Top 8 Best Survival Whistles

For many people, whistles are only good in sports activities. Coaches and referees use them extensively to signal players and pass messages. However, the best survival whistle does a lot more than tell people what to do.

A whistle is loud. Some produce high-pitched sounds, as others will burst your eardrums. However, there is an upside to this because the noise attracts attention. So if you happen to get lost or encounter danger, blowing your whistle will send a distress call to anyone within earshot. Whistles are also handy defense tools. The noise released when you blow through it will surprise anyone who wasn’t expecting it. So before you venture into the wild, make sure you’ve got one strapped on your gear.

Top 8 Best Survival Whistles in 2021 – Quick Snapshot!

  1. TI-EDC Titanium Emergency Whistle High Quality
  2. Fox 40 Sonik Blast CMG – Loudest
  3. ZUZU Babe 7 in 1 Emergency Whistle
  4. Storm Alert Whistle
  5. LuxoGear Emergency Whistle
  6. Noopel Emergency Whistle
  7. Michael Josh Emergency Survival Whistles
  8. Atomic Bear Survival Bracelet With Whistle

Whistles are affordable little gadgets. You can get one at the Dollar Store. However, these don’t last long and often get jammed by water or dust.

The best survival whistles attract a higher price. We reviewed eight of the best and shortlisted three clear winners for each category that we tested. Check this article first before you go whistle shopping.

  • Fox 40 Sonik Blast CMG – The loudest whistle
  • TI-EDC Titanium Emergency Whistle – best durable whistle

ZUZU Babe 7 in 1 Emergency Whistle – best multifunctional whistle

1. TI-EDC Titanium Emergency Whistle High Quality

Among the metal whistles we have tested, TI-EDC’s Titanium Emergency Whistle is by far the most premium one of the bunch. However, besides its aesthetics, it is adequately adapted to a life outdoors, pumping an ear-splitting noise for all to hear.

Product Overview

This is a versatile whistle that serves different purposes. First, you can use it as an emergency precaution. If you lose your way while out in the woods, give the gadget a good blow and release the high-pitched and loud noise. The sound travels quite a distance, and nearby campers should quickly come to your aid.

The titanium whistle produces a high-pitched sound that allows its use in training your pets. For example, if you have an uncooperative puppy, lightly blow the whistle and watch them instantly behave themselves.

Unique Features

Titanium is the only material used to construct this whistle. It is downright striking and still functional.

Titanium is often used to build airplanes because the metal is resistant to a host of corrosive situations.

Similarly, this whistle will resist the elements. It won’t rust even when exposed to seawater.

Also, it doesn’t contain allergens, and you’ll be perfectly safe using it.

The whistle is incredibly light. It is also strong and will last you several years.

Unfortunately, the titanium build still raises the sticker price making it one of the most expensive gadgets.

However, you still get a lifetime warranty in case anything goes wrong.


  • Guaranteed titanium durability
  • Versatile whistle for use outdoors and at home
  • Non-corrosive metal
  • Resistant to rusting


  • Costlier than the rest
  • It doesn’t produce the loudest noise

2. Fox 40 Sonik Blast CMG – loudest

Whistles are prized for their ability to generate a high-pitched sound that travels for many miles and alerts nearby campers that someone is in trouble. Therefore, a loud whistle like the Fox 40 Sonik Blast CMG will attract more people.

Product Overview

This whistle is made from ABS plastic.

The material will withstand falls and other shocks to maintain its structural integrity.

Also, this whistle will withstand splashes of water while still maintaining its ability to produce sound.

The Fox 40 Sonik Blast CMG is loud. It produces a shrill noise that tops other nearby sounds.

The sound is rated at 120 decibels and can travel up to one mile. In addition, this whistle doesn’t have moving parts, and even in sub-zero temperature, your whistle won’t jam or fail to produce a sound.

Unique Features

The whistle has an impressive sound generation ability. You cannot overdo it, and the harder you blow, the louder it gets. That’s why it also works best in crowded places, especially sports events, race tracks, and airports.


  • Impervious to moisture
  • Lack of moving parts makes it difficult to jam
  • Very loud
  • Rubbery mouth part for an excellent seal before blowing


  • The break-away lanyard makes it easy to lose while camping
  • The sound produced is high-pitched

3. ZUZU Babe 7 in 1 Emergency Whistle

Whistles are standalone pieces of equipment, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find a multifunctional piece. However, the ZUZU Babe 7 in 1 Emergency Whistle does more than send an alert signal. This whistle will improve your confidence the next time you head into the woods for an outdoor excursion.

Product Overview

The 7 in 1 whistle is an original multifunctional item. Whistles must be heard from a distance, and this one can project a sharp 120 decibel sound that travels miles away from where you are stranded.

On top of the whistle are a compass, a thermometer, and an LED flashlight. The compass helps you to navigate around hiking trails.

We all know how frustrating it is not to get a fire started in the wild. That is why a magnifying glass is also attached to this equipment. Use the sun’s rays to ignite dead leaves and twigs. Fires will keep wild animals at bay, help you stay warm and even send a signal if you need assistance.

The LED flashlight flashes brightly and can be used to send light signals to your mates. It is very powerful and can withstand up to 10,000 hours while powered. Lastly, the thermometer is an invaluable tool to have in your hiking arsenal.

Unique Features

This whistle is made from high-quality ABS material. It is strong and will withstand the outdoor environment. It also won’t break even if it is dropped. Also, the whistle is small enough not to get in your way and still. Get it with a lovely strap which you can wear around your neck for easy access.


  • Multifunctional whistle
  • Robust and long-lasting build quality
  • Will withstand high temperature


  • It is only splash-proof and fails after being submerged

4. Storm Alert Whistle

A loud whistle is a must-have for outdoor buffs. But, besides being loud, your whistle should also be resistant to the vagaries of the natural world. The Storm Alert Whistle will take a severe beating before it fails and is an essential item to carry around in the wild outdoors.

Product Overview

The whistle bears a unique design that is easy to handle.

It is also impervious to water.

As you blow through its sound chamber, water is forced out and blown away, instantly clearing the section.

This construction allows it to function even when it’s raining hard.

It is not the most miniature whistle but still compact enough to effortlessly haul around. For a smaller product, try the newer version.

Unique Features

The whistle is equally loud. It is so loud you can even hear it fifty feet underwater. Moreover, its compact design allows you to produce significant noise with minimal effort. At more than 120 decibels, this little gadget packs a mean punch. Besides outdoor use, this whistle is an excellent companion for safety purposes. The sound is so startling that you might even want to skip testing it in a populated area.


  • Very loud without much effort
  • Unique design allows usage even when exposed to water
  • Available in three colors


  • It seems a bit large for a lanyard
  • You have to test it away from populated areas

5. LuxoGear Emergency Whistle

If you plan to go boating or exploring the wild outdoors, then the LuxoGear Emergency Whistle is a must-have. It is fitted with a lanyard that keeps the whistle secured to your neck or backpack. This prevents it from getting caught among the bushes and twigs in the woods.

Product Overview

The LuxoGear Emergency Whistle is made from high-impact ABS plastic. It is a rugged little device that will last you a long time.

It also has a waterproof construction, so you can comfortably strap the whistle across your neck next time you are out kayaking. If anything goes wrong, signal for help without worrying about the effects of water splashing into the device.

The whistle has a pealess design. There are no moving parts inside the sound chamber. In addition to the plastic build and straightforward design, this whistle is incredibly lightweight.

A comfy mouth grip allows you to lock in and get a good seal before blowing away.

Unique Features

The LuxoGear Emergency Whistle comes with a similarly orange-colored lanyard. It has an adjustable length and makes it easy to grab the whistle and blow away.

This whistle is super loud and can produce up to 120 decibels. The high-pitched noise can travel over a mile. The pealess design means it won’t jam under cold temperatures.


  • Adjustable brightly colored lanyard
  • Pealess design
  • Waterproof
  • High strength plastic construction


  • It makes a diminished sound when wet

6.  Noopel Emergency Whistle

Most whistles on the market are made using plastic. While this material is robust, it lacks the premium feel featured in metallic gadgets in the Noopel Emergency Whistle.

Product Overview

The Noopel whistle is made from an aluminum alloy. It is sturdy and durable.

However, this whistle is also rustproof, and you don’t have to worry about wear and tear, especially since it will have moisture running through its chambers.

The whistle’s double-chambered design creates excellent airflow into the sound compartment and lets out an ear-splitting noise.

It produces 120 decibels that can be heard from over a mile away.

Unique Features

This whistle is incredibly lightweight despite being made from a metallic alloy. The aluminum helps keep the weight down and makes it comfortable to use.

Additionally, the whistle can withstand exposure to moisture in part due to its excellent airflow design. Blowing through the chamber pushes out water. Also, the harder you blow, the louder the whistle sounds.


  • Premium look and feel
  • Compact whistle
  • It comes with a keychain
  • Water-resistant design


  • May rust if it is exposed to a lot of saltwater
  • Metal gets too cold in low temperatures environments

7. Michael Josh Emergency Survival Whistles

Metallic whistles certainly have a premium look and feel to them. The stainless steel Michael Josh Emergency Survival Whistle looks as good as it sounds. It is aptly equipped, making it one of the best survival whistles you can buy today.

Product Overview

The whistle is a beautiful stainless steel gadget.

It has a silvery sheen, and besides its aesthetics, this whistle is so strong and durable you will have a hard time replacing it.

It also comes equipped with a metal keychain and keyring that you can attach to your backpack, belt, or even many keys.

This whistle has a straightforward design with a pealess design.

This way, expect maximum performance even when exposed to water splashes.

Additionally, this straight-cut chamber prevents bacterial build-up because of moisture inside.

Unique Features

The Michael Josh whistle is one of the loudest products we tested. The acoustics accompanying the stainless steel construction is impressive. It pumps up to 150 decibels, a sound that is heard for miles away. Armed with this whistle, you won’t have to worry about getting lost or encountering bears. Instead, a well-timed blow into the steel chamber will alert nearby hikers. The sound is sharp and will startle any marauding predators.


  • Stunning stainless steel design
  • Very loud
  • The pealess design allows you to use it anywhere


  • The whistle gets cold as the temperature drops
  • The keyring and keychain tend to rust because they aren’t made from steel

8. Atomic Bear Survival Bracelet With Whistle 

When buying outdoor gadgets, consider their versatility. How many things can you accomplish using a whistle, for example?

In the case of the Atomic Bear Survival Bracelet with Whistle, there are plenty of things you can do with it.

This is a unique product in that it is primarily a bracelet. Secondly, the bracelet has five tools you need for surviving the outdoors.

For starters, the whistle included is strapped onto the bracelet. So you can easily get to it and quickly blow in case of an emergency.

The whistle is made from plastic and is quite loud. Also, the design allows you to blow out any water that might have gotten stuck inside.

Unique Features

The whistle is thoroughly equipped for use whether you are out camping, fishing, or mountaineering. It has a fire starter that will quickly get a campfire up and running. A compass is also attached to the bracelet, as well as a paracord. After all, if you are venturing into the wild you are going to need some rope.


  • Very loud sound
  • Water-resistant whistle
  • 5-in-1 versatile bracelet


  • Firestarter interferes with the compass
  • The plastic whistle is not impervious to breakage

Things to Look For in a Survival Whistle

Given the wide variety of whistles available on the market, you need to have a couple of things in mind when selecting your next noisemaker.

It Must Be Loud

If you are going into the woods, loudness is a must. The louder a whistle sounds, the greater its range, and you will have a better chance of someone hearing your distress call. Also, loud whistles will easily scare even the most determined predators.

If you want to use this equipment as a defense tool, then it can only get louder. Anyone attempting to take you down will be taken aback by the deafening noise.

A Pealess Design for Outdoor Use

A pealess whistle doesn’t have any moving components in its chamber. When you are out in the wild, you’ll get exposed to dirt, dust, and water. The best survival whistle doesn’t clog easily. And even if something got stuck inside the sound chamber, its construction will allow you to blow out the blockage.

Plastic or Metallic Build

Plastic is often cheaper, and it hardly corrodes. However, it is susceptible to damage by high heat. On the flip side, metallic whistles are attractive, especially the silvery Titanium or aluminum pieces. The former will be subject to corrosion once exposed to seawater. However, titanium doesn’t rust or contain any allergens. Nevertheless, it gets cold in the morning, making it uncomfortable to blow.

The Takeaway

There are multiple whistles on the market today. You can easily acquire specifically designed or multifunctional pieces for your outdoor excursion. However, make sure you only select the best survival whistle from this list. They offer genuine value for money, given their durability, versatility, and effectiveness in producing a loud sound.


1. What is the loudest whistle?

A lot of people trust a high-pitched whistle to get them out of any trouble. The sound will be heard for miles and attract help to your position. Storm Whistles are well-known for producing a deafening noise. Also, the Fox 40 Sonik Blast CMG will give a tremendous sound.

2. Which is better – plastic or metallic whistles?

Plastic whistles weigh significantly less and are notably loud. On the other hand, metal ones are pretty robust. They tend to last longer because they can withstand shocks from falling over quite well. The Michael Josh Emergency Survival Whistle is also attractive and quite loud.

3. How many times do you blow the whistle in case of an emergency?

If you are going hiking and encounter a problem upstream, blow your whistle three times to signal for help. And when you are off the coastal line, five times should alert people on the beach, and help will soon arrive.

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