just get it out of the bag and pop it up. You can use the metal pins provided to fix it in place.


  • UV protection
  • Easy to setup
  • Nylon walls
  • Weighs a measly 2 pounds only
  • Carry bag


  • Not good for large families

4. Pacific Breeze Beach Tent

Pacific Breeze Beach Tent

Pacific breeze is a dedicated brand for beach tents. It offers great camping tents to help protect your beach site. You should consider choosing your next camping tent from the pacific breeze store to get good value for money.

Pacific breeze beach tents also make the pop up design. There is no need to set up any lanky poles. They are built in! The whole structure is built strong and solid but surprisingly lightweight. It weighs only 6 pounds. The fabric and floor covering are water-resistant, so no need to worry if it rains all of a sudden.

Besides all the above, the internal area is enough for 3 to 4 persons. It has net pockets that are a great place to store small belongings like keys, mobile phones, and chargers. There is also a hook inside the tent for hanging swim suits or towels.

According to customer feedback, this beach tent offers maximum protection from rain, sun, and wind at open-air events. Moreover, it includes 5 external sand pockets with a canopy to provide stable support. This model comes with a carry bag to make moving it around a simple task. The company provides a 1-year warranty for its product to claim on any defects.


  • Solid structure
  • Lightweight
  • Suitable for 3 to 4 persons
  • Small net storage pockets
  • Waterproof


  • Breakable poles

5. Lightspeed Cabana Outdoor Beach Tent

Lightspeed Cabana Outdoor Beach Tent

If you are searching for a larger pop up beach tent then the Lightspeed Cabana Outdoor Beach Tent is perfect for you. This beach tent comes with a super quick setup. Installation takes just a few minutes. Its strong fiberglass poles are more stable than cheap CVS poles. The poles are already attached which shaves minutes off setup time.

Furthermore, the tent weighs only 6 pounds. The internal space is 4.5 feet in width. There is an extended 4 feet area on the outside of the tent. The floor is made from high-quality material that can withstand the claws of pets so don’t be scared to bring your dog along to the beach on your next outing.

This beach tent has 3 netted windows. The mesh in the windows increases air circulation. The shade that this beach tent offers can be produced in 1 minute and that is certainly something to consider when looking into purchasing a pop up tent. Thus, there is no objection to say no to this awesome product.

In addition, the company also provides a large carry bag, sand pockets, and plastic stakes. Lastly, on a sandy beach, this is possibly the best pop up canopy tent 2021 has to offer, and at an affordable price to boot!


  • Front canopy
  • 3 pockets
  • Stable in heavy winds
  • Ready in 1 minute
  • Suitable for 2 to 3 people


  • Not suitable in rain

6. Coleman Compact Shade Shelter

Coleman Compact Shade Shelter

The Coleman compact shade shelter is a beach canopy with 2 doors. Both the doors are closable with a zip that allows you to have your own changing room. No more sneak changing behind a towel in the middle of the hustle and bustle.

This beach tent offers protection against UV rays and sunshine. Thus, it is a good shelter for kids to enjoy for not only just sitting around but possibly reading, playing games or any other leisure activities on the beach.

In addition, it has 3 poles which are properly covered. This pop up pole style canopy offers a stable set up. Meaning, it will never blow down on the beach when the wind starts to pick up.

Furthermore, the pack includes a carry bag, floor mat, and sandbags along with the beach canopy. You can put your wet clothes in the side pockets of the carry bag. How’s that for bonus!

We deem this model as the best Coleman pop up tent for beach trips. Try it out and you’ll see why! Coleman is a trustworthy name when it comes to camping accessories. Their products are highly functional, durable and of course reliable.


  • Weighs only 6.2 pounds
  • Zipped door
  • Mesh Pockets
  • 5 feet center height
  • Strong frame


  • Poor finishing

Final Thoughts & Editor’s Choice

So what are you waiting for?  Get your hands on one the best pop up beach tent models to add some excitement to your trip. Offering a sun shelter, UV protection, a private chill area, groundsheets and many other benefits. The editor’s choice is the Easthills Outdoors Instant Shader due to its useful design, front door and large area.  Spend quality time with extreme comfort! All this without worrying about setup times which uses valuable beach fun effort. Thanks for checking out our guide, don’t forget to check out out other types of pop up tents!

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