Pocket Knives

Choosing the right pocket knives can save you a ton of time and effort when it comes time to using it. From the trusty folding knives, to switch blade to peasant pocket knives, all the way up to fixed blade and kukri knives, each one serves a specific purpose. Whether you’re carving out a feather fire stick, using one as a weapon or adding the finishing touches to your survival shelter, you definitely want to have a decent knife in your survival kit knives. Check out our in depth reviews and guides as we cover everything we possibly can to help you decide which pocket knife is right for you!

Best Pocket Knife for Kids of 2021 - The Skilled Survivor

Best Pocket Knife for Kids of 2021

Giving your child his or her first pocket knife is like a rite of passage. It welcomes them into a whole new world of possibilities …

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A man uses a knife to whittle a stick out hiking - The Skilled Survivor

Best Pocket Knife Under $50 – Affordable EDC Survival Knives In 2021

Whether you are a knife collector or a beginner, finding a reliable yet affordable pocket knife is undoubtedly a daunting task. If it is the …

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Leatherman K-series pocket knife k4 k4x outside - The Skilled Survivor

Best Pocket Knife Under $100 – Top 5 Affordable EDC Folding Knives

A pocket knife offers utility while you carry your daily tasks, a must-have when you are trekking, camping, or in outdoor activities away from home. …

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Many different knives on a wooden surface - The Skilled Survivor

Pocket Knife Blade Types & Uses: Top 10 Most Common Survival Blades

Knives come in different shapes and sizes, and features vary not only on the handle shape and the locking mechanism. They can also vary in …

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Folding knife on a wooden background - The Skilled Survivor

How to Close a Pocket Knife Five Ways

A pocket knife is a versatile tool with a blade that folds into its handle. You can use it to slice or peel a fruit, …

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