Best Survival Takedown Bow – Which Is The Best In 2023?

In uncertain times, it’s best to be prepared for the worst-case scenario. That is why you must arm yourself with survival equipment and skills to protect yourself and your family. A strong bow is one of the essential tools you need to have in your survival kit. Having the best survival takedown bow you can source could be your saving grace.

In this article, we’ll look at why you should invest in a decent bow and arrow kit and train to become proficient with it. We’ll also look at the best survival takedown bow models available for purchase online.


  1. Importance of Learning How to Use a Bow and Arrow
  2. Why Should You Choose a Survival Bow and Arrow?
  3. Best Survival Takedown Bow Sets You Can Order Online
  4. Conclusion

Importance of Learning How to Use a Bow and Arrow

When you are in a survival situation, there are two vital things you need to do: secure your area and find food. A bow and arrow can help you do both. Learning archery will enable you to hunt for food effectively. You can take down a deer, a bear, or even a fish with a good bow. As long as there are animals in the area, you will be able to get food.

You can also protect yourself against wild animals if you are skilled in survival archery. Numerous hunters are injured because of not being able to defend themselves against attacking wildlife. That is why you must have a weapon you can easily take out and use. This will increase your chances of surviving in the wilderness. All that’ll be left to do is make a decent fire and get your survival chefs hat on!

Why Should You Choose a Survival Bow and Arrow?

Many would argue that a gun would work just as well as a bow in challenging situations. Although that’s true, the bow and arrow beat guns in one category: stealth. Shooting your prey with a gun will immediately expose your presence. If you are trying to hunt more than one animal, you’d want them to be oblivious to your presence until the arrow pierces them. The same thing is true if you are trying to defend yourself against multiple attackers. You want a weapon that is not just deadly but can effectively kill without alerting anyone or anything nearby. Here are a few more reasons why you should consider buying a bow.

Laws Are Lax on the Use of Bows and Arrows

Procuring a bow is much easier and faster as compared to buying guns and bullets. Even if the weapon is equally deadly, you won’t have to deal with as much paperwork in buying a bow as the legal conditions you have to satisfy to get your hands on a gun.

It Has Takedown Features

When you use a hunting rifle, you need to carry it fully assembled. On the other hand, you can easily disassemble a good takedown bow. You can separate the bow into three pieces: the two limbs and the middle section. Most bows divide into their parts with a simple twist of a few securing lugs. This feature makes this weapon more portable than a rifle. You can even stash the pieces inside your bag to make it easier to carry.

It Weighs Less

When hiking for your survival, the last thing you want to be doing is carrying a heavy object around. This will tire you quickly and slow you down. The rifle weighs about nine pounds. That might not sound too heavy but, if you have to carry it for miles, you’d know the weight seems to increase the farther you go. A survival bow, on the other hand, weighs only about 2.5 pounds. Your arms and back will thank you for choosing this weapon.

It Is More Affordable

Good quality takedown bows cost about a few hundred dollars. This should easily last you your entire life, while a good rifle will set you back about $350 to $500.

Additionally, the ammunition for a takedown bow is more cost-effective than bullets. When you become proficient in using this weapon, you can retrieve the arrows you shoot. You can reuse them over and over until you either lose them or they eventually break.

Eventually, with training and practice, you will also be able to craft your arrows using natural wood and other plant shafts. This would mean you will never run out of ammunition as long as there are materials around.

You Can Use Bows and Arrows in Many Ways

With the development of new arrow designs, you can do several things with this weapon than just kill your prey. The new carbon fiber arrows you can find online accept a variety of screw-in tips. You can buy a tip for a stunning small game. If you prefer hunting big game, there is also a broadhead tip to choose from. If you like catching fish, there are hook tips you can use. You can purchase different tips and store them in your survival kit. This way, you can choose the one you need for a specific situation.

Best Survival Takedown Bow Sets You Can Order Online

If you’re new to survival archery, the best bow to start with is one that’s simple to use but has everything you’ll need. If you’ve used this sort of weapon before, you’ll want something a bit sturdier with a heavier weight. Whatever kind of archer you are, there’s a bow out there for you. The packages for these bows also include arrows and other parts, so you won’t have to purchase them individually.

1. PSE Pro Max Recurve Bow Set

PSE Pro Max Recurve Bow Set

PSE Archery is a well-known brand in the industry of archery. This manufacture has been designing and innovating archery technology for over 30 years. Experienced hunters and archers recognize PSE products for their exceptional quality.

The Pro Max Bow Set comes with everything you need to try out archery. It already has the recurve bow, as well as an arm-guard to protect your arm from the string.

The set also comes with the stick-on arrow rest. Most recurve bows do not come with an arrow rest, so this is already a bonus. The arrow rest, from the name, is where you place your bow as you draw the string, so it helps you aim.

The Pro Max also comes with three carbon arrows. This ammunition is fletched with three-inch turkey feathers, and you can easily spot it after shooting due to its red color.

Takedown arrows may be practical at this point, but they can be cumbersome to restring. It is excellent that the Pro Max comes with a recurve stringer. The grippers allow you to string the bow safely and conveniently.

As for the bow itself, the parts are easy to assemble and don’t require any tools. Its manufacturer crafted the rises using sturdy wood. The Pro Max’s limbs are maple core with a fiberglass surface.

The Pro Max has a reduced draw weight. This means you won’t need much arm strength to hold a full draw. This feature will enable you to shoot more accurately without getting tired.


  • Arm guard to keep your arm safe
  • Comes with a stick-on arrow nest
  • Equipped with three carbon arrows with red turkey feathers for easy visibility
  • Easy to assemble


  • The arrow rest has trouble staying on
  • The grip is not suitable for people with smaller hands

2. D&Q 60” Archery Recurve Takedown Bow Set

D&Q 60” Archery Recurve Takedown Bow Set

D&Q Archery is another company that has a lot of experience designing quality archery products. Their 60” Takedown Bow model is a beautifully crafted instrument that will take your archery skills to another level.

The recurve bow comes with 12 fiberglass arrows, a finger tab, an arm-guard, an arrow rest, and a quiver. The set has everything you will need to start training in survival archery.

The fiberglass arrows are 31 inches in length. The nock and broadheads add another inch to this. They are pretty durable, making them perfect for those who are just starting in archery. They can all fit in the quiver that is made of waterproof material and is black.

The bow itself is of high-elastic fiberglass. You can purchase it in different draw weights from 20 lbs. to 60 lbs., depending on your strength. Its speed is good and produces pretty accurate shots. The arrows can fly off the rest reasonably smoothly. This is why the bow is not just for beginners looking to train in archery but also for experienced hunters.

It is perfect for hunting trips because the bow can be quickly taken down and assembled without any tools. It is pretty small when disassembled so that it can fit in any pack. The string is also easy to put back because of the included stringer tool.


  • Comes with 12 fiberglass arrows
  • All accessories (finger tab, arm guard, arrow rest and quiver) are included
  • Durable fiberglass arrows are 31 inches long
  • Bow is made of strong high-elastic fiberglass
  • Different weight options available


  • The now is loud

3. D&Q Handmade Hunting Bow and Arrow

D&Q Handmade Hunting Bow and Arrow

This is another product from D&Q and is slightly smaller than the takedown bow above. The manufacturers designed this ergonomically with rounded edges. The lightweight grips are incredibly smooth and comfortable. The draw weight for this bow ranges between 30 to 50 lbs.

The laminate technology that D&Q used on this particular bow model makes it tough and powerful enough for seasoned hunters and archery competitors. The bow delivers speeds that are good enough to catch moving prey.

You can easily disassemble the parts for easy carrying. Like the previous model, this one comes with a stringer that allows you to string your bow without injuring yourself.

The set comes with 12 arrows. Six are fiberglass, while the other six are carbon. The former is for training, and the latter is for actual hunting.

The set also contains two string nocks, a string silencer, an arrow rest, an arm-guard, and a finger glove. The string silencer is an excellent addition to the set as it allows you to hunt your prey without alerting other animals nearby.

The one thing missing in this set is a quiver for the arrows, though you can always order that separately.


  • Different draw weight options
  • Speed is perfect for moving prey
  • Easy to disassemble
  • Comes with 12 arrows (fiberglass x6, carbon x6)


  • Doesn’t come with an instruction manual

4. SAS Sage Take Down Recurve Bow

SAS Sage Take Down Recurve Bow

The manufacturers constructed this recurve bow’s limbs with hard maple and wrapped it with black fiberglass. This makes the bow strong, durable, and stylish. It can also easily blend into the shadows. Hard maple and olive Dymond wood make up the riser. It looks luxurious, and the material makes it durable yet light.

There are pre-installed bushings for sight, stabilizer, and brass plunger. These are for future upgrades that you might add to your bow as your archery skills develop.

Besides the bow, the set also contains the bowstring, attachable arrow rest, suede arm guard, and a leather finger tab. This is everything you need to start training. The set even comes in a flight-approved carrying case with pre-cut foam inside. All you need to do is slot the components in their proper place, and you have a neatly packed set. The collection also contains a paper target you can use along with five carbon arrows if you want to practice.

One of the downsides of this set is that you will need to put together the arrows that go with it. You will have to buy the glue separately so you can attach the components.


  • Comes with a bowstring, arrow rest, arm guard and a finger tab
  • Packed neatly in a flight-approved carrying case
  • Easy to assemble


  • Also lacks a user manual
  • You’ll need to put together the arrow on your own


Owning a bow and arrow can be incredibly useful, especially during end-of-times situations where you’d need a weapon to survive. All the survival takedown bows mentioned above are good enough for beginners and experienced archers alike. They already come with everything you need to start training and hunting.

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