Best Kukri Knife: Review of 7 Kukri Knives You Can Buy Online

When going camping, it can be quite challenging to decide between a machete, a hatchet, or a knife. That’s because each of these has its own set of advantages. For example, you can quickly clear the area where you’ll build your campsite using a machete. In addition, you can defend yourself with your machete if a wild animal attacks you. However, that is not the case for more delicate tasks like stripping wires or cutting cords. A hatchet, on the other hand, is ideal for tasks that require bashing and hammering. Although you can use a utility knife to cut a log into smaller pieces of firewood, a good hatchet can get the job done much faster. Having the best kukri for the money spent is well worth it.

Fortunately, you no longer have to pick between the three options. The Kukri blade gives you all the benefits of a large knife so you can control it for high-precision tasks. With only a few slashes, you can clear vast swaths of vegetation. The Kukri is indeed a versatile tool that would be a great addition to your survival kit. Let’s look at what distinguishes a Kukri knife from other weapons, as well as the best Kukri Knives available to buy online.

What Is a Kukri Knife?

The Kukri knife is an iconic tool, thanks to its distinctive shape. It originated from the Indian subcontinent and has long been associated with the Gurkhas. These Nepalese soldiers are friendly in person but fearless in combat. They come into battle armed with a weirdly-shaped bladed weapon. The Gurkha knife, or Kukri knife, features a distinct recurve in the blade.

Although the Kukri knife has a reputation for being a war weapon, it is also an excellent choice as a survival tool. However, it can take some time for the user to master the blade due to its unique shape. Once you’ve learned to use the Kukri knife, though, it can be highly versatile and flexible.

Various Uses of the Kukri Knife

According to academic research, the Kukri blade was first used as a domestic bagging hook. Prehistoric hunters also utilized this knife as a bent rod to wound wild game. It was later modified and became renowned as a hand-to-hand combat weapon.

When you slide the knife’s edge across the target you intend to cut, the Kukri knife maintains its momentum. This helps you use the blade’s length to apply a piercing force. As a result, you will be able to cause deeper wounds. Soldiers who know the correct use of Kukri can inflict a bone-deep injury with just one cut. This is what makes the weapon so lethal.

A Kukri knife is, in fact, a handy cooking tool. Because of its shape and weight, it’s ideal for slashing and making deep cuts. Moreover, since the blade is angled in the direction of the object you have to cut, you can force it in further without having to bend your wrist awkwardly. In this regard, a Kukri outperforms a straight-edged knife. It can also be an excellent choice for cutting meat and hard vegetables. In addition, the narrow portion of the blade close to the handle can be used as a small knife.

You can also use the Kukri knife for construction purposes since the larger part of the blade acts as a small shovel or an ax. For example, you can cut down a small tree and make it into firewood with a Kukri knife. You can also clear a large area without spending time sawing through vines and other thick branches.

Can You Replace a Survival Knife With a Kukri Blade?

Several people believe that the Kukri knife can substitute for a survival knife because of its versatility. The truth is that although it is possible, it can be pretty challenging. The blade’s shape makes it ideal for cutting or chopping tasks that require the sweat of one’s brow. Its size can also assist you in completing tasks more efficiently.

This brilliant shape makes it challenging to master the use of this blade. Carrying and swinging the knife can be awkward at first. However, once you get through the initial challenge, you’ll find that the features of a Kukri knife make it a viable substitute for the standard survival knife.

The first feature is its strength. The Kukri blade is known for its toughness and durability, which means it won’t buckle or break easily.

The knife is also quite adaptable. You can use it to chop vegetables such as potatoes and squash. With a single gash, you can avoid the attack of a wild animal. If you’re setting up a camping site, you can clear an area of small shrubs and dig out dried roots. Are you on a boat? Don’t worry; with the Kukri knife, you’re in safe hands. The Kukri blade can cut through tough nylon ropes with ease. It’s also the blade you need for stripping wires if you’re trying to make a DIY radio or hot-wire a vehicle.

Best Kukri Knives to Buy Online

Now that you’re aware of the versatility and strength of the Kukri let’s check out a round-up of the seven best Kukri knives you can get online.


EGKH-Genuine Gurkha Kukri Knife

EGKH-Genuine Gurkha Kukri Knife

The EGKH Kukri knife has an 11-inch blade made of high-grade carbon steel. This knife is crafted by certified Bishwakarmas, who’re known as the “Born Khukuri Makers.”

This Gurkha Kukri knife has a full tang design that adds to its durability. You can rest assured that the blade won’t detach from the handle even if you use it to chop the toughest wood.

The blade is quite thick, with a diameter of 10 mm around the spine. You can use a wooden block or sledgehammer to drive the edge firmly. This will help you chop wood relatively faster, and you can even use this technique to cut through the bone.

This Kukri blade can keep a sharp edge for a long time, which means slicing through wood or wild game is second nature to it.

It has a 5-inch-long handle made of white Sadan wood, along with a natural leather sheath and a firm finger grip.

The EGKH Kukri Knife is sold as part of a kit. You’ll also get two smaller knives dubbed Chakmak and Karda by the manufacturer. The first is a small blunt blade used to sharpen the bigger knife. The latter, on the other hand, is for precision tasks such as skinning wild game.

It even includes a protective sheath to keep the blade secure from harmful components. In addition, it repels water, so you won’t have to worry about your knife rusting due to moisture.


  • Premium carbon steel blade
  • Made by the Bishwakarmas that are world famous for their knives
  • Thick 10mm blade
  • Comes with another blade to sharpen the kukri knife


  • Needs to be sharpened before first use
  • The sheath does not fit the knife properly

KA-BAR 2-31249-9 Kukri Knife

KA-BAR 2-1249-9 Kukri Knife

The KA-BAR Kukri is a rugged and dependable knife with a wide range of functions. It can handle a variety of tasks, including skinning animals and splitting wood into kindling. It’s also a formidable weapon for self-defense. This knife, unlike the EGKH Gurkha knife, combines modern and traditional Kukri characteristics.

The KA-BAR Kukri knife features a 12-inch long, razor-sharp blade. It can easily lash, slice, and chop anything that gets in its way. Although the blade isn’t as curved as traditional Kukri knives, it still has the power and balance that the Kukri is known for.

The blade is made of 1085 carbon and is black due to its rust-resistant coating. According to some users, the layer is prone to chipping, particularly near the blade’s edge. However, this doesn’t affect the knife’s performance in any way.

The Kraton handle offers a comfortable, yet firm grip, and its shape is ideal for cradling the fingers. Some ridges allow sweat and water to drip away from the surface. This feature gives you a stronger grip, so the knife doesn’t slip out of your hand while you’re hacking at tough weeds and the likes.

The snap-sheath is made of Cordura fabric, which is a lightweight and breathable material. It allows any moisture to evaporate quickly, preventing the blade from rusting. A D-ring is located on one end of the sheath, allowing you to attach the knife to any surface you want.


  • 12-inches long blade
  • Made from quality 1085 carbon, rust-resistant material
  • Amazing handle grip
  • Cordura-fabric sheath


  • Some customers have reported that their knives were rusted below the rust-resistant coating

GK&CO. Kukri House Genuine Gurkha Knife

GK&CO. Kukri House Genuine Gurkha Knife

If you’re looking for a traditional and authentic Kukri, the GK&CO. Kukri House Gurkha Knife is the ideal choice. Like the first one on the list, this model is manufactured by the same people who supply knives to Nepalese soldiers.

This Gurkha knife has a unique full tang design. The blade passes through the knife’s handle to boost its balance and durability since it is designed for heavy-duty tasks. Its 10-inch blade can handle any task you can imagine, whether at home, on a boat, or at your campsite.

Since this is a genuine Kukri Knife, you can use it as a self-defense weapon. With its powerful slashes and chops, the knife can inflict serious injury, which is why you must know how to handle it carefully.

The blade of this Gurkha knife is made of high-carbon steel. The material holds a razor-sharp edge and lasts a long time. However, since carbon is not rust-proof, the blade would need to be oiled regularly to keep it in good condition. Therefore, it is recommended that you apply oil to the metal after every use to keep it sharp and rust-free.

The GK&CO. Kukri House Gurkha Knife has a handle made of rosewood. The material is sealed and polished to achieve a smooth, leather-like finish. Its handle also has finger grooves to help the user maintain a stronger grip. In addition, the Kukri knife offers anti-slip properties that are effective even when you have to hack or chop in the rain.

The knife comes with a traditional sheath made of cotton and water buffalo hide. This sheath has two loops that allow you to secure the Kukri Knife on your belt for quick access. In addition, since the sheath doesn’t snap onto the knife, you can easily remove it when needed


  • Blade runs through the handle for better weight distribution
  • Durable carbon steel blade
  • Polished rosewood handle with anti-slip properties


  • The carbon steel isn’t coated with rust-resistant material

CRKT KUK Fixed Blade Kukri Knife

CRKT KUK Fixed Blade Kukri Knife

If you need a tougher-than-average knife to help you with all of your household chores, the CRKT KUK is an excellent option. This knife, unlike the traditional Kukri design, has an extended drop point blade. This feature allows you to perform some of the more precise tasks that a typical Kukri cannot.

Designed by Ryan Johnson from RMJ Tactical, this product is the result of years of experimentation and hard work. The black powder coating on the recurved carbon steel blade gives it a somber appearance. Additionally, this material is non-reflective so that it doesn’t scare off your prey.

The CRKT Kukri knife is 15.8 inches long with a 10.5-inch blade. The length and full tang design of the knife allows you to swing it with force and hack through anything in your way.

The knife comes with a glass-reinforced nylon handle, which gives it a strong sense of balance. Moreover, the rough texture of the grip adds to its anti-slip properties. The bottom of the handle also has a finger guard to protect your hand.

The handle has several hole rivets so that you can lash it onto your waist with a rope or cord. The woven polyester sheath is a durable cover that allows you to carry the knife in various ways. For example, you can attach its paracord and wear it around your waist or on your pack for easy access.

To back up the quality of its knives, CRKT provides a limited warranty to its buyers. This warranty covers any problems with the material or craftsmanship.


  • 65mm carbon steel blade with a length of 15.8 inches
  • Glass-reinforced nylon handle for better grip and balance
  • Polyester sheath that can be attached with a paracord
  • Covered by CRKT’s warranty


  • The thickness is not suited for everyone

Stratuskrafts Handmade Gurkha Kukri Knife

Stratuskrafts Handmade Gurkha Kukri Knife

The Stratuskrafts Kukri knife is an excellent tool for bushcraft, camping, backpacking, hiking, and self-defense. It can cut through thick bushes and vines, split kindling, and skin animals.

This knife is made by the same artisans who supply the Gurkha soldiers with weapons. As a result, the quality of their work is exceptional. This Kukri Knife also comes with two smaller blades and a sheath.

The main Kukri Knife is 17 inches long, with a blade that is around 12 inches. Including the leather frog, this Kukri Knife weighs close to 1.6 pounds. The product comes with a semi-sharp or blunt edge, depending on the manufacturer. This is done to protect the handler, although you can easily sharpen the blade using smaller knives.

The blade of this weapon is made of 8Cr13MoV stainless steel. Additionally, this blade has a semi-polished edge and is coated with titanium to make it stronger and resistant to corrosion.

The hardwood handle wraps around the blade, giving it a full tang design. This is ideal for outdoor work that requires a lot of effort.

Finally, there is a durable black leather cover that protects you and the blade. The sheath enables you to hang the knife from your belt so you can have quick access to the weapon.


  • Made by the same manufacturers that supply weapons to Gurkha soldiers
  • 12-inch lightweight blade
  • Stainless-steel material with titanium coating


  • The knife will need to be sharpened before use


Schrade SCHKM1 Kukri Knife/Machete

Schrade SCHKM1 Kukri Knife/Machete

If you want the strength of a Kukri blade with the familiarity of a machete, the Schrade Knife is an excellent option. It has a 13.3-inch blade, which some might describe as “beefy.” The blade has a black powder coating and is quite heavy.

The Schrade Kukri Knife is around 1 pound in weight. Because of its shape and color, the knife has quite an impressive look. The coating not only improves the blade’s appearance but works as an anti-rust component as well.

The material Schrade uses for this knife is 3Cr13 stainless steel, which can keep a razor-sharp edge. In addition, there are seven elliptical holes in the center of the blade. These holes keep the liquid from sucking onto the blade while you’re cutting up meat.

The handle is molded directly onto the knife’s blade, and it feels solid when you hold it in your hands. The airtight rubber seal around the metal is well bonded to the material, giving the surface a rough texture. The shape isn’t perfect since the narrow part of the handle is difficult to grip. However, the material’s anti-slip properties make up for it.

Finally, the Schrade Kukri Knife comes with numerous straps and clips that allow you to carry it in various ways. For example, you can wrap the strap around your thigh, leg, or chest. The Schrade knife also comes with a pouch to hold the Firestarter and sharpening stone.


  • Visually aesthetic
  • Stainless Steel material with ‘speed holes’ to prevent rust
  • Handle molded onto the blade for flawless bonding
  • Ferro rod and striker plate included


  • The grip on the handle isn’t comfortable
  • The blade is fragile below the thinner part of the mid-section. Some users have reported it breaking in half

EGKH 13-inch Modern Hunting Kukri Knife

EGKH 13-inch Modern Hunting Kukri Knife

The Modern Hunting Kukri knife is yet another one of EGKH’s top-quality products. It follows a traditional design with some contemporary twists.

The handmade knife has a 13-inch blade and is 18 inches long. The blade is made from the ever-reliable 5160 carbon steel and has a razor-sharp edge that can handle heavy-duty tasks.

Its full tang rosewood handle has a carved grid design to enhance the material’s anti-slip property. It also has finger guards to provide additional protection for your hand. The handle’s shape makes it easy to grip the knife, allowing you to work for an extended period. With this Kukri Knife, you can hack and slice all day without getting tired.

The handle has a lanyard hole so that you can carry the knife in a variety of ways. You can also secure the blade to your belt using the leather sheath. In addition, it has a metal tip that ensures the knife doesn’t poke out from the end, preventing accidental stabbing while you walk.

Cutting vegetables and meat is a breeze with this modern hunting knife. It’s also helpful in skinning animals and opening containers. In addition, the blade is immensely powerful, so you can dig into the ground without fear. This makes the EGKH Kukri knife an excellent tool to take with you on a camping trip.


  • 18-inch-long blade
  • Sharp and durable carbon steel material
  • Finger guards for safety
  • Lanyard holes to carry the knife


  • The knife is thinner than what most people would like

How to Choose a Kukri Knife

Kukri knives come in a variety of designs, even though their general form is the same. Therefore, it would be helpful to keep a few guidelines in mind when looking for the right knife.

● Find a Blade That Works for You

The first step is to find a design that meets your requirements. It can take some time to become accustomed to using a knife in its traditional form. However, the Kukri’s modern designs resemble a small machete. If you’re used to wielding this tool, you might want to invest in a Kukri with a similar shape. This way, you can use the blade without going through the learning process of a conventional knife.

Look for a Kukri knife that is well-balanced. For example, the handle or blade of the knife shouldn’t feel too heavy in your palm.

Many Kukri blades look spectacular. Some of them have intricate etchings on the metal, while others have an anti-rust powder coating. However, if you want a reliable knife, you must prioritize utility over beauty and style. Choose a blade that is made of durable material and can keep a sharp edge. If you don’t have the time to maintain the knife, look for one that stays sharp longer. Nevertheless, sharpening the knife regularly will help it last longer, regardless of the metal used for the blade.

● Choose a Synthetic Handle

When it comes to the handle, you should look for one that is wide enough. If the handle is too small, you’ll have to hold the knife extra tight to keep it from falling out of your hand. If you do that and use the knife a lot, you’ll end up with blisters on your palm no matter the handle’s material.

Speaking of material, the rubber and glass fiber combination appears to be the most efficient. The ones made of wood may seem more attractive, but the synthetic rubber or plastic hybrids allow for a better grip. Furthermore, wood and leather are more prone to wear and corrosion, making them less sturdy.


The Gurkha soldiers used their Kukri knives as combat weapons to cause fatal damage. However, it’s a great tool to have around the house or on the field as well. The Kukri knife is durable and powerful enough to handle heavy-duty slashing and cutting tasks while still having features that allow for delicate knife work.

If you follow our guide and check out the top 7 options available, you’ll be able to find a Kukri blade that meets your needs.

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