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Most people go camping because they want to experience living close to nature. Unfortunately, nature can be a harsh host. You won’t be able to enjoy your hot cocoa or roast marshmallows if you can’t start a fire. You might even freeze in the night if you don’t have a good campfire going. What purpose would an Estwing Campers Axe Review serve then you ask?

Hmm, well…

Starting a fire shouldn’t be an issue as long as you have a reliable lighter. What can be challenging is keeping the fire going. You would need to cut wood for that. What you need for this situation is a good axe. A camper’s axe is a must-have when you are going hiking or camping. It is also a valuable tool to include in your survival kit. Let’s look at the features of one of the best camper’s axe brands available on Amazon: the Estwing Camper’s Axe.

History of Estwing

Founded in 1923, the Estwing Mfg. has long prided itself for designing and crafting the sturdiest, most comfortable, and immensely beautiful striking tools. Ernest Estwing and his family began making hammers with iconic grips made from leather. After two decades, they introduced the more comfortable nylon vinyl grip that was directly molded into the hammer’s shank. This completely changed how workers gripped this tool. Today, the family-owned business doesn’t just make hammers; it has branched out into making the world’s best pry bars, axes, hatchets, and even geological tools.

Estwing Camper’s Series Axes

Estwing specifically manufactured the axes for this series with the highest quality steel. This material gives the tools commendable strength to make it tough enough for camping, hunting, or farm-related use. The axes feature comfortable handles equipped with Estwing’s patented grip design. This Shock Reduction technology makes it easier for users to use the axe without hurting their hands. The edges are extra sharp to make cutting and chopping a breeze. The axes also come with heavy-duty sheaths, and the nylon prevents the axes from causing any accidental injuries.

1. Estwing 14” Camper’s Axe

This 14-inch camper’s axe is an excellent choice for campers and hunters. It is a great tool for chopping firewood and clearing an area of small trees.

Single-Piece Forging

Estwing drop forged and tempered this axe to craft the most durable outdoor tool you can order online. Since it comes in one piece, there are no seams to make this tool vulnerable to breaking apart.

Made From American Steel

The manufacturer used the highest quality American steel to make this tool. This will not easily warp or bend.

Estwing 14” Camper’s Axe

Superior Grip Design

The grip is often an axe’s downfall. If the camper finds the tool too hard to grip, they will not be able to wield it properly. The Estwing 14” Camper’s Axe features the company’s patented shock-reduction grip design. The grip is bonded to the axe’s handle, so it will never slip. The ax handle’s depressions allow you to better hold on to the axe, even if your hands are wet.

The design also reduces the impact vibration by as much as 70%. If you’ve ever chopped a log, you’ll know that the pain of using an axe typically comes from the impact of the blade onto the wood. The handle effectively disperses that impact so your hand and arm won’t have to.

Handsome Craftsmanship

The axe looks impressive, with its hand-polished neck and head. While the axe’s edge is quite sharp, some users claim that it needs to be sharpened from time to time. It is best to do this after heavy use.

Free Sheath

The axe also comes with a sheath. The manufacturer used ballistic nylon to protect the cutting edge of the tool. It is also there to protect you from cutting yourself on the axe so that you can hang it on your belt loop or backpack for easier access.


The axe head has a unique design. You can use the blunt side of the axe to hammer in tent stakes. It even has a triangular divot that is perfect for pulling out those tent stakes from the ground. It really is a great camping companion.


  • Made from high-quality material
  • Single-piece forging ensures that the head stays on
  • Sheath included


  • It doesn’t hold an edge very well
  • It is quite heavy

2. Estwing 16” Camper’s Axe

This is another excellent chopping or cutting tool from Estwing. This one has a longer handle but is crafted using the same single-piece forging technique as the 14”.

Forged and Tempered for Durability

With an axe, especially in the types that come in two pieces, the most common complaint is that the head eventually comes off after much use. This is not going to be a problem for the Estwing 16″ camper’s axe.

The drop forging and tempering process provides additional strength to the metal. This axe will last a lifetime, even with regular use. The high-quality steel contributes to this durability.

Estwing 16” Camper’s Axe

Shock-Reduction Grip Features and More

Similar to its shorter counterpart, the 16” axe’s handle has a shock-reduction grip design. The impact of the metal-on-wood action is reduced by 70%. You will not feel the pain too much even if you have to do a lot of cutting.

The ergonomically shaped handle fits the hand perfectly so that you can do heavy-duty chopping tasks. The longer handle also allows for a bigger swing, so you can use the full force of your arm in cutting down objects. You don’t have to worry about the axe flying out of your hand because of the grip’s design and material. You can chop as much wood as you want to keep your wood-burning stove well stocked. The handle’s material doesn’t require as much maintenance as other axes with leather or wood grips.

Good Looking Axe

The hand and neck of the Estwing 16” are hand-polished to a nice shine, turning the axe into a handsome-looking tool. However, you can also buy this in its special edition black variant. The edge is also hand sharpened. You can use the flat side of the axe as a make-shift hammer. It is strong enough to be hit by a sledgehammer to make splitting firewood easier.

Hefty Tool

Since it is meant for heavy-duty work, the Estwing 16” is slightly heavier than most axes. It might be too heavy to be hung from your belt, even though it comes with a belt loop. However, it will surely fit in your pack. It comes with a sheath to protect the sharp edge.


  • Made from premium American steel
  • Single-piece forging ensures durability
  • The head is wide enough to do heavy-duty chopping
  • Sheath included with the axe


  • Too heavy for long hikes

Benefits of a Camper’s Axe

Before you decide on buying the Estwing 14” or 16’, take a look at why buying a camper’s axe is a good decision, especially if you plan on cutting a lot of small trees, shrubs, or splitting logs for firewood.

It Is Versatile

A camper’s axe has several uses. You can use the butt of the axe as a hammer to drive tent stakes into the hard ground. You can also use it for splitting a rope or cutting vines.

 It Is Portable

A regular axe is usually bulkier and heavier. It is not a convenient tool to carry, especially if you plan on hiking a long way to reach your campsite. The blade of the camper’s axe is usually smaller, and the handle is much shorter. The size makes it lighter than other axes so that you can hang it from your belt or your backpack. It will not take up as much space as a regular axe.

● It Is Light

Because of its size, a camper’s axe is lighter. This feature makes it easier to swing. You don’t have to be super strong to use a camper’s axe. However, even if it is lighter, it can still do the job of a regular axe.

● It Is More Affordable

Not everyone goes on camping trips every day. Therefore, it is impractical to buy an expensive tool that you will only use occasionally. That is why it is practical to buy a camper’s axe, so you can still do all the cutting tasks required, but you don’t have to break the bank.


It is advisable to purchase the Estwing 14″ camper’s axe for lighter chopping jobs and other utility work. It does the job and is extra lightweight for portability. If you need an axe for heavier chopping jobs, you can choose the 16″ version. Whichever you choose, you can rest assured that you are getting a quality cutting tool.

These two axes from the Estwing camper’s series are durable with extra features to ensure comfortable handling. They will not break easily nor hurt your arm. These should last you a lifetime as long as you properly maintain the axe. With these as your equipment, you will never run out of firewood. You can stay warm and roast as many marshmallows as you want.

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