Top 9 Best Hiking Flashlight Models

Flashlights are one of the essential pieces of equipment for hiking trips. How else could you manage yourself on the zigzag treks at midnight? You will surely need a flashlight to guide you through the darkness. Why not get yourself one of the best hiking flashlight models your money can buy.

However, for this purpose, it is essential to choose a suitable flashlight. You can’t rely on your mobile phone’s flashlight, nor can you use the standard household flashlight. First of all, if your mobile battery dies, you’ll be left alone in the black night. Other than that, typical flashlights do not provide enough light for you to navigate your way through the wilderness.

Hence, the solution is to get a professional hiking flashlight. You can easily find one on Amazon or any other store selling camping equipment.

But the problem doesn’t end here. In fact, there is a whole lot of detail when looking for hiking flashlights. You can find tons of companies selling thousands of different models, each one with various specifications. So when buying your hiking flashlight, look for the one that suits your needs the best.

Top 9 Best Hiking Flashlights – Quick Snapshot!

  1. Anker Rechargeable Tactical Flashlight
  2. OLIGHT S1 Baton LED Flashlight
  3. OxyLed Tactical Flashlight
  4. Wowtac Water Resistant Super Bright LED Flashlight
  5. Nitecore USB-C Rechargeable EDC Flashlight
  6. WISSBLUE H1 Rechargeable Tactical LED Flashlight 
  7. Olight S2R USB Rechargeable CREE LED Flashlight
  8. Cree XP-L LED Rechargeable Waterproof Flashlight
  9. Foxhawk USB Rechargeable Tactical LED Flashlight

Buyers’ Guide – How to Find the Best Hiking Flashlight

There are specific criteria for buying hiking flashlights. You need to focus on the specifications and choose one that ticks the most boxes. Here is a detailed explanation to lead you through the buying process. Read this buying guide carefully to select the best hiking flashlight.

Light output

The first thing to look for in your new hiking flashlight is good light output. A flashlight with a dim light is of no use, especially on a hiking trip. There are a few factors that determine the good light output of a new flashlight. Some of these include:


The flashlight should have high-quality LEDs to produce a bright light. For example, rechargeable Lithium batteries allow for the brightest light. Some other ones, e.g., Alkaline batteries, also provide enough light for a hiking trip.

Beam Throw

The distance covered by the light beam stands is known as the bean throw. Your flashlight should have a long beam throw so that you can see obstacles from a considerable distance. 

Bulb Type

LEDs are preferable to incandescent bulbs. This is because not only do they provide better light output, but they are also more durable and do not break easily.

Battery Life

Hiking trips often go on longer than expected. These long journeys require adequate arrangements. Therefore, you need a flashlight with a long-running battery. For this purpose, you must choose a flashlight that has larger batteries. If you are going for rechargeable ones, check their capacity. This is because many rechargeable batteries look larger but have a low capacity.


The duration for which the flashlight runs at its maximum brightness is called the runtime for that flashlight. Before buying a flashlight, make sure to check the reviews instead of the manufacturer’s claimed duration. A long runtime will prove highly beneficial during your trek, so do not neglect this point.


Besides everything else, if your flashlight isn’t durable, it isn’t worth buying. You must look for flashlights made of durable materials with LED lights that won’t break easily since your flashlight is expected to face at least a few falls during the trip.

Beam Type

Flashlights generally come with two beam types; spot and flood. Both types have their significance. A Spot beam throws a concentrated beam of light to a specific point. On the other hand, the Flood is the one with more spread and fanned-out beams.

Size and Weight

An ideal flashlight for hiking trips should be small in size and light in weight. When buying a hiking flashlight, try to find a balance between the two. Neither should it be too small nor too large. Furthermore, it should not be too heavy to carry along on the trek nor too light to contain non-reliable material.

Modes and Controls

There are several flashlights available on the market with a variety of modes and controls. The one you choose should have at least a few of them. Some important ones are:

  • Brightness adjustment option
  • SOS mode
  • Nightlight option
  • Power buttons
  • Memory function

9 Best Hiking Flashlights Available in the Market

The guidelines mentioned above will help you to find the best flashlight. The following are some of the best flashlights available on the market. Have a look at their cons and pros and decide on one that fulfills your requirements. Consider the options carefully and select the one whose cons are manageable for you.

1. Anker Rechargeable Tactical Flashlight

Anker Rechargeable Tactical Flashlight

Anker flashlights are one of the most reputed flashlights on the market. Their products provide almost all of the advanced functions and the latest technology. The CREE LED is made for a beam throw of up to 1000 feet. The flashlight not only provides a long beam throw but intense brightness too. Both these features make this flashlight the best option for hiking and camping trips.

Furthermore, the company has produced a flashlight with many useful options and modes. Some of the rarest ones include Zoom and Wide to Narrow beams, Strobe Mode, and a ‘Save Our Ship’ mode. Another highly appreciated factor is its long-running battery life. For example, you can use the flashlight for up to six hours in medium beam mode.

However, its battery takes a while to get fully charged. In most cases, you need six hours to charge your flashlight’s battery. Although this won’t be a problem for pre-planned trips, you will be in trouble in case of emergency plans.

The tough and reliable material used to manufacture the flashlight allows it to be waterproof and highly durable. You can even use the flashlight in heavy rain and storms without an issue. Apart from that, the flashlight is built to resist impact-related damages. The aluminum body provides a tough exterior against damage.

Anker provides a USB cable along with the flashlight for charging. However, you will need to get a 1A adapter on your own.


  • Long beam throw
  • Intense brightness
  • Zoomable and Wide to Narrow beam
  • Strobe and SOS mode
  • Long battery life


  • Long charging time
  • You won’t get an adaptor with the box

2. OLIGHT S1 Baton LED Flashlight

OLIGHT S1 Baton LED Flashlight

Olight is a well-known brand in the flashlight industry. The S1 Baton LED flashlight is one of their best models. This flashlight has everything you need for a hurdle-free hiking experience. Furthermore, the S1 Baton is by far the smallest side-switch flashlight. The small size and lightweight make it an excellent option for a portable flashlight. As a result, you can easily carry it in your pocket or hang it on your belt.

The intense brightness of the flashlight is entirely compatible with hiking on dark treks. Apart from the brightness, it also has a long beam throw. Both these features are crucial for a professional hiking flashlight.

On top of that, the flashlight comes with several modes for your unique needs and requirements. In fact, you can use the flashlight for both indoor and outdoor purposes. In addition, the light has a long-running battery that allows you to enjoy a period of six hours at low brightness and almost two hours at the highest brightness level.

In addition, all these fantastic features are accompanied by a 5-year warranty. Therefore, you can get your flashlight repaired in case of any mishap within five years of purchase.


  • Intense brightness
  • It has a moonlight mode
  • Features a magnetic tail cap for hands-free usage
  • It is portable and lightweight


  • Has no beam focus option
  • There is no SOS mode

3. OxyLed Tactical Flashlight

OxyLed Tactical Flashlight

The 900-lumen flashlight with CREE LEDs is another amazing flashlight available on the market. This high brightness is ideal for camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities. 

Moreover, the flashlight has a total of 5 built-in modes, including the SOS and Strobe mode. You can select from any of them as per your requirements for a safer and more convenient experience. You can also zoom in or zoom out to get different panoramic views.

Despite the great technology hidden inside the flashlight, its size is small, making it highly convenient to carry along on your trips. You can keep this lightweight flashlight either in your backpack or in your pocket.

Apart from the convenient size and weight, the aircraft-grade alloy, premium type 3 hard-anodized, and anti-abrasive coating make it durable and robust. As a result, it can bear an impact of up to a few meters. Moreover, since it is waterproof, you can also use it in heavy rain and storms, as well as to get some level of illumination underwater.

On top of that, the battery of the flashlight charges relatively quickly within four hours. Therefore, you can use this battery for six hours in the brightest mode, nine hours in medium, and even more in the low brightness mode. The best part is that you will get all the above features at an affordable price compared to other flashlights available on the market.


  • Intense levels of brightness
  • Allows you to zoom in or out
  • SOS and Strobe modes are available
  • It has a short charging time
  • It comes with an extended battery life
  • Highly affordable compared to other models


  • It does not have a memory, moonlight, or night mode

4. Wowtac Water Resistant Super Bright LED Flashlight

Wowtac Water Resistant Super Bright LED Flashlight

Wowtac is another highly reputed flashlight brand. In fact, their flashlights are considered to be high quality and a customer favorite in the market. The flashlight under discussion is one of the best models launched by the company.

This flashlight provides a highly intense light. The 1150 ANSI lumen flashlight CREE LED produces a bright light. This beam fully illuminates an area even at a distance of 909 feet. Furthermore, the flashlight is made from highly reliable materials. As a result, it will last for a much longer time as compared to other flashlights. Apart from being water-resistant, it is tested to be 1.5 meters impact resistant.

This flashlight won’t only be your life saver for hiking but also help you out during fishing, camping, hunting, and other outdoor as well as indoor activities. In addition, the different modes provide the perfect use for a variety of tasks. In short, this product will work as your go-to flashlight for most activities and tasks.

Aside from that, this pocket-sized flashlight is portable and highly convenient to handle, no matter what the use. Moreover, the anti-slip knurling grip on the body of the flashlight also adds to the convenience factor.

On top of all the above features, the flashlight features a variety of modes. Each one provides specific functions, so you will only need to choose the one you prefer, and then the Memory Mode will remember your choice for the next use.


  • Long beam throw
  • Tested for 1.5-meter impact-resistance
  • Pocket size and portable
  • It features several different modes


  • The battery life is not satisfactory
  • The battery gets heated up quickly

5. Nitecore USB-C Rechargeable EDC Flashlight

Nitecore USB-C Rechargeable EDC Flashlight

The Nitecore rechargeable EDC flashlight is undoubtedly a customer favorite. The primary reason is none other than its high brightness and long beam throw. The 1200 lumens provide the brightest light possible with a beam throw of 660 feet, which is surely a technological marvel. Furthermore, the flashlight features both SOS and strobe modes.

Functions such as the controls for turning the light on and off, switching between different modes, and various other options are convenient to use. Another attractive feature is its long battery life. As a result, you can easily use the flashlight for up to eight hours. The USB-C cable that comes with the flashlight charges it relatively quickly. Also, the LED indicator provides you with an indication of when the battery is fully charged.

All these features make the flashlight ideal for a hiking trip. However, there are a few missing options that could be a problem. For example, there is no zoom option on the flashlight. Regardless, you do get the batteries and charging cable in the package, which allows for great convenience.

Plus, the price seems to be super affordable for this number of accessories and functions. As a result, Nitecore deserves to be one of your top picks if you are looking for a professional hiking flashlight.


  • High brightness
  • Long beam throw
  • Provides SOS mode
  • Provides strobe mode
  • Short charging time
  • Long battery life


  • There is no zoom option

6.  WISSBLUE H1 Rechargeable Tactical LED Flashlight  

WISSBLUE H1 Rechargeable Tactical LED Flashlight  

This rechargeable LED flashlight is manufactured for better hiking, camping, and hunting experiences. It comes with all the important features required for hiking across zigzag treks and complex journeys.

The most prominent feature of this amazing flashlight is its beam throw, which makes things visible up to a distance of 3200 feet. Furthermore, there is a wide variety of modes available. As a result, you can use this flashlight for several different purposes. From day-to-day usage to hiking journeys, this flashlight could be your ultimate partner.

Aside from the strobe mode, it also has a blinking mode and a memory function, which are some of the rarest features to be in a flashlight. The blinking mode is actually the SOS function which can prove to be life-saving.

Talking about durability, the aerospace-grade aluminum alloy and the Kevlar hardening make the flashlight waterproof and highly durable. Therefore, you can use it underwater to illuminate an area as far as 2 meters.

Moreover, a thermal silicone battery makes the flashlight long-running, even at the lowest temperatures. This rechargeable flashlight also comes with a leather holster. With all that said, the battery isn’t quite as durable and may wear down within a year.


  • Several modes and functions, including SOS, light saving, and memory features
  • It is waterproof and can also illuminate underwater
  • It has a beam throw of about 3200 feet


  • May lose its brightness within a year
  • The rechargeable battery wears down quickly

7. Olight S2R USB Rechargeable CREE LED Flashlight

Olight S2R USB Rechargeable CREE LED Flashlight

Olight manufactures some of the best hiking flashlights on the market. The one under discussion is also quite famous for its fabulous features. The Olight S2R CREE LED flashlight comes with a 3200mAh 18650 rechargeable lithium battery. There is also a magnetic USB port for charging. Furthermore, a 750 mA portable charging cable comes with this flashlight.

A rare modification, which is not found in almost any other flashlight, is the presence of a magnetic tail cap. As a result, you can put your flashlight in place by adhering it to any metallic surface. This provides more accessible working opportunities. Furthermore, the standby current is maintained below 10 uA. This, along with the reverse polarity circuits, allows for improved protection during usage.

The modes and controls of this flashlight are some of the most smoothly controlled ones. Some of the best features of this flashlight include the lockout and quick access to turbo mode, as well as the timer settings. Apart from all these amazing features, the flashlight comes with a portable pouch. The pouch provides space for both the flashlight and the cables.

However, the beam throw of this flashlight isn’t as good compared to other products in the same price range.


  • Magnetic tail cap for hands-free working
  • Low standby current
  • Reverse polarity circuits
  • Lockout and turbo mode
  • Timer settings


  • The intensity of light is relatively low, even at the brightest mode
  • There is no memory mode

8. Cree XP-L LED Rechargeable Waterproof Flashlight 

Cree XP-L LED Rechargeable Waterproof Flashlight 

This Cree XP-L LED Rechargeable Waterproof Flashlight is envied by many campers, as everyone wants to get their hands on this fantastic model. However, here are a few reasons why you would prefer it over others. 

The 1000 lumens provide super bright and intense light. The beam throw is also relatively long so that you can illuminate an area as far as 255 meters. Furthermore, the flashlight has a maximum runtime of 500 hours.

On top of that, the aero-grade aluminum-alloy material and HAIII military-grade hard-anodized technology make the flashlight reliable and waterproof. As a result, you can use it in storms and heavy rain, as well as underwater up to a distance of 2 meters. This durability also comes with 1.5 meters of impact resistance. 

The flashlight has memory, SOS, and strobe modes for various tasks. All of this comes with a warranty of 18 months.


  • It has an SOS, memory, and strobe mode
  • It has a 1.5-meter impact resistance
  • The beam throw is 255 meters
  • The brightness is perfect for hiking and camping trips
  • It is waterproof and rechargeable


  • The power button needs to be pressed for a long time to turn the flashlight on or off
  • The warranty is shorter as compared to other flashlights

9. Foxhawk USB Rechargeable Tactical LED Flashlight 

Foxhawk USB Rechargeable Tactical LED Flashlight 

Foxhawk provides some of the brightest flashlights on the market for hiking. The CREE LEDs produce a beam throw of about 1010 feet with great intensity. As a result of the various modes, you can use this flashlight for numerous activities. You can get low, medium, high, SOS, and strobe modes with this product.

Furthermore, the flashlight is manufactured from a highly durable material. The battery is also quite reliable and long-lasting, so only a few hours of charging allows it to run longer than expected. In fact, you can use the flashlight for over 24 hours in low mode. However, the benefits do not end here. You also get a battery power bank in the package, which provides an additional battery for a few hours.


  • Long beam throw
  • High brightness
  • SOS mode
  • Strobe mode
  • Long-running battery
  • Short charging time
  • Zoom option


  • You can only use the company’s original cable with the flashlight

Best Hiking Flashlights – FAQ

1. How many lumens do I need for hiking?

You can find different flashlights with lumens from 50 to over 200. However, if you are looking for a hiking flashlight, 70-80 lumens would be more than enough.

2. What is the purpose of flashlights when hiking?

Though the primary purpose of a flashlight during hiking is to illuminate dark places, a specialized hiking flashlight can also provide you with various other benefits. For example, you can turn on the SOS mode to call for help during an emergency.


Hiking can be a fun and memorable experience. However, it can become disturbing if you do not have the proper equipment. Aside from other essential hiking gear such as bedrolls and sleeping bags, flashlights should be at the top of your priority list. Several hurdles, animals, and other potential dangers are often hidden in the dark. So without a professional hiking flashlight, you will be left alone to fend for yourself in such situations.

But with so much variety, finding the best flashlight for hiking isn’t easy. Fortunately, you do not need to waste your time going through a hundred options. In the sections above, we have presented the top-rated hiking flashlights on the market. Furthermore, our buying guide includes most of the factors worth consideration. 

This is why we hope that after going through our list, you can find a flashlight that offers the best bang for your buck.

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