Heating, Cooling & Power

Heating, Cooling & Power are the last things on your mind when putting a shelter together but the thought of these comforts can help make your survival situation all the more bearable. On one hand, you can have these extreme heats that have the capability of sucking the life right out of you. On the flipside, you can be hit really hard with extremely tough and often unrelenting sub-zero temperatures. These items need power also! Having the right gear can sometimes be seen as a luxury but never the less, creature comforts can ease the stress of any survival efforts. 

No matter what the situation you find yourself facing, there’s really only 2 ways that you can go, including power. A decent system for heating (unless a fire of sorts isn’t possible) or a system that can help with cooling. It’s as simple as that.

So make sure you have a really good look through these reviews and guides to help you decide on which way you think you need to go to get some comfort into whatever situation you may be confronted with.

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