Survival Tools & Weapons

When it comes to survival tools and weapons, owning a few decent weapons can be the difference between surviving and…well… not. They can help you defend yourself against aggressive animals or intruding humans. They can also help you take down some much needed food. Whether it’s a hunting slingshot, a set of survival kit knives or even some sort of homemade weapons or DIY weapons. As long as you have something to help you defend if need be. 

Check out our in depth reviews and guides as we cover everything we possibly can to help you decide which survival weapons suit your needs.

Survival Knives - The Skilled Survivor

Survival Knives

Having the right types of survival knives for a specific situation is a crucial skill set to helping you to prolong your chance of survival.

Survival Axes & Hatchets - The Skilled Survivor

Axes & Hatchets

Having the best survival axe that you can possibly get your hands on should be high on the list for your tactical bug out bag.

Survival Bows - The Skilled Survivor


Bows are one of the most enjoyable and skilful types of weaponry on the market these days.

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