Best Portable Fire Pit With Wheels 2023 Reviews and Buying Guide

For anyone already dabbling in the outdoors arena, entertaining guests or at least those who have a bug out plan ready to go for when SHTF, having a trustworthy source of fire is literally a life saver. It’s very common these days that we humans skip the build phase and opt for a portable option as it saves a ton of time.

The most widely used variant is the portable fire pit with wheels. A humble fire pit is worth its weight in gold if you can manage to purchase something decent. But what about a portable fire pit with wheels? I can say straight up that an addition such as this can definitely boost your fire pit to a whole new level! Having a portable fire pit with wheels would enable many options for you.

Best Portable Fire Pit With Wheels reviews
Portable Fire Pit With Wheels | Should I Purchase One Or Make My Own?

Let’s dig around a bit and find out about the Best Portable Fire Pit With Wheels.

Best Portable Fire Pit With Wheels: Reviews

We did this to make sure that you end up with the best portable fire pit with wheels that suits your needs. We had a look at 6 options and did what we call a ‘power review’ where we got to the nuts and bolts of each product without the fluff in between! They aren’t your propane variant but the wood fueled pits can do the job just as well!

1. Shinerich Industrial SRFP2822 Portable FIRE Pit

Key Features

  • Silver powder-coated tube legs.
  • Porcelain baked bottom bowl and top lid.
  • Removable zinc plated fire screen.
  • 360-degree visual effects.
  • rear wheels & front pull handle.
  • Sliding door.
  • charcoal grid and fire tool included.
  • Fuel type: wood.

When it comes to portable fire-pit, then the quality matters a lot. Shinerich Industrial SRFP2822 Portable Fire Pit is a product that combines portability and quality. It is a four seasons courtyard fire pit of 28 inches. After assembling, this fire pit measures 28 x 28 x 45 inches (L x W x H). It weighs around 34.5 lb and is black, but the legs are silver in color. It has an attractive design.

To ensure a 360-degree visual effect, the manufacturer has used a porcelain-baked top lid and bottom bowl. A zinc-plated fire screen is also used here to slightly enhance the visibility. For easy log access, there is a sliding door. It makes it very user-friendly without compromising the safety angle. This fire pit comes with a charcoal grid & fire tool. So you don’t need to purchase anything externally. 

The legs of this fire pit are a unibody structure. These tube legs are silver powder coated and they can easily be located at night. There are two plastic-made rear wheels, which are smooth and can easily move the firepit. A front pull handle is also present there; so you can easily move it anywhere in your courtyard.


✅ It is easy to move.
✅ Your safety isn’t compromised here.
✅ Good visual effect.
✅ Easy to use.
✅ All accessories included, nothing to purchase from the market.


This is not an ultra-portable fire pit, mainly for its unibody leg.
❌ A better sliding door could make it more perfect.
❌ There is no vent at the bottom.
❌ The vents of the top are not adjustable.
❌ The fire screen is not rustproof.


This is a quality fire pit that creates great visibility. It is one of the best options for your favorite courtyard. Its wheels are very smooth, and just by pushing, you can easily move them here and there.

2. Well Traveled Living 01471

Key Features

  • Porcelain enamel bowl and lid
  • Painted center fire screen to bear high temperatures.
  • Two convenient rear wheels.
  • Steel grate for placing wood.
  • Powder-coated tube legs.
  • Steel-made support frame.
  • Handle grip.
  • 360-degree visibility.

Well Traveled Living 01471 Four Seasons Courtyard Bonfire Patio is a 28-inch Fire Pit. It is very tiny and compact, and its minimalist design makes it a unique product. Its length, width, and height are 28.2 x 7.9 x 27.9 inches, respectively. It weighs around 29.9 pounds, and the most promising factor about this product is that the users don’t need to assemble anything. Just pick it up from the store and place it where you want. Most of the users use wood as fuel for this fire pit. 

To enhance the longevity of this fire pit, the manufacturer has used a porcelain enamel bowl and lid. At the frame’s center is a separate steel grate with a lock. Using this, the users can easily and safely place wood in it. This product’s centerfire screen is painted to sustain high temperature, and this coating keeps the rust away. 

The built quality of this fire pit is great as the frame of this fire pit is made of steel. The manufacturer has placed two convenient plastic-made rear wheels so users can easily drag them. The mechanism of the wheels is good, but their quality is not so promising. There are also two handle grips. One is attached to the porcelain enamel bow, and the other is in the top lid’s middle. 

To prevent the frame from rusting, the company has used power coating on the entire frame. 360-degree visibility is another processing aspect of this product.


✅ This fire pit is easy to carry.
✅ It has a great build quality that ensures more longevity.
✅ There is a separate door for placing wood.
✅ Great 360-degree visibility.
✅ This fire pit is very safe and easy to use.


In the long run, rusting is one of the major issues with this product.
❌ The gauge of the metallic frame is very thin.
❌ The quality of the nuts, bolts, and screws is not so promising.


This is a very compact, light fire pit. The 360-degree visibility feature is very helpful and effective.

3. Living Accents Srbf2822k Steel Black Firepit

Key Features

  • Steel body
  • Black tube legs
  • Rear wheels 
  • Wooden pull handle
  • Patented one-door design
  • Porcelain baked top lid and bottom bowl 
  • Zinc plated fire screen helps to last the fire longer.

The Living Accents Srbf2822k Steel Black 28-inch Fire pit is a very compact product, and it is very easy to use. This fire pit’s length, width, and height are respectively 30.3 x 29.8 x 8.5 inches. And it weighs only 33 Pounds. Anyone can easily carry it where it is needed for its minimalist and compacted ensign. 

A porcelain baked top lid, and the bottom bowl is present in this fire pit. There is also a zinc-plated fire screen, which is easily removable. These help the fire pit to create a longer-lasting fire, and this coating reduces the chances of rusting. 

In this product, the manufacturer has also put special attention to the safety of the users. The patented one-door design helps the users with easy log access. The quality of the log gate is also good. The entire structure of this product is made of steel. And it makes the fire pit rigid and rustproof.

There are two plastic-made rear wheels. Their quality is not so good, but they are enough to easily move the fire pit from here to there. These work smoothly. At the front, there are huge legs, and these are in black. There are also solid wood-made pull handles. The users can use it to drag this fire pit and they will not feel the heat in their hands.

This is by far the best portable fire pit with wheels I have ever used.


✅ This fire pit is easy to use.
✅ Having a wooden handle, one can easily move it even when some wood is burning inside it.
✅ Its build quality is great.
✅ It doesn’t get easily rusted.


❌ The lid of this fire pit is not detachable.


The quality of the firepit is good. For a small outdoor gathering, this is a good choice.

4. Fire Sense Bessemer Patio Fireplace

The Fire Sense Bessemer Patio Fire Pit rounds us out as a top quality stainless steel model. Again, heavy duty, sleek and a damn good easy to keep clean portable fire pit with wheels. Both the bowl and lid are constructed using porcelain enamel which helps prevent corrosion. Temps don’t get as hot as cast iron but porcelain can hold its own regardless. Plus it’s a lot easier to clean than cast iron.

Fire Sense Bessemer Patio Fire Pit with wheels

The top is a dome shape which helps to redirect the heat downward toward your feet and rises up through your body instead of directly into your face. Nice! It comes with two spark screens which have been sheet wrapped using a corrugated steel grate, this gives extra protection from flying embers.

The large single door makes it easy to clean and a breeze to load wood into. The wheels are large and stable making them easy to transport and better still, deems your pit simple to manoeuvre.

5. Landmann USA 28051 Heatwave Fire Pit

The Landmann Heatwave Fire Pit has a classic design and is crafted using top quality, durable stainless steel. The base is unexpectedly sturdy which gives extra confidence when maneuvering around. Most bases with wheels seem to rattle around a bit but not this one. It is great on soft, uneven grounds.

The size of the bowl is a decent 28” which allows you as the user to have the freedom of a top quality heat puncher. Showcasing a 360 degree cylindrical chrome-plated spark screen will ensure you and your family/friends the comfort of safety from wayward sparks.

Landmann USA 28051 Heatwave Fire Pit with wheels

This model includes a wood grate as well as a bonus cooking grate which is a rare find with a portable fire pit with wheels. To top it all off, the extra bottom shelf is a great place for storing your fire pit cooking accessories.

6. 28″ Portable Round Steel Wood Fire Pit

This portable fire pit with wheels is another stainless steel variant. It’s similar in aesthetics and size as the others. As the name suggests, the 28” bowl is well manufactured using high quality porcelain enamel. The lid is also made using porcelain. It contains a galvanized steel spark screen which allows visibility whilst keeping the fire maimed and tamed.

The patented central hinged door allows ease of access to load up the fire with wood. It will also make the clean up a little less tricky due to less moving parts. The sturdy wheels make lugging this model around a breeze. It’s simple to assemble and packs away snuggly in the back of your pickup or car truck.  

Can you add wheels to your fire pit yourself?

In short, yes you can! Let your imagination roam free. An easy variant would be if you purchased 4 high quality heat resistant caster wheels from your local hardware shop and screwed or bolted them into where the adjustable legs are.

You could of course add them to the adjustable part as well which would allow both features to function as they should instead of one or the other. A hot tip would be to purchase a set of lockable wheels so the fire sits in one spot and isn’t a moving fireball when or if the wind blows. Something like these would be ideal.

Are there any other ways to Maneuver your fire pit without wheels?

This is more of a PSA for safety if anything. It is recommended that whenever you decide to move your fire pit, clear any obstacles in your path out the way before doing anything. Yeah yeah Captain Obvious! It does happen though, I’ve seen it with my own eyes. Another beginners tip is to make sure that you keep your back straight and knees bent to lower your center of gravity. If it’s still too heavy, get a family member or friend to help.

If no one is around, get yourself a cabinet maker’s trolley that you can lift on to a push around till your heart’s content. As a last resort, you can try what the Egyptians apparently did with those big ass blocks. Try to maneuver the pit onto some round straight logs which you can push along and move the back log to the front each time you go forward enough that it rolls out the back. Magic!

Is a circle or square fire pit better?

When buying any fire pit, its shape is one of the major considerations. You need to choose the shape according to your space and purpose. A square fire pit is best for small gatherings. On the other hand, if you want to use a fire pit for decorative purposes and portability, round fire pit would be the best choice.

Simply placing one or two small circle fire pits at the sides of your house’s entrance gives the ambiance a classy finish. For travel or trekking purposes, always go with square fire pits as these can easily be folded and comparatively easier to carry. So circle and square both are good, and each is suitable for different purposes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you put casters on a fire pit?

Yes, you can install casters on a fire pit. First of all, the frame or the main structure of the fire pit has to be of solid metal. The size of the fire pit has to be large. Then you need to install small metal plates at the end of the legs. Then you need to drill it for nuts, and after that, you can put casters on a fire pit. If you don’t want to go through such a complicated process, purchase a readymade fire pit from the market with caster wheels.

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To Conclude…

Having the ability to move your fire is a luxury that is definitely worth enjoying. We hope that this article has helped you find the best portable fire pit with wheels. If it hasn’t, don’t be shy and leave a comment with questions or ideas that you may have and we will try to delve a little deeper into the topic to help other readers in their quest for knowledge on all things survival!

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