Best Family Tent With Screen Room in 2023 – Top 6 Reviews

Are you looking for the best family tent with screen room?

Owning the best family tent with screen room model can provide shelter, protection, and space on an outdoor tour or backpack trip. Scroll down to find some market leading models.

What this guide offers in the search for the best family tent with screen room:

  • A quick snapshot of our top choices.
  • What is a cabin tent with screen room?
  • What is the purpose of a camping tent with screen room?
  • How to choose the best family tent with screen room.
  • Top 6 picks.
  • Final Thoughts & Editor’s Choice.
Top 6 Best Family Tent With Screen Room – Quick Snapshot!

If you are short on time, have a quick glance at our top 6 best family tent with screen room models available on the market. All models can be at your doorstep with the click of a button. We created this list after assessing various customer’s reviews and ratings.

  1. Ozark Family Tent With Screen Room
  2. Browning Camping Family Horn Tent
  3. UNP Double Layer Big Family Tent
  4. Campros Family Camping Tent
  5. Wenzel Family Tent
  6. KTT Family Cabin Tent
What Is a Cabin Tent With Screen Room?

These are specially designed camping tents for larger families. You can a whole range of different shapes and sizes on the market. Most range from 2-10 persons. Some other names for a family tent with a screen room are a screen porch tent or a tent with a porch.

You can find different models and designs. Some screen rooms having flooring’s made from polyurethane which offer a spare room to sleep in. At the same time, others don’t have any flooring at all so you just don’t get that porch-like feel. These tents are durable and highly professional and can be used season after season.

What Is the Purpose of a Camping Tent With Screen Room?

Previously, there was an era of traditional camping tents. They were not equipped with a screen room. A screen room is an extended area that can be used for sitting purposes, separate room for kids to sleep or even an add-on kitchen.

As these latest designed family tent with screen room models launched on the market, they become more popular and functional. The reason is that these screen room cabin tents offer more functionality but still on the same budget.

They are luxurious in terms of comfort and space. No hassle to stand, sit, or any other activity. You can keep your luggage aside in the screen room. Outdoor enthusiasts that have a lot of gear and accessories find it a great storage place.

How to Choose the Best Family Tent With Screen Room

It is your responsibility to choose the best family tent with a screen room to enable your family to have that home-like feeling. It will be an incredible mess and discomfort if your campsite was a congested space to live in.

Before investing in any particular model, make sure you know just how many family members you are and how many rooms will be enough for you.An essential consideration in terms of space, a 6 person cabin tent with screen room, is good for 4 adults. Look for a bigger capacity than your required one.

Secondly, consider tent height and width to be sure that you can quickly move around. Moreover, look for models that are waterproof and offer a rainfly for the protection of your family. Seek a reliable material to withstand heavy winds and rain.

Our Reviews for the Best Family Tent With Screen Room Models – Top 6 Best Picks

Ozark Family Tent With Screen Room

Ozark Family Tent With Screen Room

The Ozark Family Tent with Screen Room is a top-rated and reliable camping tent for larger families.  This model has the capacity to accommodate 12 persons easily as it has 3 rectangular rooms.

Although it is a huge camping tent, it takes only 2 minutes to be ready to use. Moreover, the tent has a straight, tall, and spacious structure in which 10 to 12 persons can easily sleep. According to customer’s feedback, it is a durable tent because it is made of a good mix of steel and polyester material. Furthermore, no need to worry about bad weather. It is sturdy enough to face most tougher weather challenges.  The whole tent is perfectly stitched to provide you with a dry internal environment.

In addition to this, there are 10 windows for proper aeration. All the windows are closeable with mesh fabric. Each room has a separate door. All the rooms are separated by a zipped divider. You wont need to worry about any small flying insects, bugs, and mosquitoes. The use of high-density mesh prevents them from entering the tent.

As it is a family tent, the interior has 6 walled pockets for placing small belongings and other accessories in an organised way. Moreover, the pack includes 17 tent stakes.


  • Proper ventilation
  • Spacious area
  • Cheap price
  • Quick installation
  • Pre-installed poles
  • Multiple ground vents


  • No privacy between the rooms


Browning Camping Family Horn Tent

Browning Camping Family Horn Tent

Browning Camping is a market-leading brand for outdoor accessories. Browning Camping Family Horn Tent is a free-standing tent that offers stability in heavy wind.

The poles are made from high-quality fiberglass. It goes straight upright that provides ultimate strength. The straight side walls and the extra tall center offers a vast, spacious area for all luggage, accessories, and even a baby cot.

This model includes 6 windows and a mesh roof to keep you fresh while sitting inside the tent. There are 2 doors so that you enter from any side. Furthermore, the huge family tent is equipped with a polyester fly, steel stakes, and guy ropes.

All the seams are factory-sealed for the best weather protection, while the rainfly is made from 75D 185T polyester fabric. Moreover, the ground fabric is 150D oxford polyester. This vast family tent provides a spacious area of 150 square feet with a maximum center height of 87 inches. The tent weighs 34 pounds.


  • Free-standing structure
  • Mesh roof
  • Full weather protection
  • Straight sidewalls
  • Fiberglass poles
  • Extra tall ceiling height of 87 inches


  • Time-consuming setup

UNP Double Layer Big Family Tent

UNP Double Layer Big Family Tent

UNP is a remarkable brand when it comes to camping tents with porches. The spacious area of 160 square feet is enough for a large family of up to 10 persons. It can accommodate 3 queen-size mattresses.

Moreover, no need to worry about inserting poles. The company has designed specialised J hooks for easy connection to the FRP poles. With the help of original foot sleeves, it is easy to set up this family tent. 2 or 3 persons can set it up in 5 minutes.

Furthermore, there is 2 mosquito repellent mesh roofs that protect you from mosquitos and other insects. It will let you enjoy the beauty of nature while lying inside the tent. Proper air ventilation is controlled by 2 big mesh windows on the doors.

In contrast to other family tents, it offers a privacy divider that hangs from the ceiling. It will make a tent with 2 rooms and 3 doors. If you have a projector, then you can use the divider as a projector screen. This can make this family tent a big outdoor cinema.

Moreover, the use of 185T PU fabric ensures 100% waterproof. Extended canopy and vestibular sunshade in the rainfly provide better protection in heavy rain. Furthermore, the stability is improved by the use of 8 guy lines.


  • Stable windproof design
  • Spacious interior
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Electrical Port
  • Waterproof carrying bag
  • FRP poles


  • Delicate elastic poles

Campros Family Camping Tent

Campros Family Camping Tent

Let us introduce you to the Campros family tent. It has a spacious floor that can accommodate 8 sleeping bags or 3 queen-sized mattresses. It is an ideal tent for car camping.

This model is made up of 185T polyester fabric that is resistant to water up to 1000mm. In addition, to improve the waterproof resistance, it is coated with PU hydrostatic covering.

The interior of the tent remains warm if fully closed to enable it’s user to have a calm sleep at night. Many customers say that it is a perfect family tent for hiking, fishing, and outdoor camping in all weather conditions.

Furthermore, the setup requires no special skills or tools. 2 persons can set it up in less than 5 minutes. The D-shaped net door has a 2 way zip. 5 mesh windows provide fresh air ventilation. The bugs and mosquitoes never enter the tent due to its high-density net.

Moreover, the company also provides curtains for divider purposes. You can use this divider tent for a projector screen to enjoy outdoor cinema. To make it the best family camping tent, it comes with an E-port and sturdy frame. The pack includes 6 guy lines, 14 fixed stakes, a rainfly, and a storage carrying bag. The carrying bag looks like a sleeping pillow.


  • Durable Polyester fabric
  • Easy and quick setup
  • 2-way zipper in the door
  • Suitable for 8 persons
  • 1000mm waterproof
  • 5 mesh windows


  • Cheap quality zip

Wenzel Family Tent

Wenzel Family Tent

Let us introduce you to another very popular family tent by Wenzel. The main feature of this camping tent is the invisible flapped zip on the door and the window.

The door is D-shaped. This model comes with a detachable heat-sealed seam rainfly for better weather protection. The ceiling is made of mesh and has some vents for better airflow circulation.

Furthermore, the use of multi-diameter fiberglass offers more liveable space inside the tent. The sunshade (awning) is provided by a fly ridge on both the rear window and front door. According to the customer’s feedback, pre-attached guy ropes enhances the tent stability in heavy wind.

Inside the tent, there are some pockets along the walls for placing accessories like keys, mobile and your charger. There is also a hook for an emergency light inside the tent in the center. This family camping tent is also known as insect Armour for better protection against biting insects. It is also an EPA registered family tent for camping, hiking, and fishing.


  • Long-lasting durability
  • Invisible and odourless shield
  • Proven reliability
  • Suitable for 5 to 7 persons
  • Invisible zip
  • More livable space


  • Corner leaking problem

KTT Family Cabin Tent

KTT Family Cabin Tent

Last but not least! The KTT Family Cabin Tent is one of the best selling models for a camping tent. The main feature of this family cabin tent is its unique design and attractive color. It offers ample liveable space for 8 to 10 persons. The tent has 3 mesh doors.

Moreover, there are 3 windows with high-density mesh and a separate fabric for dividing the tent into 2 rooms. The tent is waterproof because of the double layer of polyester fabric. Furthermore, the material is made more durable for windproof, waterproof, and bug proof with its PE coating.

The interior is spacious and comfortable because of the straight walls. The door curtain can be used as a sunshade canopy when supported with 2 poles. Besides all of the above, the top of the cabin tent is covered with premium quality mesh, enhancing the airflow circulation. You will feel no suffocation inside the tent.

KTT brand practically focuses on quality so that you can enjoy camping and make the moments unforgettable.


  • Sunshade canopy
  • 6.8 feet center height
  • Suitable for 8 to 10 persons
  • High-density mesh in door and windows
  • Improved windproof stability
  • PE coating


  • Expensive family tent

Final Thoughts & Editor’s Choice

So what are you waiting for! Get your hands on the best family tent with screen room to experience simple enjoyment and real fun! Refresh your mind by exploring mystical lands with proper shelter and protection. The Editor’s choice is the Browning Camping Family Horn Tent due to its stability and durability. I Hope our best tent with screen room reviews help you find the right camping tent.

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