Top 5 Best Hammock Straps

When venturing out for an adventure in the forest, it’s probably a good idea to make a list of all the necessities you require beforehand. You don’t want to find yourself ill-equipped when faced with a dilemma. However, no outdoor adventure list would be complete without a hammock or sleeping bag. In fact, a hammock is probably the first thing you want to set up once you reach the campsite. (and just quietly, having the best hammock straps will save you a few headaches)

With that said, the setup process can be complicated if you don’t have the correct type of straps for your hammock. Fortunately, we have assembled a list of the top 5 best hammock straps available on the market today. We’ll also review these straps to help you choose what works best for you.

But before we review these products, we will first provide you with a buying guide, so you know what to look for in this product.

Top 5 Best Hammock Straps – Quick Snapshot!

  1. Eagles Nest Atlas Hammock Straps
  2. Rallt Hammock Tree Straps
  3. Grand Trunk Tree Straps
  4. Nature’s Hangout XL Hammock Straps
  5. Wise Owl Suspension Straps

Hammock Straps Buying Guide


Durability is of utmost importance when it comes to anything that suspends weight. But for hammock straps, it’s crucial since it involves your safety. So, in addition to the load that the straps have to endure, they also need to be durable enough to bear abrasions from tree bark and anchor points.

Durable hammock straps are usually made out of high-tenacity and high-strength nylon or polyester that features reinforced stitching and doesn’t stretch easily. Needless to say, the straps need to be strong enough to hold an individual’s weight throughout the night or day. In addition, durable hammock straps can also increase the lifespan of your hammock if appropriately used.


The weight of the straps is another crucial factor when choosing the best hammock straps. If you are going out for activities such as snowshoeing, backpacking, skiing, and hiking, you will need straps that are light in weight. This will allow you to travel light but still have your necessities. Lightweight straps are also known as the ultimate tree straps.

However, with all that being said, you will still need to consider the strength of the hammock straps. Therefore, you must choose something that is lightweight but does not sacrifice strength.


We recommend choosing a strap that is at least 10 feet long. This is to ensure that you can tie your hammock between trees that are far apart from each other. That is why size is an important deciding factor when choosing the best hammock straps. 

However, if you plan to set up your hammock in areas where trees are few and far between, you will need long straps that extend to at least 16 feet on each side. This is to make sure you don’t need to look for other areas to set up your hammock.


The thickness of the straps is also an essential factor when it comes to environmental well-being. Moreover, it dictates the durability of the straps. As responsible campers and backpackers, it should be our duty to not leave a trace behind when we leave the campsite. 

In addition, parks and forests have a minimum width requirement when it comes to hammock straps. It is recommended that your straps should be at least one inch wide, so you don’t dig too deep into the tree trunks. By doing so, you may end up damaging the bark of the trees.


Most commonly, hammock straps are made of heavy-duty polyester and nylon webbing. These materials should have the ability to withstand a significant amount of weight and abrasion. Despite this, they should not fry or stretch throughout use.

On top of that, carabiners included should be constructed from high-density strong metal to endure the individual’s weight. They should also provide suspension that is safe and secure.

Easy Setup

One of the defining features of good hammock straps is their ease of setup. You can have your hammock ready within a few seconds of starting the process. This is mainly because you won’t have to be frustrated by tying complicated knots. Instead, setting up only involves wrapping the straps around a tree or anchor point and clipping the carabiners onto the loops.


When it comes to something like hammock straps, versatility is a crucial factor. A hammock can have many purposes other than being used as a bed at your campsite. To get a versatile hammock strap, you will need something that caters to all your needs indoors and outdoors.

Besides being long enough for a wide range of anchor points, you will also need something that offers excellent adjustability. So, you can achieve the desired tautness, angle, and height for the optimal experience.

Moreover, these suspension straps should have multiple connection points for the best camping experience.

Supported Weight

When purchasing hammock suspension straps, one of the most important concerns should be whether they can withstand your weight without snapping or squeaking. The best feature of high-end hammock straps is that they can support a large volume of weight with ease. In addition, some tree straps can even support the weight of three fully grown adults at once.


If you go on multiple camping trips throughout the year, you’re bound to encounter cases where even the longest straps come up a few inches short. For that reason, having a set of hammock extension straps can be a lifesaver.

When buying a set of hammock straps that you fancy, you should see if the package includes any extensions – especially if you fear that the straps themselves might be too short. By doing so, you’ll know for sure that even if the straps alone don’t stretch as far as you want them, the extensions surely will.


Some hammock straps also feature accessories. These may come in the form of extensions or even a carry case to make your travel more comfortable. When choosing between a hammock strap set with or without accessories, it is obvious which one’s the better choice. Assuming the price is right, of course.


When choosing a color, it is usually a personal preference. However, we suggest getting something that is easily visible during the night. This is so that you can avoid any mishaps and find your way to the hammock, even in low light. 

It is also suggested that you get straps that match the color of your hammock or the surrounding areas of the hammock.

Adjustment and Tandem

When choosing a hammock strap, one thing to keep an eye out for is the adjustment points and tandem capabilities. Adjustment points are little hoops through which you’ll attach the hammock. The more adjustment points, the more flexibility you can get in your setup.

For example, if you get something with lots of adjustment points, you can easily set up a rain fly cover over your hammock during bad weather. Similarly, if bugs and mosquitos are pestering you during the night, you can simply set up a mosquito net and get a good night’s sleep.

Furthermore, if you’re planning on going hammock camping with friends or family, then you should look for tandem capabilities when purchasing hammock straps. This allows you to set up more than one hammock in tandem.


The top-rated hammock straps on the market differ in price depending on several factors, such as durability, length, and versatility, to name a few. Therefore, you need to choose what works best for you. Not only should you know your requirements, but you must also decide what’s best according to your budget. In this way, not only will you be making a wise purchase, but you will also be getting your money’s worth.

Top 5 Best Hammock Straps

1. Eagles Nest Atlas Hammock Straps

Eagles Nest Atlas Hammock Straps

You can have a whole new level of fun while camping out in the wild with these new innovative straps from Eagles Nest.

This model of strap offers a tapered construction which provides a user-friendly experience. While maintaining the same characteristic of strength that the Eagles Nest brand is known for, these straps weigh less than previous renditions. In addition, the tapered construction of this model even protects the well-being of the tree.

Therefore, you won’t have to worry about disrupting the environment when using this product. However, the benefit to the environment doesn’t stop there. Eagles nest also promises to plant two new saplings with each hammock that is sold.

On top of that, these straps also provide reflective stitching, which means they can be visible in low light. This also offers assistance in locating the adjustment points in low light when setting them up.

The setup process for these straps is incredibly easy. Anyone, anywhere, can set them up! You don’t have to have prior knowledge about complicated knots and suspension systems. Instead, you can simply wrap them around a tree at any height, put one end through the loop or notch on the other end, and that’s it!

They measure 9ft long and can be strapped around trees that are 10ft or 14ft apart. Furthermore, they offer 15 attachment points each. You can use the extra attachment points to hang a mosquito net or even a rain fly cover. Needless to say, the extra attachment points offer a lot of control.

Made of 1000D poly filament webbing, these hammocks may be lightweight, but they are also durable and can support up to 400 lbs. In other words, these straps can be suitable for people of all sizes.


  • Reflective stitching for low light visibility
  • Lightweight, durable, and long-lasting
  • Includes a storage sack and can be packed up small
  • It can be used with any hammock regardless of the brand


  • A little shorter than other available options

2. Rallt Hammock Tree Straps

Rallt Hammock Tree Straps

The Rallt Hammock tree straps are another set of hugely popular straps due to their supreme quality.

They are both measured at 10ft long, which gives them a usable length of over 20 ft. These work well in camping areas where vegetation is sparse, and you have anchor points far apart. Furthermore, the Rallt Hammock tree straps come in handy where others fall short. These straps offer a daisy chain loop system, which only requires a few minutes to set up securely.

These tree straps also feature a knot-free design that is easy to set up and more comfortable than other straps on the market. In addition, with 18 attachment points, you can be sure to get the perfect hammock position regardless of the distance between the anchor points.

Besides all of the above, Rallt also offers reflective stitching, making it easier to set up in low light. In addition, this makes it easy to find your way back to the hammock at night.

And if all that wasn’t enough, Rallt has also tested these straps and has found that they can withstand over 2000 lbs without stretching or snapping. This incredible feat is accomplished thanks to its 0.75-inch-wide non-stretch polyester tubular webbing. Regardless, the recommended weight for these straps is 400 lbs.


  • It can be anchored to a variety of objects
  • Reasonable price in terms of quality
  • Carry bag and carabiners are included
  • Reflective stitching for low light visibility
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Compatible with most brands


  • You can only hang one hammock with it

3. Grand Trunk Tree Straps

Grand Trunk Tree Straps

These straps are known for their adjustability. As a result, you can use them anywhere, anytime. They feature an incredible 36 attachment points 18 on each strap) in a daisy chain suspension design, which is a lot more than competing brands offer.

Because of this, you can hang up your hammock from virtually any anchor point. Be it in sparse woodland, on porch posts, from a vehicle roof rack, or somewhere else. Therefore, you can say that these straps offer a lot of versatility in a variety of situations.

In addition, these straps are available in a multitude of bright colors, which will certainly aid in low light conditions. Measuring at 10ft long, the Grand Trunk Tree Straps are developed by a US-based organization, and they guarantee superior quality compared to some overseas options.

With 70 Nylon triple stitching, these straps can support up to 400 lbs of weight – almost guaranteeing no snapping or squeaking. Moreover, the company also offers a lifetime warranty on their poly webbing, providing further evidence of their durability.


  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Supreme quality at a reasonable price


  • Carabiners are not included

4. Nature’s Hangout XL Hammock Straps

Nature’s Hangout XL Hammock Straps

If you’re in the market for extended length, then Nature’s Hangout XL Hammock Straps are made for you. Boasting a length of over 14ft each, these straps are believed to be the longest hammock straps available on the market today.

After connecting them to a hammock, the straps span a distance of 28 feet. This is useful for camping in areas where the trees or anchor points are far apart. In addition, nature’s Hangout Straps feature a non-stretch reinforced double-stitching polyester webbing which will make sure your hammock doesn’t stretch when you lay in it. In other words, these straps will never let you down!

Providing a total of 48 loops and support of up to 700 lbs, you can set up your hammock however you like without worrying about it snapping on you. Additionally, Nature’s hangout hammock straps also offer additional accessories with the package. A set of 2 premium carabiners and a carry case also make this product a great contender.


  • Easy knot-free system
  • Tested at 2,200 lbs of weight
  • Additional accessories
  • Excellent quality
  • Versatile, strong, and super long


  • Heavier than most straps available in the market

5. Wise Owl Suspension Straps

.Wise Owl Suspension Straps

One of the selling points of hammock straps is that they do not damage the tree. Unlike regular rope that cuts into the tree bark, leaving marks and damaging the tree, a hammock distributes the weight and sits flat on the tree. Therefore, it prevents any damage that is caused by regular rope.

The Wise Owl Suspension Straps are used precisely for this purpose. They are constructed to be environmentally friendly and feature wide straps that perfectly sit against the tree trunk without cutting into the bark. Other straps available on the market are not as wide, which means they are less likely to succeed in this regard.

In addition, the Wise Owl Straps can work with any brand, so you don’t have to worry about the fit! These straps also feature a reinforced stitching design which is implemented to prevent stretching or tearing under pressure.

The Wise Owl straps also offer 38 adjustment points which means 19 loops on each side and include carabiners. Having more adjustment points means you can adjust the angle of the hammock to your liking.Besides all that, they also offer a carry bag and 2 D-Shaped carabiners with hammock straps. As a result, everything can be packed up small, and you can carry it around easily. You can also set it up wherever you want in a matter of minutes. With a weight limit of 500lbs and a 100% satisfaction guarantee, as well as a discount on other Owl products, you have hit the jackpot.


  • Carry case and two D-shaped carabiners included with purchase
  • 100% customer satisfaction guarantee
  • Great reviews online
  • Great discounts on bundle purchases
  • Can hold a large volume of weight


  • Reflective Stitching is not available


The five products listed above are a few of the best on the market today, so you will surely find something that will work for you. Moreover, our in-depth buying guide will provide you with the appropriate knowledge to choose the right product according to your budget, as well as your needs.

Regardless of which product you decide to go with, in our opinion, all of the products listed above are great contenders for the best hammock straps available on the market today.

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