Kukri Knives

Having a decent kukri knife in your survival supplies is one of the best survival kit knives you could own. The multi use camping knife is definitely for the avid prepping enthusiast. From food prep, to shelter prep to hunting, each one serves a specific purpose.

Check out our in depth reviews and guides as we cover everything we possibly can to help you decide which kukri knife is the right one for you.

7 Best Kukri Knives - The Skilled Survivor

Best Kukri Knife: Review of 7 Kukri Knives You Can Buy Online

When going camping, it can be quite challenging to decide between a machete, a hatchet, or a knife. That’s because each of these has its …

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Condor Heavy Duty Kukri Knife - The Skilled Survivor

Who Makes The Best Kukri Knife? – Top 5 Tried & Tested Kukri Blades

The Kukri Knife is typically thought of as a weapon of choice for the Gurkhas of Nepal and India. It’s also well-renowned for being the …

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