Tents have been a primary source of shelter since way back when and the new designs with advanced technology are coming in hard and fast year after year.

From survival tents to woods tents to big tents and small tents. Canopy tents, pop up tents, tents with screen rooms, the list goes on. It’s not just that the tents provide shelter either, the versatility of them are an amazing feature also. 

You can pick up a tent for pretty much any occasion and for a pretty decent price these days. In this section of guides and reviews, we’ll look into a range of different types, as well as give some insight into how to maximise your tents usability. Learn how to cool a tent without electricity, waterproof your canvas tent, or even decide on seam sealer. You will definitely gain a lot of knowledge that can help you decide which one is right for you so you can just get out there in the wild and do what you do best! Set that bad boy up and enjoy the nature.

Screen room tent - The Skilled Survivor

Screen Room Tents

Having a tent is one thing but having a tent with a screen room can add a whole new dimension to your camping experience.

Pop-up tent - The Skilled Survivor

Pop Up Tents

A pop up tent is simple and quick to setup with no 50 page manual to slow your experience down.

Canopy tent - The Skilled Survivor

Canopy Tents

Canopy tents can offer a broader sheltered area and a point of refuge when setting up your occasion alongside the often unpredictable nature of the weather gods.

Best Tents For Specific Needs

There is an array of different tents that can suit specific needs such as tents for dogs, tents for high winds, etc.

Friends breaking down tent - The Skilled Survivor

Tents In Price Range

You may be on a budget or can afford to be considered as a “glamper”. There’s tents for all wallet sizes.

Single Product Reviews | Tents - The Skilled Survival

Single Product Reviews

Check out our in depth reviews on specific tents as we dive in deep to understand the finer details

Best Seam Sealer - The Skilled Survivor

Tent Accessories

The placement and setup of a tent are one thing but having the right accessories to make sure they work as they should are also key to your experience.

Tent in a washing machine - The Skilled Survivor

Tent Guides

It’s not so common to think about things like washing your tent but alas, we have created a guide for things like that and much more.

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