Best Fixed Blade Knives Under $50 of 2023: Reviews and Buying Guide

knife is an essential tool to have around the house, field, or camping ground. It is a must-have tool in any camping kit or survival gear.

You will need it for cutting ropes, preparing your food, and even splitting cloth for a splint. A knife can be helpful in most survival situations. If you’re on a budget, the best fixed blade knives under 50 bucks aren’t so tough to find!

Best Fixed Blade Knives Under $50
Best Fixed Blade Knives Under $50

Choosing a knife is relatively straightforward. All you need to do is go to a supermarket or a sporting goods store and pick out the one that looks nice enough to you. However, if you want a good knife, and you should, there are more things to consider besides how it looks.

There are durable knives that you can buy for under $50. As long as you know what to look for, you will be able to find one that should do the job effectively and not break easily. We’ve listed the top fixed blade knives you can purchase online that won’t hurt your wallet.

What are fixed blade knives good for?

A fixed blade is a must-have for anyone venturing into the wild or when the wild finds them. Fixed blades are frequently the choice of troops, outdoor enthusiasts, and survivalists.

They are more durable, robust, and frequently capable of abuse that a pocket knife would never be able to withstand. In an emergency, a fixed-blade knife can be used as a weapon. You need a fixed blade in your collection if you go camping, hunt, or abuse your blades. 

Are fixed blades better than folding?

Even though fixed-blade knives may be less common for everyday usage, they have advantages of their own. These knives are frequently created for particular jobs, but under the appropriate circumstances, they make excellent companions. Let’s analyze this.

  • Toughness: Fixed blade knives are famous for their power, besides the progress made by folding knives. A fixed blade knife has a very low chance of breaking or cracking.
  • Size: There are just a few available sizes when buying a folding knife.
  • Tactically: Fixed blade knives are typically straightforward to use. They are prepared at any time.
  • Large and powerful: From a little, convenient blade to a big, “Crocodile Dundee”-size monster, a fixed blade essentially comes in any shape you need. The durability of the blade is one aspect that applies to all sizes.
  • Require little maintenance. No need to be concerned about the hinge-like you would with a folding knife. Additionally, cleaning is easy and quick.
  • Size of the blade: Typically, the blade on a fixed blade knife is twice as long as that on a folding knife.

Folding knives are not as durable as fixed blade knives. There is no lock to fail. The worth of a best fixed blade knives cannot be replaced. An option with a fixed blade is frequently preferable to one with a folding blade when working outdoors. 

Advantages of Using Fixed Blade Knives

The first choice you’d have to make when choosing a knife is whether you want one equipped with a fixed blade or a folding one. There are pros and cons for both types.

Experts prefer using fixed blade knives for hard-use jobs because it is more convenient. These tasks include cutting branches, digging into the ground, splitting wood, prying off things, and more.

That’s mainly because fixed blade knives are generally more durable than folding knives. There are no moving parts, no weak joints, or seams to worry about.

Advantages of Using Fixed Blade Knives
Advantages of Using Fixed Blade Knives

The blade and the handle are bonded to each other securely. If the manufacturer constructed the knife well, it should last you a lifetime. Plus, maintenance is more straightforward for fixed blade knives.

Since you don’t have to take care of any hinges, you won’t have to oil them. Cleaning is also easier since you won’t have to pry out any stuck meat pieces or wood from the hinge part.

However, the most significant convenience of choosing a fixed blade survival knife is the ease and speed with which you can unsheathe a knife and use it. With a folding knife, you would have to unfold it to be able to use it. This can be an inconvenience if you’re only able to use one hand or if your hands are wet.

Best Fixed Blade Knives Under $50 That You Can Order Online

These are our top seven choices for fixed-blade camping knives. We chose these for their durability, well-crafted blades, anti-slip handle, and versatility. Of course, you can buy any of these for less than $50.

It wasn’t easy to pick these knives, as I had to test them manually for several months before coming up with this massive list. So you must have a detailed look, before making any purchase decision.

1. Gerber Ultimate Survival Knife

Highlighted Features

  • A comfortable grip makes handling easier.
  • The blade is made of durable steel and has a fully serrated edge.
  • A blade sheath made of military-grade nylon is protected.
  • Partially serrated 4.8” inch blade.
  • Economic rubber grip.
  • Fire striker & striking edge.
  • Emergency Whistle
  • Hammer pommel.

The Gerber Ultimate Survival Knife is packed with innovations, and the strong sheath features a sharpener and a firestarter. Working smarter, not harder, is the key when tackling the vast outdoors. Your attitude reflects your knowledge and the tools you decide to use. Utilize the Ultimate Fixed Blade, which is tailored to meet your outdoor needs to work like a pro.

This sturdy knife combines 3 additional tools into one practical design: a sharpener, a fire starter, and an emergency whistle. The simple blade is somewhat textured and has a practical drop point blade to handle various tasks.

With a ferrocerium rod housed in the sheath and a fire-striking edge along the spine, starting a fire is no trouble. With a tool designed for survival, take control of your reality when you’re outside.


✅ Comfort.
✅ Simple to sharpen.
✅ Included are a pocket handbook, a whistle, and a fire starter.
✅ Cheaper.


❌ Whistle disrupts the view.
❌ Feels less durable.

2. Cold Steel Recon Tanto Fixed Blade Knife

Highlighted Features

  • It is on the approach of replacing the fixed blade by SWAT teams and specialized military groups.
  • This blade design has unequivocally demonstrated the usefulness of the reinforced “American Tanto” type point.
  • The Recon Tanto keeps raising the bar for combat knives worldwide.
  • Strong grip.
  • Excellent for a multipurpose field or battle knife.

The Cold Steel Recon Tanto was made with modern fighters in mind. The Military and Law Enforcement Special Units love and appreciate this knife, which was made to survive the worst treatment and adverse circumstances.

The iconic Cold Steel Tanto point is specifically strengthened to maintain sharpness even when coming into contact with contemporary body armor; this was proven in-house by striking through 55-gallon steel drums!

The taco (fold-over) construction used by RK sheaths provides outstanding retention, strength, and durability. Since each sheath is manufactured by hand, the retention is adjusted to hold your knife firmly in place until you need it. A lower built-in thumb ramp makes it easier to grip the handle when drawing the knife.

High carbon steel SK-5 is now a material option for this vintage design. It is high carbon steel with a carbon content ranging from 0.75 percent to 0.85 percent and manganese content of 0.60 percent to 0.90 percent. It is the Japanese equivalent of American 1080. When quenched, it creates a mixture of tiny, undissolved carbides and martensite with a hardness close to Rc 65. The extra carbide exacerbates abrasion. This is by far one of the best fixed blade knives I have ever used.


  • Superior quality.
  • Great value for the money.
  • Developed for extreme military, combat, or survival circumstances.
  • Revolutionary Tri-Ad locking system.
  • Tip disc for simple opening.
  • Additional strong pocket clip.


  • The sheath is not very durable.
  • Heavy.
  • The blade is too thin to cut with much force.

3. Morakniv Companion Heavy Duty Knife

Morakniv is a well-known Swedish knife-manufacturing brand. It has been crafting high-quality blades since 1891. It is not surprising that professionals worldwide trust only the superb craftsmanship and quality materials of Morakniv.

The blade of the Morakniv Companion Heavy-Duty Knife is high carbon steel. The material is exceptionally durable, which is why its blade won’t chip or warp easily.

The knife’s blade is 3.2 mm thick. It should be strong enough to effortlessly slice through flesh, thick vines, and nylon rope. The width is strong enough to tackle any batoning task. The manufacturer’s use of the classic Scandi grind also enables you to sharpen this knife easily.

Morakniv Companion Heavy Duty Knife - The Skilled Survivor

The Morakniv Companion knife features an extra-large and ergonomically designed rubberized handle that fits your hand perfectly. The grip has a high-friction design, enabling you to effectively and safely use the knife even in cold or wet conditions. Your hand won’t slip easily because of the pattern on the handle. This is important because you don’t want to end up trapped in the wilderness with a massive cut on your hand simply because the knife slipped from your hand.

The fixed blade knife is compact and light. It is only 8.8 inches long in total and weighs around 4.8 ounces. It comes with its own plastic sheath and belt clip, so you can comfortably hang it from your belt loop or backpack.


✅ Premium carbon steel build.
✅ Thick 3.2mm durable blade.
✅ Large ergonomic handle for better grip.
✅ Lightweight.
✅ Comes with a sheath and belt clip in the box.


❌ Blade will come dull sooner than expected, if you use it heavily.

4. CRKT Minimalist Bowie Neck Knife

The CRKT Bowie Knife is part of a minimalist set that Alan Folts designed. He is a custom knife designer and instructor with more than 20 years of experience in this industry. You can use this compact fixed blade knife for various purposes around the house and in the woods. You can even use this for dressing and skinning your catch if needed.

The handle has a polished resin-infused fiberglass grip. Its 3-finger choil design and friction grooves for your thumb make the knife easy to grip. The knife also comes with a braided cord fob so you can wrap it around your fingers. This feature will give you extra grip for more demanding slicing tasks. Some customers complain that the choils are too big for small hands.  However, this shortcoming can be alleviated by the presence braided cord.

CRKT Minimalist Bowie Neck Knife - The Skilled Survivor

The thermoplastic, custom-fitted Zytel sheath has a paracord attached so you can hang the knife around your neck, belt, or bag. The knife is extremely lightweight, coming in at 45.36 grams, so you’ll hardly feel the weight of it on your neck. But don’t let the weight fool you; this knife is built for serious cutting tasks.

The 2.1-inch blade is crafted out of high carbon stainless steel. You can use it in wet conditions with no fear since the material ensures that the blade keeps its edge well. Plus, it has a bead blast finish, which dulls the metal to reduce reflection. This is helpful when you use the knife out in the field, and you don’t want to alert other animals to your presence accidentally. This is by far the best fixed blade knives for jungle camping.


✅ Custom designed by Alan Folts.
✅ 3-finger choil design for a flawless grip.
✅ Lightweight knife sitting at just 45 grams.
✅ Reduced reflection to help catch prey in the wild.


❌ The grip is not comfortable for folks with smaller hands.

5. Smith & Wesson High Carbon Fixed Blade Knife

Smith & Wesson is a manufacturer of knives that focuses on making multi-use tools. Their collection is preferred by many first responders, survivalists, and knife collectors because of the tools’ quality and appearance.

The Smith & Wesson Fixed Blade Knife has a sleek look that seems to announce it’s there for some serious cutting tasks. It is the top choice on Amazon when it comes to fixed blade cutting tools. The high carbon stainless steel cutting blade has a sturdy rubberized handle. The blade is long, measuring 4.7 inches, which makes the knife more versatile.

The handle itself is pretty standard. It is rubberized to make the grip more comfortable. It also has a double guard to keep your hand safe if it slips as you wield the knife. There are grooves on the handle to divert your sweat and allow you to work safely even in wet conditions.

The knife is pretty long since it measures a total of 9 inches. You can bore down on this tool for heavy-duty cutting jobs. Despite its length, the Smith & Wesson Fixed Blade Knife is still pretty light. It only weighs 7.7 ounces, making it a great tool to carry during long treks.

Smith & Wesson High Carbon Fixed Blade Knife - The Skilled Survivor

What the buyers love most about this knife is its price. It’s pretty affordable for the quality and features it offers. Plus, it even has a carrying sheath that will allow you to safely attach the knife to your belt or boot.

Smith and Wessons cover this product with a limited lifetime warranty. If you don’t abuse it, the tool should last a lifetime. If it breaks, you can call the company’s hotline to get it replaced.


✅ Comfortable rubberized handle grip.
✅ 4.7-inch blade which is longer than most blades on this list.
✅ Lightweight design.
✅ Affordable price tag.
✅ Comes with a limited lifetime warranty.


❌ Handle is narrow and might not suit everyone.

6. Ontario Knife Company 8680 Sp-2

This knife and tool manufacturer has been in operation since 1889. It has over 125 years of experience producing top-quality tools, different kinds of knives, machetes, and other survival equipment. They have provided the U.S. Armed Forces with military personnel tools used even during World War 2. If there is any company that knows how to make good knives, it is Ontario Knife company.

The 8680 Sp-2 is part of the RAT series. This is a set of knives that are highly versatile and exceptionally durable. The large Bowie blade features a tactical design to enable you to effectively cut, stab, shave, or pry anything you need to. It also has a durable epoxy powder finish to keep it from rust and to avoid glare.

The knife has a Kraton handle, and its ergonomic shape and rubberized round grip make the knife easy to hold. It should fit perfectly in the palm of your hands. There is also a full guard to keep your fingers from sliding over the blade.

Ontario Knife Company 8680 Sp-2 - The Skilled Survivor

The manufacturer used 1095 carbon steel for this blade. That is why it is exceptionally tough and can stay extra sharp. You can push down with all your strength to cut through any material and not worry about the blade bending or snapping. The total length is 10.5 inches, making the 8680 Sp-2 one of the longest knives on this list.

Customers comment that you can sharpen the durable blade very quickly, and it takes a sharp edge reasonably well. The blade also has a blood groove making it one of the best fixed blade knives under $50, if you plan on skinning or dressing your catch in the field.


✅ Epoxy powder finish to reduce reflection.
✅ Durable 1095 carbon steel build.
✅ Longer blade.
✅ Easy to sharpen.


❌ Poor quality sheat.
❌ Knife will be dull on arrival.

7. Schrade SCHF57 Fixed Blade Knife

Schrade is an iconic brand for knives. It has been in operation since 1892, when its founder, George Schrade, received a patent for his press button design for the switchblade. The company aims to create the most formidable knife in the market, which they got with the Schrade SCHF57.

This particular knife measures only a total of 6.3 inches. Its blade is 2.6 inches long with a drop point shape. The sharp point of the blade is relatively easy to control. This is why many hunters prefer this fixed blade option. It allows the user to perform any precision work, enabling them to process the meat on the field without accidentally cutting into its internal organs. The large belly of the blade is excellent for slicing. The back of the knife is relatively straight, making it suitable for batoning.

The knife weighs about 4 ounces, so you’ll hardly notice that weight even on a long track. Despite this, the full tang design and the manufacturer’s use of the reliable high carbon stainless steel, 65Mn, makes it a top choice for heavy-duty cutting tasks.

Schrade SCHF57 Fixed Blade Knife - The Skilled Survivor

The handle is a black G-10 slab with anti-slip patterns on the surface. G-10 is a composite material consisting of epoxy resin and glass fabric. This material is quite stiff and durable. Plus, it is resistant to thermal expansion. The handle also features a thumb rest jimping. With this type of handle, you can safely wield the knife without the fear of your hand slipping.

For quick access, Schrade equipped this knife with a convenient belt sheath. You can attach the thermoplastic sheath anywhere you find suitable. If you want to hand the knife using a lanyard or a paracord, you can use its lanyard hole.


✅ Shorter blade for easy draws.
✅ Extremely lightweight.
✅ Quality carbon stainless steel.
✅ Anti-slip grip.
✅ Comes with a belt sheath.


❌ Similar to a lot of the other products on this list, the sheath isn’t of good quality.

 Frequently Asked Questions (fAQs)

1. Are fixed blades better for self-defense?

No, Fixed blades are not suitable for self-defense as Fixed blades do not fold in comparison to foldable blades. This 2.indicates that they are carried in a sheath and do not have any moving parts.

2. What knife does the army use?

The fixed blade knives provided to the military service a crucial function. The most well-known knife in the US military is the KA-BAR, which is still in use by the Army, Navy, and Marine Corps.

3. Should I carry a fixed blade or a folding knife?

Individuals who are experienced outdoorsmen, hunters, or have a specific task should choose fixed blade knives.


With hundreds of choices for fixed blade knives online, it can be challenging to pick one that fits your needs without breaking the bank. That is why we’ve narrowed the field down for you. These 7 best fixed blade knives $50 are good for various needs and also durable, with blades that can take a sharp edge pretty well.

Their handles are all designed to help you keep your grip on the tool even during heavy-duty cutting, slicing, or stabbing tasks. You’ll just need to decide how long of a knife you want and what shape would fit based on your cutting needs.

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