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When faced with the unknown of being stuck out in the wilderness, there are a couple of life saving pieces of equipment that should definitely be packed down in any tactical bug out bag. They all serve their own unique purpose and should be well researched before embarking on a trip into the outdoors. Enter, the survival knife with compass…

The usual suspects that spring to mind are of course anything that can aid water and its purification, food items, fire starters, some sort of survival shelter and some kind of cutting tools, like knives or machetes. There are also lesser known gadgets that you can purchase which can cater for more than one situation. They usually come in well planned out kits such as a survival knife with compass. You wouldn’t think that this combination of equipment would be worthy of a joint venture but after reviewing these super handy models, the proof is definitely in the pudding. Read on to help you decide which survival knife with compass model would suit your situation. 

Top 4 Survival Knife With Compass Models – Quick Snapshot!

  1. ALBATROSS Wild Survival Tools 3-in-1 Set
  2. Maxam 12-Piece Survival Knife Set
  3. K EXCLUSIVE Amazon Jungle Survival Knife and Sheath
  4. Rothco Ramster Survival Kit Knife

  • ALBATROSS Wild Survival Tools 3-in-1 Set
  • Albatross are known for designing and manufacturing their style of knives for customers all around the world since 2006. They focus primarily on good quality and cost effective products. This specific product contains a survival knife, a compass and a handy flashlight. All 3 are packaged together in a neat little magnetic gift box.

    Product Overview

    The EDC folding knife isn’t huge but the quality 440 stainless steel ensures that it is sharp and reliable. It measures 6.5 inches when the blade is out, making it fit perfectly in the average sized hand. The blade itself is surprisingly sharp and measures 2.7 inches, which is great for use on rope and sharpening or making small cuts in wood.

    The compass is compact but remains durable. This is a refreshing point to make as most compasses need some extra space to enable them to be tucked away safely. The quality of the compass is better than expected and  the size of the letters and numbers are clear and easy to read.

    The flashlight is also durable but it would be more suited as a backup. The light that it pushes out isn’t really something you’d use to explore in pitch black conditions. It is still able to provide a decent amount of light if your point A isn’t so far away from your point B.

    That being said, the concept itself is a great gift idea. It wouldn’t do the job for the hardcore enthusiast as all 3 items could have been a bit more bulky and robust. You could probably put a better quality kit together yourself. Although, for the price, the Albatross seems well worth it.

    Standout Feature

    The stainless steel design really makes this knife stand out especially considering how much a simple every day tool like this can get battered around.


    ●      Lightweight, excellent for carrying around.
    ●      A great gift idea
    ●      Durable for its size
    ●      Decent quality for its price


    ●    Doesn’t include batteries
    ●    Flashlight could have been brighter

    2. Maxam 12-Piece Survival Knife Set

    The Maxam brand has been around since 1950 and is one of the best in the business when it comes to importing and wholesale. They create powerful military survival knives and innovative hunting gear that is affordable. Most of their products come with 100% money back guarantees as well as extended warranties. This particular product has been a top pick for survivalists, hunters, hikers and general outdoor enthusiasts for quite some time.

    Product Overview

    The Maxam 12 piece knife set is actually quite impressive and holds almost everything you need when faced with often challenging survival situations. It is an ideal piece of equipment that can easily fit snugly inside a tactical bug out bag, the glove compartment of a car or even safely stowed away in the garage for quick access.

    The zinc alloy handle doubles up as a storage compartment and holds most of the 12 items which include a compass, bandage, needle and thread, fishing line, razor blade, tweezers, safety pin and a pencil. Oh and did I mention a knife sharpener? Talk about bang for your buck!

    The ergonomically designed survival knife with compass set actually comes with 2 knives. The larger of the 2 features a ⅛’ thick blade which gives it some decent grunt when hacking away any stray branches. The length of the blade is 7 ¾’ so it’s definitely not a pocket knife in stature. The smaller knife that is included is a 7’ skeletal frame knife. It’s sleek, lightweight and designed to fit attached to the glass-filled, nylon sheath of the bigger knife. The frame is 7’ and boasts an 11/2’ blade with a gutting hook. It could easily be used as a spear tip or arrow if needed. Not too shabby for its size!

    Standout Feature

    Another awesome feature is it’s built in attachment for a slingshot and of course it comes with slingshot tubing and a missile pouch.


    ●    Comes with an array of bits and pieces
    ●    The skeletal frame knife fits snugly on the sheath
    ●    The ability to use it as a slingshot


    ●   Sheath isn’t as sturdy as it could be
    ●    Items inside storage compartment are fair and useable

    3. K EXCLUSIVE Amazon Jungle Survival Knife and Sheath

    The Amazon Jungle Survivor was created by K Exclusive. The brand prides itself on quality survival knives at an affordable price. This knife was ranked close to the top of its peers. It is well used amongst those that enjoy being outdoors and participating in activities that require a little extra elbow grease. It will give you ultimate reassurance no matter what survival situation you may face.

    Product Overview

    The knife is comfortable to hold and doesn’t cause any long term physical issues with continual use. There are knives out there which can cause blistering which we believe is a design issue. This one has cord-handle wrappings which provide the user with a non-slip, lock grip. The blade guard is thick which ensures the hands protection from the sharp blade.

    It’s a fixed blade knife and comes with a decent quality sheath to help keep it out of harm’s way when traversing around the landscape. The knife’s edge is super sharp and was constructed using rock-solid stainless steel. It also comes with a clip point and has the added heavy gauge sawback serrations which can double up as a makeshift saw if required.

    The blade is close to 10’ with the entire length up at 13’ so it isn’t a small knife and definitely requires the provided sheath to keep it safe when not in use.

    Standout Feature

    Additional features of the survival knife with compass are the well thought out mini survival kit that is tucked away inside the shaft of the knife. There is a removable round cap at the back end of the knife that houses a compass. The survival kit inside also includes matches, fishing line, a hook, needles and thread, a safety pin and some striking paper. All in all, the knife is worth it for its price. It’s not your high end knife so the quality isn’t hardcore but does the job that it designed to do.


    ●    Design is sleek and comfortable to grip
    ●    Added survival kit
    ●    Sheath is built to last


    ●   Compass could have been a bit better quality
    ●   Needs sharpening to keep it in good condition

    4. Rothco Ramster Survival Kit Knife

    Rothco got its start back in 1953 when there was a shortage of used military goods. They have created and endorsed the popular M-65 Field Jackets, canvas bags, folding camping shovels and of course knives to mention just a few of their wares. They are now the top supplier of military, tactical, survival and outdoor products in the US and beyond. That’s how we know that the knives that come from these guys are legit and can handle the tough stuff!

    Product Overview

    The Rothco Ramster Survival Kit Knife has been quality tested and ensured that it passed the test for maximum durability. The design of this knife is simple but effective. It contains a hollow steel shaft style handle which can store away various essential survival items. The shaft is also waterproof if treated well so it can easily hold items such as matches, cash and anything that needs to stay dry.

    The blade itself is approximately 7.5’ long and the cutting edge is 6 ⅝’ so it’s a decent size knife and can really give the user some leverage and power if used correctly.

    The sheath boasts a mix of nylon and plastic within its construction and also features pouches and sharpening stones to make it a perfect all round survival knife kit.

    Standout Features

    Not only that mentioned above, but it also contains a handy compass, a wire saw and a set of fish hooks so if you run out of food and you’re somewhere you can fish, this knife is going to be your buddy! It’s the ultimate sidekick for your next outdoors adventure that can be tucked inside your tactical bug out bag.


    ●   Waterproof storage compartment
    ●   Heavy gauge and comes super sharp, unlike other models
    ●   Great quality for its price. Has been compared to the Buckmaster 184


    ●   Would have been nicer in black

    How Do You Keep Your Knife Sharp And Prepared?

    It’s all well and good to go out there and purchase some gear but if it’s not in a usable condition then it’s pretty much worthless to you and will just burden you in a time when you may really need it most. When it comes to knives, this is especially important because they are basically your best mate when out in the wild. Let’s face it, you’re going to need it to gut fish, cut through some shrub or rope, create tools such as spearheads and fire sticks and you can also use a knife as a reflective device to signal for help if you’re really stuck!

    You could prep your knives before you venture out but that’s often not the case due to portability of tools. Otherwise, you can get yourself either some sharpening stones or a diamond sharpener which can fit snugly in your tactical bug out bag. If you are new to sharpening your knife, it is recommended that you get yourself a knife sharpening guide. (These add-ons make sure that you cut with your blade at the precise working angle). Either that or do some extensive research so you can be assured that you are giving your knife its best chance at becoming the tool it’s designed to be. Understanding how to sharpen your survival knife is a very important skill to master.

    A few quick tips that will ensure the health of your knife is above standard are:

    • Understand that your blade has a rough grind angle 
    • Use the right strokes to reduce any damage
    • Don’t forget to sharpen the back of the blade
    • Face the stone the right way, the fine side must face upwards
    • Test the knife for sharpness

    How can you make best use of the bonus compass?

    Owning a survival knife with compass comes with great responsibility. More in the sense that you probably want to know how to use a compass if you want any chance at survival. It can be a little daunting holding this device with 4 letters and wondering where to begin. Not only that, without a a map or any general knowledge of the landscape, you could find yourself in a bit of trouble.

    Some quick tips on compass usage will always be of an advantage so here are a few to wrap your head around…

    • Break your journey down into manageable steps, this will ensure that you don’t confuse yourself when using the compass, especially as a beginner.
    • Understand magnetic north and learn to place the compass where it can be used to line up magnetic north to help find your desired direction.
    • Hold the compass flat and rotate yourself in the direction that you wish to travel. This will make any further orientation make sense.

    Of course there is a lot more detail required to become a true orienteer but if the general principles can be adhered to then you should be able to make some sense of where you are.

    FAQ – Survival Knife With Compass

    1. What items can I expect in a knife kit?

    Having some quality bushcraft essentials neatly packed away in a handy survival knife kit can really be the difference between life and death. These bits and pieces can aid your chance of survival by enabling you to perform specific tasks that can save your life. The most common items that you can find in a survival knife kit are fishing gear (hooks, lines and weights), compasses, wire saws, fire starters, mini flashlights, slingshots and other smaller survival type items. The price range varies based on quality which of course means that the more you pay, the better the quality and the more gear you’d find in your kit.

    2. What makes a good survival knife kit?

    When purchasing a knife kit, one of the main things to consider is the craftsmanship and durability of the knife itself, this is the backbone of the kit and it will become your best friend so you need to be able to work with it. Another consideration is the quality of the items. Of course, you pay for what you get these days and your kit items will need to be worth it. So don’t skimp on anything that is heavy duty and oozes a bit of class. The main function of a knife kit is to keep you alive and resourceful whilst maintaining a compact size that you can keep close to you at all times.

    3. Why should I carry a knife kit with me?

    Emergency situations are exactly just that, emergency! There’s hardly ever any warning and your survival skills will need to be sharp if you want to get out of the situation unscathed. There are a number of items that you should have in your possession that can help you but the go-to will always be a knife.They enable you to cut things, sharpen things, gut things and keep you safe. What’s even better than a knife is having a survival knife kit which will supply you with all the essential survival gear to get you out of most situations. These kits are designed to give you that slight advantage when your back is against the wall. Fishing, starting a fire, direction, defense, they can really pack a punch!

    The Verdict…

    The bottom line for having a decent survival knife with compass is making sure that it passes the test for quality, craftsmanship, durability and of course, the right gear! This kit will essentially be your bread and butter or best mate when out in the wilderness so you want the best kit to suit your needs.

    There are some really good options here and the choice was pretty tough to make. After careful consideration, we thought that the Rothco Ramster Survival Kit Knife fit the bill. The knife itself is dependable and heavy duty. The gear that comes with the kit is basic but good quality. All in all, we feel that we have covered all bases on a range of survival knife with compass kits and are happy with the outcome. All that’s left now is to get out there and enjoy the outdoors!

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