The 9 Best Survival Backpacks for Outdoor Excursions

If you are going to explore the great outdoors, it’s bests to head out fully prepared. Having the best survival backpack ensures that you have everything you need for your trip. These bags are an essential feature of outdoor living.

Backpacks have been a staple in modern societies for quite a while. They provide plenty of room to store essential items, clothes, food and even some gear. Also, modern backpacks are equipped to keep your valuables safe from thieves and environmental threats.

A solid pack should protect your laptop, GPS module, phones and other electronics from moisture and shocks as you hike through rough terrain. That’s why survival packs are heavily padded inside and outside.

Top 9 Best Survival Backpacks Reviewed – Quick Snapshot!

  1. CCLA Army Camping Rucksack
  2. RUSH24 Military Backpack
  3. Mardingtop Hiking Backpacks
  4. Drakon Outdoors Survival Backpack
  5. Prospo Military Tactical Backpack
  6. Elite Survival Systems Tactical EDC Pack
  7. MT Military ALICE Combat Field Backpack
  8. Leaper Military Tactical Backpacks
  9. Tacticon Tactical Backpack

The Best Survival Backpacks Reviewed

There are many needs that the best survival backpacks should satisfy. After all, you will be venturing off the beaten path. There are no phone lines or public services in the wild. What you have in your backpack should allow you to get out there, explore and return home safely.

Considering the demands of outdoor life, we went for a strict selection criteria. We checked out a couple of solid packs available for purchase and compared them against one another. Smaller bags didn’t cut it because they couldn’t hold enough luggage to sustain a single night in the wild.

With that in mind, the following packs emerged as clear winners in different categories.

  • CCLA Army camping rucksack – Best value for money
  • Mardingtop hiking backpack – Best spacious backpack

RUSH24 Military Backpack – Best tactical backpack

1. CCLA Army Camping Rucksack

A proper outdoor survival backpack will cost you a pretty penny. But that’s not to say you can’t get good value by opting for a low-cost solution. The CCLA Army Camping Rucksack is an ideal option for nature enthusiasts with a budget in mind.

Product Overview

The CCLA Army Camping Rucksack will set you back only a fraction of the cost of most survival backpacks we have reviewed. Don’t think its low price means that it had to cut corners to make our list. Still, you won’t get the fancy features of other expensive backpacks. But what it lacks in specifications, the CCLA Army Camping Rucksack makes up for in resilience and outright functionality.

The backpack is made from 900D Oxford and Nylon fabric. It is a rugged bag that will withstand anything you throw its way. Moreover, it is a water-resistant piece of camping equipment despite its low price tag. It also has a double zipper that will keep your belongings dry and cozy.

The backpack utilizes quick-dry cotton material that’s soft and comfortable when worn. Also, there’s a ventilated mesh as a padding on the shoulder straps and bag itself to keep things cozy even when the bag is fully packed.

While empty, the backpack weighs about two pounds. However, it has an impressive 30L capacity if you decide to store your camping luggage and equipment inside it. The bag is excellently made with a fashionable design that will last you several outdoor trips. Also, its design allows you to keep it strapped on for long periods, which will allow you to focus on logging those miles on the trail.

Unique Feature

The bag looks like it came from a battlefield. Complete with a sand-colored camouflage print, this bag easily blends with the outdoor surrounding. Moreover, the bag is sweetly priced and allows many more people to enjoy the great outdoors at ease.

While hiking is not an expensive hobby, some critical equipment is quite pricey. This bag helps change that notion by giving you the best value for money in your arsenal.


  • Best bang for your buck
  • Fashionable and long-lasting design
  • Comfortable straps
  • Reasonable storage capacity
  • Compartmentalized storage
  • Water-resistant
  • Money-back guarantee


  • No side pouches
  • There are bags with larger capacities
  • Camo print isn’t suitable for everyday use

2. RUSH24 Military Backpack

The RUSH24 Military Backpack is the ultimate tool for all your hiking and camping needs. It is a thoroughbred tactical rucksack with plenty of space inside to fit all your items and equipment. Also, it has several pockets and MOLLE straps to secure additional gear so you can readily face the great outdoors.

Product Overview

From the onset, you’ll immediately recognize this bag as a tactical backpack. It has a light green camo print that will blend seamlessly with jungle flora and any similar hiking gear and clothes you decide to wear.

The bag has numerous straps that adjust the bag to your liking. It is undoubtedly a massive bag and can haul a significant load once packed to capacity. As such, you need to be comfortable lugging it around the hiking trail.

That’s why it has adjustable straps wrap over your shoulders and sternum. These are critical pressure points bound to flare up after hitting the trail for quite a while. Additionally, the shoulder straps are well-padded and have a contoured yoke system. This affords outdoor buffs a decent level of comfort during their excursions.

The bag is made from 1050D nylon that keeps water from seeping into your belongings. The material is robust, so it will be able to withstand quite a beating before wearing down. The backpack only uses YKK zippers that completely seal off the backpack from moisture.

Unique Features

The RUSH24 is well-matched with a 5.11 tier system, and you can attach several MOLLE pouches for additional storage space. There is a massive collection of 5.11 equipment that you should own in addition to this backpack. Get the MOLLE water bottle carrier, expandable pouch, and flashlight and easily strap them onto your tactical backpack.


  • Compatible with 5.11 tier system
  • Expandable storage with MOLLE pouches
  • Very roomy
  • Exceptional interior organization
  • Reinforced handles
  • Waterproof coating material
  • Versatile backpack


  • Additional pouches make the bag extremely cumbersome
  •  No quick access side pouches
  • Quite pricey

3. Mardingtop Hiking Backpacks

The great outdoors is an unpredictable environment. The weather might shift from pleasant sunshine by day to a terrible storm in the evening. Even if you are a master planner, you still need to be ready for anything to happen. An enormous survival backpack like the Mardington Hiking Backpack allows you to venture into the woods ready for anything.

Product Overview

Mardingtop has created one of the best all-around rucksacks for your camping needs. Its central selling point is its decently sized 65L compartment that ships with an additional 10L secondary holding. The lesser stashes are removable and paired into 5L pockets that stick on the sides. There’s plenty of room for you to stash your camping essentials.

A golden rule for outdoor buffs is always to be prepared. This backpack is made from a resilient material. The 600D polyester is waterproof, giving you the confidence to trudge into the wild despite rainy weather.

Moreover, there is a YKK zipper and rain cover to keep everything locked in place. You will be able to set up camp with all your belongings dry as a bone even if a summer storm fell in the woods.

A solid backpack isn’t just a stash for your belongings. It should also keep your equipment safe and easily accessible for when you need it. That is why the Mardington ships with multiple MOLLE webbing for holding several camping tools and equipment.

The bag is pretty hefty, especially if you’re packing for the long haul. To help you cope, it has plenty of straps running across your chest, which distribute the weight across your body. Doing so frees your shoulder from the pressure of hauling all your belongings through the woods.

The stitching is detailed and helps keep your luggage in one place. In conjunction with its robust material, you should be able to use this bag for quite a while.

Unique Features

The bag is enormous. At 65L without additional pockets and pouches, this bag can haul a decent load. Once you strap the twin 5L packs, you’ll be able to carry an impressive amount of luggage, hunting gear, flashlights and food prep equipment.

The MOLLE attachment is set as a triad. This structure is pretty robust and will hold most of the stuff that won’t fit inside the backpack. Moreover, there are straps on the side back pockets good for a regular-sized rifle.

The backpack has a primary storage compartment divided in two. There are no pockets inside, and you must neatly pack everything into the rucksack. Additional equipment can go on the side pockets or MOLLE straps. However, keep in mind that the side holds can’t support hefty loads.


  • Mega sized bag
  • Additional 10L storage area
  • Plenty of straps and generally comfortable to carry on your hikes


  • Secondary packs aren’t meant for heavy loads
  • Unappealing yellow rain cover

4. Drakon Outdoors Survival Backpack

The Drakon stable deals in outdoor equipment for camping, hiking, boating, hunting and various outdoor activities. The latest Drakon Outdoors Survival Backpack comes equipped with all the bells and whistles of a hiking luggage carrier.

Product Overview

The Drakon backpack is a piece of modern hiking equipment with the latest hiking equipment in tow. It has multiple straps and clips for the accompanying MOLLE system. The webbing accommodates additional pockets and consequently some extra storage.

Easily store hunting knives, a water bottle and tertiary equipment. Also, if you are going hunting, the secondary pockets are excellent for ammunition.

The bag is pretty large and can hold up to 40L worth of luggage. The last thing you want before heading into the woods is not having enough room for your equipment. Luckily, this backpack is spacious enough to hold just about everything you would want to have with you.

Since you’ll encounter bushes and thorns, you should have a resilient backpack for your camping gear.  Drakon outdoors survival backpack is made from a robust 500D PVC material. Furthermore, it has impermeable seams that keep off water, snow and even muddy splashes. So, you can expect to reach your campsite with dry clothes and sleeping bags.

Additionally, you can roll the top cover several times over to cover the bag’s opening. This further enhances the rucksack’s waterproofing ability.

Your bag’s comfortability is crucial, especially if you’re going to be hauling significant loads up a mountain trail. That’s why the Drakon Outdoors Survival backpack comes with padded shoulder straps. Additionally, there is a wealth of vented padding supporting your shoulders and lower back. Sternum straps keep the pack secure, allowing you to hit the hiking trail comfortably.

This bag is quite large, which is why it uses heavy-duty straps that hold everything in place. This allows you to haul greater loads across great distances.

Unique Features

The MOLLE system is an exceptional feature that allows you a wealth of room for your belongings. This bag also allows for additional pouches. You can strap them onto the sides for easy accessibility. There is no need to set down your luggage to retrieve a flashlight or water can.


  • MOLLE system compatibility
  • Well-thought-of 40L luggage capacity
  • Durable 500D PVC material
  • Neutral colors
  • Six additional external pouches


  • The price tag is steep
  • Additional side pouches aren’t waterproof
  • The waistband needs reinforcement to support heavier loads

5. Prospo Military Tactical Backpack

Are you looking to spend some time camping, fishing or mountain climbing? You’ll need a large bag to carry your gear – one that is secure and comfortable enough to use on those long trips. The Prospo Military Tactical Backpack ticks all the right boxes.

Product Overview

The best survival backpacks must be resilient because the natural world is an unforgiving environment. Harsh weather and dense bushes will ravage whatever goes into the wild unprepared. Fortunately, this tactical backpack is made from 1000D polyester.

The material is robust and will take quite a determined spirit to put a crack in it. This material also retains its shape even when subject to external forces.

This backpack supports the MOLLE system and accommodates the webbing on the front and sides. If the pack’s impressive 40L capacity doesn’t satisfy your needs, you can attach additional pockets onto the bag.

A fully loaded backpack is not easy to haul around. However, it would be best to be comfortable along your hiking trail with excellent shoulder strap padding as in the Prospo Tactical offering. A chest strap and waist belt secure the bag, prevent it from swinging around as you skip over obstacles.

Unique Features

The backpack has a rectangular shape that accommodates storage tins for fishing excursions. You can easily stash most of your fishing gear in the backpack. A Y-strap at the top keeps everything neatly tucked inside.

The interior is protected from water penetration and maintains the pack’s all-weather status. You also get a nifty flag patch that displays on the backpack’s front. This pack is suitable for a wide range of activities. Get it for fishing, camping, and hunting trips and even use it as a bug-out bag. Also, it has a well-organized primary compartment with multiple slots and openings. These slots allow you to use it as a regular carry-on backpack.


  • 2-way cord zipper
  • Multi-pocketed inner compartment
  • 40L capacity
  • MOLLE system compatibility
  • It can fit a bladder
  • Versatile backpack


  • MOLLE straps are close together
  • Zippers are made from low-cost material
  • No allowance for fishing rods

6.  Elite Survival Systems Tactical EDC Pack

Some of the best survival backpacks are purpose-driven equipment. They are meant for the wild outdoors and perform exemplarily well. Nevertheless, suppose you’re looking for a versatile backpack, one you can use for hiking trips and quickly switch to regular school or office duties. In that case, the Elite Survival Systems Tactical EDC Pack is your go-to option.

Product Overview

This compact backpack is resilient enough to be used in the wild and respectable enough for official business.

The bag has a laptop compartment that is heavily lined with soft nylon padding material.

It also has a document pocket at the front with a heavy zipper that will keep your books and papers dry.

The backpack is made from 1000D nylon material. Besides durability, this material compounds its impressive water resistance.

However, it isn’t fully waterproof, and you should still avoid hiking under torrential rainfall.

MOLLE system compatibility is a must in modern survival backpacks.

This item luckily features a bunch of low-profile attachment points for additional pouches. If you need extra storage space, this bag easily affords you a wealth of storage options on the exterior.

Unique Features

The backpack has an impressive interior space organization. Besides a laptop compartment, there are numerous storage pockets in the main holding area. There are flat accessory slots and mesh pockets inside to slide in various bits and equipment.

For gun owners, the bag has a dedicated holster inside the primary compartment. The holder can be accessed from either side and makes it easy to draw in case of a threat. Additionally, this partition is zippered no one else will know it’s there.


  • Versatile backpack
  • Low-profile MOLLE attachment points
  • Multiple storage pockets inside
  • Concealed holster slot
  • Ambidextrous retrieval


  • Not fully waterproof
  • Large water bottles take up space from the interior
  • Lacks a port for the hydration tube

7. MT Military ALICE Combat Field Backpack

The MT Military ALICE Combat Field Backpack is designed for use in combat and outdoor scenarios. It has got a raft of exciting specs needed for outdoor excursions. Some of the best survival backpacks are intended for use by infantrymen. These packs accommodate only the necessary combat equipment and survival paraphernalia.

Product Overview

ALICE is an acronym for All-purpose Lightweight Individual Carrying Equipment. The backpack weighs a hefty six pounds while empty and is designed to haul significant weights. With a 50L capacity, this backpack will fit everything you need for your hunting trip.

The interior is roomy and sealed tightly with a corded enclosure. There are three exterior pouches at the top to accommodate your ammo. Further down, there is a trio of pouches that are much larger than the upper ones.

These are similarly enclosed with cords before you draw the flap for an airtight enclosure. It also is a dedicated radio pocket where you can also stash other electronic equipment.

The pack is made from a waterproof material that keeps your electronics safe and in good working order. It is meant to be used with its accompanying LC-1 Field Pack Frame. Furthermore, multiple metallic buckles will keep all your luggage secure.

The straps on this backpack are well padded and attach to the frame. They are easily adjusted and also accommodate a quick-release buckle. This should help you quickly drop the bag in case of any emergency.

Unique Features

Few bags are accompanied with a frame as the MT Military ALICE Combat Field Backpack. The frame supports the bag’s hefty weight, especially if it’s fully loaded. Some buckles and straps anchor the pack onto the frame. This frame is made from an aluminum and iron blend. The frame achieves a desired lightweight form while still maintaining its good strength.


  • Massive 50L capacity
  • Quick-release buckles
  • Multiple external pockets for additional equipment
  • Several interior compartments
  • Adjustable pack


  • Pretty hefty for shorter people
  • Shoulder straps not padded all the way
  • Lacks a top grabbing strap like those in modern backpacks

8. Leaper Military Tactical Backpacks 

Any survival backpack worth its salt must be spacious and tough enough to withstand the outdoors environment. The Leaper Military Tactical Backpack is a roomy pack with half a dozen compartments to store your stuff inside. Ideally, one would use it as a 3-Day assault pack, and here’s why.

Product Overview

Leaper’s tactical backpack is your ideal hiking partner. For starters, it has enough room inside for you to stuff all your belongings. The bag boasts an impressive 42L capacity. What’s more, the interior is subdivided into four compartments to ease your luggage organization.

There are two large sections inside the pack. There is a secure, heavily padded laptop pocket on one end. You can also place other delicate items in that section. There are multiple pockets inside the pack for you to store different small-sized equipment. The primary holding area accommodates your hydration bladder, although it isn’t included in this tactical backpack.

If the interior space seems inadequate, this backpack also accommodates a MOLLE system designated for military packs. You can easily attach additional pouches and items onto the bag. The shoulder straps, the sides, and the backpack front accommodate further storage if you wish.

This backpack is well-designed with ergonomic and breathable fabric. It is pretty easy to carry your belongings in it without straining your shoulders and back.

Unique Features

While your luggage won’t get stolen while hiking, various safety features help keep your stuff secure from marauding animals. You can also use this backpack as a regular carry-on bag, hence the need for anti-theft features.

There is a well-hidden anti-theft pocket on the back. Easily hide your valuables in here and ward off crooks and criminals. A robust luggage belt secures the top, so thieves will have a hard time getting inside your luggage.


  • Antitheft features
  • Rugged and practical backpack
  • Extensive use of breathable and comfortable 900D Oxford fabric
  • Large capacity with MOLLE system compatibility
  • Multiple pockets and storage compartments


  • Not waterproof without the rain cover
  • No dedicated handgun storage
  • No hydration bladder included

9. Tacticon Tactical Backpack 

The best survival backpack is usually tried and tested by experts. That’s why the Tacticon Tactical Backpack is a reliable bag for all your outdoor excursion needs. A combat veteran owns the company, which is great because few people understand the ins and outs of tactical backpacks as well as soldiers.

Product Overview

From a distance, this 40L survival bag exudes confidence with its pitch-black shade. You can also get it in jungle green or sand brown camouflage. The pack can haul up to fifty pounds’ worth of luggage and camping equipment.

The backpack is a straightforward piece of tactical equipment. It has multiple straps to secure your luggage. There are sternum and waist straps to keep the bag in place as you hike through forested areas and up hiking trails. Moreover, the shoulder straps have vented padding to keep you comfortable even as you walk for longer distances.

The material is noticeably tough and rugged, and the zippers are pretty sizeable to keep things securely tucked away.

Also, the bag’s seams feature double stitching all around. This helps keep rainwater, snow, and dust particles from your luggage. Furthermore, this backpack is thoroughly waterproof. Each compartment has a special lining to keep moisture at bay.

The insides feature various compartments. You even get a laptop carrier section that is heavily padded. This one can accommodate up to 17-inch machines. Moreover, if you are venturing into the wild, you can store a handgun in the holster inside.

Unique Features

MOLLE system compatibility is a critical feature found in the best survival backpacks, and the Tacticon Tactical Backpack does not disappoint in this area. There are multiple slots to fit in equipment ranging from handguns, maps, pumps, flashlights, and most camping tools. You’ll also get a handy patch to stick your local flag and name tag on the backpack.


  • Veteran owned company
  • MOLLE system compatible
  • Multiple organization pockets
  • Heavily padded laptop slot
  • It can be compressed to a 20L capacity
  • The neutral color makes it perfect for everyday use


  • Large stiff zippers
  • Gun holster doesn’t fit larger firearms
  • You can get a larger capacity backpack

What Makes a Desirable Survival Backpack

There are specific requirements that a survival backpack must satisfy to be ranked among the best. These necessities are essential because an outdoor backpack ensures your survival and well-being while camping, mountaineering, or hiking.


A solid backpack should be large enough to hold your luggage and gear. Most bags have a capacity ranging from 35L to 40L. Anything between this is an ideal size because you’ll store camping gear, packed meals, and a wealth of equipment in the pack.

Some of your trips won’t require extended stays out in the wild. If you are going fishing, you might spend a few hours catching fish, so a larger backpack will only be cumbersome. In this case, a smaller pack will serve you better.

Material Strength

The natural world is a harsh place. Bushes will scratch at your clothes and backpack. If you aren’t wearing the correct gear, you’ll quickly end up with torn clothes and expose yourself to further injury. That’s why outdoor gear is often made of robust materials like 1000D nylon.

Also, as most outdoor survival backpacks are loaded with gear and hiking essentials, they must be able to resist wear and tear. Your luggage will constantly be pushing against the backpack. If it is made from poor-quality material, the pack will soon come apart, and you will lose your belongings along the way.

Protection From The Elements

The best survival backpack should keep your clothes and equipment dry. To get the whole camping experience, you might accommodate the harsh outdoor environment and maybe get rained on a little. But if you stay out in rainy weather for more extended periods, you might catch a cold.

Any backpack worth your money should be waterproof. If not, it would be best to opt for a water-resistant luggage carrier. In the absence of either, get a solid rain cover and protect your belongings from the rain and snow.

Remember, you need to carry several electronics with you on the camping trip. Since water will damage most gadgets, a waterproof backpack will keep them safe.


Your average survival pack is worth 40L of storage space, which usually holds about 50 lbs. This is a significantly heavy load to have on your back, even for a few moments. Now imagine having to climb a mountain trail with that weight strapped to your back.

The straps of your preferred backpack should have padding. Some designers even embrace vented padding designs to enhance your comfort while hauling your luggage and equipment around the woods.

Most modern backpacks come fitted with a slew of straps. These secure the rucksack across your chest and waist. You don’t want your load to be swinging about and throwing you off balance during the trip. You’ll end up wasting a lot of precious energy keeping this weight balanced and compromise your hike.

MOLLE System Compatibility

The MOLLE system is a crucial feature of any survival backpack worth your attention. It allows hikers and campers to use the bag’s exterior to store their water bottles, ammunition, and flashlights.

Some bags don’t accommodate secondary pouches and come with side pockets instead. However, these pockets take up a lot of interior space. If the pack is full, the side pockets won’t do you any good.

Organization Pockets

Most campers prefer bigger backpacks. However, a big backpack won’t do you any good if you don’t organize it properly. That’s why some backpack makers include multiple pockets and slots inside the pack’s primary compartment.

If you are looking for a versatile pack to use outdoors and at school, check the interior compartments. You’ll need slots to fit a standard 15-inch laptop or tablet. Also, several pockets for your pens and cards are an added advantage.

There are many things to do while you are out in nature – far from the comfort of your home. Having the right backpack will make your life in the wild a whole lot easier. You will have easier access to everything you might need and be able to carry along food and water.

Also, there is a wide selection of equipment you need with you while hiking or camping. A GPS device is crucial to prevent you from getting lost. And some kind of firearm is equally essential for self-defense. The best survival backpacks allow you to store your camping equipment safely.

Many people often underestimate the importance of a good backpack and opt for a low-quality bag instead. The latter is susceptible to extreme wear, and some won’t even hold enough luggage for a successful hiking trip.


1. What is a survival backpack?

A survival backpack is a crucial element if you are planning an outdoor trip. It provides you with ample storage space for your luggage and gear. The pack ensures that your stay away from home will be as comfortable as possible as you’ll be able to store food supplies, water and camping equipment.

2. What is the most important item to carry?

The best survival backpack is an essential piece of equipment. Other than that, you will need a compass and map of the general area. Water is also important since your body needs constant hydration to sustain long and difficult hikes. Luckily, a survival bag has enough room and multiple slots and pockets to store all your crucial hiking gear.

3. What is the best survival backpack?

There are hundreds of survival backpack makers across the globe. However, your best bet would be a pack that’s big and comfortable enough to carry and accommodates secondary storage for your hydration bottles and camping accessories. Our favorite is the RUSH24 Military Tactical bag, as it ticks all these boxes and is a must-have for your camping trips.

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