Shelter Accessories

When coming face to face with a survival type situation, making sure you have some sort of shelter is essential. Not only for keeping warm and safe but also to keep that much needed moral at a high level.

There are a range of different ‘must have’ shelter accessories that can compliment any shelter no matter how primal or extravagant.Of course they aren’t necessities but they can damn well make any old survival shelter super comfy. Unless you enjoy sleeping on sticks, rocks or mud? From hammocks to sleeping bags to all a number of other bedding options, the choices are a-plenty and the price tags don’t necessarily need to be bank breaking!

Look no further at our guides and in depth reviews to help you make informed decisions when the comes to deck out your sweet hideaway away from home.


Hammocks & Hammock Accessories

Best -40 Degree Sleeping Bag for Winter Camping - The Skilled Survivor

Sleeping Bags

Cots vs Air Mattresses


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