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There are many weird little nuances that no one can really answer for you on the spot when out there setting up your tent. Like, how do you waterproof a canvas tent? How do you attach a tent to a backpack? How do you insulate a tent in the winter? Or even, can you wash your tent in a front loading washing machine? These things may seem stupid to some but can easily stump many others.

Check out our guides surrounding tents as we aim to remove any guesswork from these pesky questions that may or may not make your brain hurt!


How to Insulate a Tent While Winter Camping: 8 Cozy Ways

If you are looking for the ultimate outdoor experience, consider a camping trip in the winter. There are plenty of challenges when going out in …

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3 Basic Ways to Heat a Tent in the Wild

The outdoors present many challenges for campers. You can’t control the weather and just have to deal with whatever comes your way. Backpackers who set …

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7 Incredible Tips on How to Cool a Tent Without Electricity

The wild outdoors allows us to get away from our daily hustles and unwind. Nature is peaceful, pure, and relaxing. It is also an unforgiving …

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How to Attach Tent to Backpack in 3 Steps

Are you thinking about hitting the wild outdoors? You’ll need to pack a bunch of things like hydration bottles, a compass, and maybe a change …

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Find Out How to Waterproof Canvas Tent in Two Easy Steps

If you’re going on a camping trip, you will need a tent to shield you from the rain. Of course, you could always check the …

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How to Pack a Tent in a Backpack Before Hitting the Wild Outdoors

Every time you go on a camping trip, you must bring along your tent. You’ll need a shelter to protect you against rain, snow, and …

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Can You Wash a Tent in a Front Loading Washing Machine? Here Are 4 Simple Steps

After several days out in the wild, you will definitely need a good scrubbing. Taking a long soak in the bathtub is in order. However, …

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