Protection & Support

It’s all well and good to have the best tools and equipment when out in the wilderness but what good is it all if your body is at possible risk of danger or in need of support? It most likely amounts to nothing!

Thankfully, there are some really good quality items on the market that enable much peace of mind when needed the most. If you’re going down the protection line and you need some kind of chest plate or vest, modern technology has advanced so much in a way that you can almost bet your life on some of the goodies up for sale. If you are looking for more of a supportive role then you will be happy to know that most forms of braces these days are of top quality and very reliable.

In saying that, we have done the hard yards and removed the guesswork for you so you can save yourself a headache or two when deciding which one is right for you. Read on to find out more.

Interceptor Body Armor vs Dragon Skin Body Armor - The Skilled Survivor


Depending on your survival state, vests are a very handy item to have in your tactical bug out bag and can almost be ranked as ‘foolproof’.


Supporting Aids

Having some decent support for any ailing body part is something worth considering. Especially if you are uncertain of the next time you’ll be able to rest again.

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