Badlands Camo Review – How Good Is This Hunting Gear Really?

When you hunt, the last thing you want is for your prey to spot you from afar. You want to remain as invisible as possible so you can surprise your target and have a higher chance of bagging it. However, wearing any regular camouflage-printed clothing is not enough. You want to go for something tough yet comfortable. This badlands camo review will help you decide what you need

There are numerous brands of hunting apparel out there, and most of them carry camo-printed hunting outfits. One of these brands is Badlands. In this article, you can find out why Badlands Camo Gear is the hunting gear of choice of most hunters.

What Is Badlands Gear?

Badlands is a famous hunting gear company that did not start as one. Its founders grew up in Utah and immensely enjoyed the outdoors, after which they started endeavoring to make packs for mountaineering. In the second year of the company’s existence, one of the team members came up with the idea of painting his mountain pack with camo colors. After discovering that there is an even bigger market for hunting attire, Badlands switched gears and started producing apparel and backpacks designed for hunters. Twenty-five years later, the company grew to be known as one of the foremost hunting gear manufacturers. Their hunting camo pants and jackets are just a few of their most popular products.

Why Do Hunters Wear Camouflage Gear?

Hunters do not choose their clothes to make any fashion statement. When they wear clothes into the field, they want these to help them blend in, not stand out. That is why camouflage clothing is a big thing among hunters. The military initially developed this design to help soldiers conceal themselves. The patterns on the clothes mimic the background, rendering the wearer invisible. Hunters adopted this to help them hide from animals.

Traditional camo patterns mimic different hunting landscapes like mountains, marshes, and forests. If you look at the patterns, you will notice that they have certain elements that look like grass, branches, leaves, and rocks. New designs have a more 3D look, giving them a realistic appearance. If you are looking for good hunting gear, you need to look for apparel that features a good camo design.

What to Look for in Camo Gear?

Your hunting clothes can dictate the outcome of your hunting trip. When you are waiting for your prey, wearing uncomfortable clothes can prevent you from fully concentrating. Scratchy and noisy clothes can also alert the target of your presence and spook the animals nearby. Additionally, you’d probably be lying in wait for hours in extremely hot or cold conditions. Your clothes should be comfortable and protect you sufficiently from such elements. All these factors must work together so that you can be successful in hunting your prey.

● Consider the Fabric

When choosing your hunting clothes, you must stay away from anything made of cotton. This material gathers sweat and dries slowly. As a result, it will make you feel itchy and uncomfortable. It would be best to go for clothes that have moisture-wicking capabilities so you can stay dry. You also want a fabric that is not noisy even if you brush against a surface.

Get a Waterproof Jacket and Pants

While the clothing closest to your skin needs to breathe, your outer layer must be a waterproof shell. Besides the water-resistant fabric, you must find clothes made of rigid material. If you choose clothes that easily rip or tear, it wouldn’t matter if it is waterproof, water will still get in.

Yes, quality hunting clothes can be expensive. But if you buy cheap clothes, they might not withstand the harsh conditions. If your clothes keep ripping, replacing them numerous times might not be practical in the long run.

Choose Something That Blends Well With Your Environment

Besides protection, your clothes will serve as your way to blend into the background. If you are interested in wearing clothing with a camo pattern, choose one that works well with the landscape and lighting of the area you’ll hunt. For example, if you often hunt in grassy terrain, get the gear with a greenish camo pattern. If you want to blend into the branches of trees, go for a brownish design.

What Can We Say About the Badlands Camo Apparel?

1. Badlands EXO Rain Jacket

Badlands EXO Rain Jacket

When you are outdoors, one of the things you have to avoid is getting wet. Especially if the place gets extremely cold, you’d easily fall prey to hypothermia if you don’t stay dry. The Badlands EXO Jacket is not just an excellent way to protect you from the cold, but the manufacturer designed this jacket to protect you from the wind and the rain as well. It has a waterproof yet breathable material, plus the fully taped seam design is good enough to keep the water out.

The jacket also uses Heatwave technology. This is a ceramic lining that stores and lets you use your body heat to stay warm. This warmth will allow you to stay in the field longer than a typical jacket.

It has a 3-point adjustable hood and compressible sleeves. Plus, the outer fabric is made of subdued materials. All three features make the jacket cling to your body, so you don’t make too much noise when you move and brush against shrubs or rocks.

Besides being effective as protection against the wind, cold, and rain, the EXO jacket is also ultralight. You can easily roll it into a small bundle to put in your pack if the weather turns warm and you need to shed some layers.

The outside of the jacket is printed with the Approach camo pattern. It utilizes a natural color palette to help you adapt to the surroundings and the lighting conditions. You will stay hidden, whether it is light or dark, in your hiding spot.

Of course, Badlands stands by its product. If you are not happy with the quality of the jacket you receive, you can replace it through the company’s unconditional lifetime warranty. That is how much the company believes in the quality of the apparel they sell.


  • Waterproof, breathable material
  • Heatwave technology to preserve heat
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Unconditional lifetime warranty


  • Not suitable for tall folks

2. Badlands Rise Water-Resistant Hunting Pants

Badlands Rise Water-Resistant Hunting Pants

If you are going hunting during the early part of the season, these are the hunting pants you need to consider. The Rise pants are perfect for trekking or sitting down for long periods. Its articulated knees stretch in that area, so it doesn’t put pressure on your limbs even as you crouch. It also comes with leg zips, so it is easier to put on or take off.

Animals are known for their incredible sense of hearing. The deer, especially, hear the slightest noise. Badlands designed their pants, so it stays quiet even while you are in motion. The soft whisper-quiet fleece fabric doesn’t make any stretching or scratching sound, so you can raise your rifle or draw your bowstring with confidence.

The material is also water and wind-resistant so that you can stay warm even in the freezing weather. Water beads off the C6 DWR fabric on the outer part of the Rise pants to keep you dry for an extended period.

It also has zippered rear and side cargo pockets so you can pack any essentials and easily access them while sitting down or standing still.

The material is printed with Badlands’ proprietary Approach FX camo print. The concealment technology offers a darker color palette to turn you virtually invisible to prey. It also easily adapts to the surroundings and lighting.

As with the jacket, you can return your Rise pants anytime if you are unsatisfied with their performance. Under the unconditional warranty, it doesn’t matter how old or new your pants are, the company will replace or refund them.


  • Stretchable material for comfort
  • The pants stay quiet in motion
  • Water and wind resistant
  • Zippered cargo pockets to keep them safe
  • Same lifetime warranty


  • Some users report that the pants are not true to size

3. Badlands Altitude Long Sleeve Crew

Badlands Altitude Long Sleeve Crew

Long sleeve shirts are a great option when hunting because they keep your skin protected no matter the weather. The clothing design protects your arms from getting too much sun, and the sleeves keep you warm if it is cold. You can even wear it under a jacket if it becomes too hard.

In hot weather, your sweat activates the CoolTouch fabric. This technology wicks away the sweat and naturally cools your body even when you are standing still in your place of concealment. This is great because you don’t want to overheat and faint with wild animals around.

Hunters know sweating is terrible when you are in the field. Animals can smell the sweat and know something is coming after them. While the Long Sleeve Crew wicks sweat off your skin, the fabric traps the smell using Silvadur antimicrobial technology. This silver component prevents your odor from escaping. It is practical, and the smell-trapping features last long. This property won’t wash away in the laundry.

Similar to the pants and jacket, the Altitude Crew uses Approach FX camo to prevent animals from seeing you.


  • CoolTouch fabric takes away the sweat
  • Silvadur antimicrobial technology to block out body odor
  • Camo design to prevent animals from seeing you


  • Similar to other products from Badlands, they aren’t suitable for tall people


Overall, the camo apparel from Badlands is an excellent option for hunters of all types. The jacket, inner shirt, and pants work together to protect you from your surroundings. The material used in the pants and jackets keeps the heat in and the cold out. The base shirt also traps odor, so your prey doesn’t catch your scent.

It’s quiet and won’t spook animals if you move or brush up against objects. The fabrics are durable and able to withstand harsh conditions of the environment and activity. Plus, the Approach Camo print effectively lets you stay invisible in most landscape types and lighting conditions. Whether you walk against rocks, grass, wood, or leaves, you can rest assured that you’ll be concealed from your prey. If your Badlands apparel fails to meet your expectations, you can get a replacement or refund, no questions asked.

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