Survival Footwear

Having a decent pair of survival footwear can literally save your life. As the old survival saying goes ‘look after your feet and they’ll look after you’. This rings true and you should definitely take extra special care in making sure that your feet are well preserved so that you can always move around unrestricted. Whether you’re looking for a pair of bushcraft boots, best survival boots brands or even basic survival shoes, make sure that you do thorough research on their use and what they are made from. Having the best survival shoes that your money can buy will remove any unforeseen headaches!

Check out our in depth reviews and guides as we cover everything we possibly can to help you decide which Survival Footwear is right for you.

Hiking Boots Under $50 - Survival Footwear - The Skilled Survivor

Best Hiking Boots Under $50

A true camper must carry the right equipment to get the best experience from the wild outdoors. Hiking boots are pretty critical when venturing off …

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Hiking Boots For Flat Feet - Survival Footwear - The Skilled Survivor

Top 8 Best Hiking Boots for Flat Feet

Hiking is probably the easiest way to keep your feet busy. All you need is a map, the wild outdoors, and an adventurous spirit to …

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Timberland Boots - The Skilled Survivor

Are Timberlands Good for Hiking? Here Are Three Boots to Prove It

Timberlands are perhaps one of the most iconic boots of all time. The most notable classic “yellow” boot was first introduced in 1973 and still …

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Rocky Broadhead Boots - The Skilled Survivor

Rocky Broadhead Boots Review

Hunting is hard on the feet. To go after your prey, you need to walk long distances in uneven terrain. You might have to be …

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