Top 8 Best Hiking Boots for Flat Feet

Hiking is probably the easiest way to keep your feet busy. All you need is a map, the wild outdoors, and an adventurous spirit to explore the great outdoors. IF you have flat feet, you may think that you won’t be able to handle the long hours on the trail. But that is far from the truth! Owning the best hiking boots for flat feet will enable you to enjoy nature to the fullest.

Flat footedness is a common condition characterized by low arches on your soles. In others, most of the foot’s sole will be in contact with the ground. While this condition is hardly life-threatening, it does lead to an uneven bodyweight distribution. Eventually, you are going to experience pain in your knees and the joints along your leg.

If you are going to be on your feet all day, you will experience some discomfort. Nevertheless, well-fitted footwear should help ease the pain and allow you to enjoy a well-deserved weekend hike.

Top 8 Best Hiking Boots for Flat Feet – Quick Snapshot!

  1. Merrell Moab 2 Men’s Hiking Boot
  2. Salomon Men’s Outward GTX Hiking Shoes
  3. Oboz Bridger Hiking Boot
  4. Columbia Men’s Newton Ridge Plus Hiking Boot
  5. KEEN Men’s Targhee II Hiking Boot
  6. Timberland Men’s Chocorua Trail Boot
  7. Salomon Men’s X Ultra GTX Hiking Boot
  8. Adidas Outdoor Terrex Swift Men’s Hiking Shoe 

The Top Hiking Boots for Flat Feet

Today, the variety of hiking gear on the market is immense. So, regardless of your budget, you can find a decent pair of hiking boots for under $100.

But with so much to choose from, we had to settle on a handful of hiking boots. Our selection criteria focused on the fit and finish of the shoes. People with flat feet need all the support they can have. Such a well-padded boot will get a thumbs up.

These were the standout hiking boots:

Salomon Men’s Outward GTX Hiking shoe – Best lightweight hiking boot

Merrell Moab 2 Men’s Hiking Boot – Most comfortable ankle support

Oboz Bridger Hiking Boot – Best for unbeatable grip

1. Merrell Moab 2 Men’s Hiking Boot

The best-selling Merrell Moab 2 first entered the market back in 2006. Since then, its exceptional design has made it one of the best hiking boots for flat feet and overpronation. These boots are wholly functional and incredibly comfortable, which is why they have made it onto our list.

Product Overview

Merrell Moab 2 Men's Hiking Boot

People with flat feet tend to require roomy shoes with an excellent support system. The Merrel Moab 2 has plenty of space for the balls of your feet. It also keeps your heels nice and cozy.

A unique speed band runs across the side of this boot, which helps maintain the shoe’s stability during the rough and tumble of an outdoor excursion. Also, cage support is present on the sides and complements the speed band.

At the start, the boots had suede uppers. However, the updated Moab has premium waterproof suede leather. The difference is clear, and you will instantly recognize the premium look and feel. Also, the waterproofing is spectacular.

The meshed top section allows your feet to breathe. We know how hot it can get, especially for your toes prone to getting sweaty during hikes.

Standout Feature

The Moab 2 has a modernized footbed with plenty of features to keep you comfortable. It has a contoured design with a load of support for your heels. The in-step is shortened with resin and features GORE-TEX material for increased waterproofing. EVA foam is in place just below the footbed and works wonders when it comes to absorbing shock.

The bottom soles have incredible grip, even on wet rocks. The back end is also tacky and offers excellent traction for moving down a steep incline. The Moab 2 is a versatile hiking boot. It is lightweight and allows you to get moving quite well. Whether you are biking, running, or hiking, Merrell’s Moab 2 is a must-have for the ardent outdoor buff.


  • Excellent space for wide feet
  • Grippy outsole
  • Contoured insole design
  • Remarkable heel and arch support
  • Breathable upper mesh fabric
  • Toecap and heel protection
  • Speed band for added stability


  • Lackluster fit and finish
  • Questionable durability

2. Salomon Men’s Outward GTX Hiking Shoes

When buying outdoor gear, you must consider reputable companies. They’ve been in the business for a long time and know what it takes to make the best shoes for outdoor walking. One such company is Salomon’s Outward GTX Hiking Shoes for men.

Product Overview

Salomon Men's Outward GTX Hiking Shoes

They have been in the business of making hiking boots since the Second World War. That’s more than enough time to perfect a trade, evidenced by the top-notch quality of the GTX Hiking shoe. It is designed to beat the rough and rugged outdoors while keeping your feet in utmost comfort.

The boot has a leather construction mated to a rubber underbody. Between the two layers sits a neat Energy midsole. Walking can be hard work, and this midsection gives you a boost due to its bouncy feel.

Outdoor boots are often extensive and sometimes unwieldy. The Salomon GTX, on the other hand, has deeply grooved soles. They are rubberized and extend towards the leather exterior. The designers could achieve a decent level of waterproofing—additionally, grip levels on this boot and phenomenal.

Whether hiking or mountaineering on rugged terrain, this boot will get you past all the obstacles.

Standout Feature

Most boots pack some heavy material. Thick rubber soles and acres of cowhide will ultimately weigh anyone down. However, the GTX weighs just over three hundred grams. It feels incredibly light and quite comfy for a medium-height boot. Get ready to go farther than you expected. This pair is one of the best hiking boots for flat feet.


  • Lightweight hiking boot
  • Unmatched grip levels
  • Waterproof
  • Ultimate comfort
  • Decent ankle support


  • The suede material isn’t resilient
  • Waterproofing ends at the end of the tongue gusset

3. Oboz Bridger Hiking Boot

Oboz makes some top-notch hiking footwear. The Bridger Hiking Shoe is one of the best hiking boots for flat feet. The company boasts of a proprietary insole design that delivers unmatched comfort levels. It has a functional design and plenty of support for your feet.

Product Overview

Oboz Bridger Hiking Boot

This boot is straightaway destined for nature trails. It boasts of a nubuck leather upper. The rubber sole also converges at the front tip in a robust rubber toe cap. At the back is a similar heel counter. The boot is sturdy enough to resist wear and tear from rock debris and thorny bushes. You can go anywhere in these shoes.

There is a delicate balance to be achieved between waterproofing and breathability. On the one hand, you don’t want to get your feet dry. However, while hiking, your soles tend to get sweaty, and you’ll need the means to eliminate that moisture and prevent smelly feet.

Fortunately, Oboz has a nifty B-DRY waterproofing system that keeps water out while preventing sweat build-up inside your shoe.

The boot also includes a spectacular midsole and outsole design. The two are complementary and work towards delivering enough support and stability as you trudge through rocky paths. Your heel and forefoot are well padded, and the EVA midsole adds supportive cushioning to the entire construction.

Standout Features

Oboz developed a one-of-a-kind O-fit insole. It works to maintain your foot’s position to guarantee optimum feet support. They are made from varying EVA densities at different points along your feet. The idea is to offer altered support levels for maximum comfort.

High-density EVA rests just below your arches for more significant support. There is a heel cup embedded at the rear with EVA pods absorbing shocks during vigorous hikes.


  • Tough nubuck leather exterior
  • Proprietary insole design
  • Ingenious B-Dry waterproofing system
  • Toe and heel protection
  • Excellent torsional stability
  • Unmatched grip levels on various terrain


  • The boots are heavy
  • Narrow points in the boot do not suit wider feet
  • Old school design

4. Columbia Men’s Newton Ridge Plus Hiking Boot

Every hiker deserves a durable boot that will withstand anything the open country can throw their way. If it is light, that’s a big boost. The Columbia Men’s Newton Ridge Plus hiking boot combines a slight build with incredible durability. It is truly a hiker’s best friend.

Product Overview

lumbia Men's Newton Ridge Plus Hiking Boot

The boot has a ton of features that enhance your comfort while walking across rough terrain. A lightweight TECHLITE midsole is in place to provide that extra bit of cushioning for your flat feet. So, you can walk for longer on uneven paths without aches and stressing your ankle joints.

The boot is waterproof, and you will need this if you are going to shuffle over swampy roads. The seams are sealed with a potent adhesive. Also, you will find a PU-coated leather fabric with a mesh and metal upper hardware that completes the phenomenal water-repelling hiking boot.

The Newton Ridge Plus is a rugged piece of hiking equipment. Most boots start to wear out from a pair of weak points. The front and rear heel sections are pressure points that take a beating as often as you are out in the wild. Luckily, Columbia’s boots have reinforced these sections. An extended outsole wraps around the toe and heel barrier.

Standout Feature

Any hiking boot worth the hype must have decent grip levels, even on wet surfaces. The Columbia Men’s hiking boot features a state-of-the-art traction system. The soles are uniquely formulated material with treads that are ready to tackle various terrains. The packaged Omni-Grip technology allows you supreme confidence when venturing into the wild.


  • Advanced traction technology
  • Superior water resistance
  • Ultimate comfort levels
  • Stylish and durable construction
  • Full-grain leather fabric
  • Wider to allow comfy hiking socks


  • Not completely waterproof
  • Shoelace straps bend easily

5. KEEN Men’s Targhee II Hiking Boot

The KEEN Targhee II Hiking Boot for men ticks the right boxes when looking for a robust yet comfortable outdoor shoe. Like most reputable hiking boot brands, KEEN employs extensive use of leather and rubber. While the final product appears thick, it is precisely what you need out in the jungle.

Product Overview

KEEN Men's Targhee II Hiking Boot

Unpredictable weather and challenging terrain characterize the wild outdoors. The sun might be shining in the morning and quickly give way to thunderstorms by noontime. To be adequately prepared, you need a hiking shoe that can withstand all seasons.

The Targhee II from KEEN has all the tenets of a weather-resistant hiking boot. It bears a thick rubber sole that extends upward into a tongue at the front and back. The joint between this rubber and the boot fabric provides unmatched waterproofing.

Additionally, it is made from leather that includes a PFC-free treatment. This acts as a water repellant and allows the upper fabric to keep your feet dry and cozy as you challenged the wild outdoors.

The sole is made from robust rubber. It has well-recessed grooves that dig deep into mud, sand, and gravel. Expect unparalleled grip levels to help you conquer the wild outdoors.

Standout Feature

This is a mid-cut boot, meaning that it doesn’t extend to your knees. It is pretty easy to get the design principle wrong and subject hikers to long and uncomfortable hikes. However, the Targhee II features a clever External Support Shank (ESS) to enhance the ankle support on this boot. The rising boot collar is heavily padded and keeps your feet in place even under variable terrain.

Moreover, the boots include a contoured footbed. This should match your heel’s natural shape and provide much-needed relief after an extensive hike.


  • Excellent arch support
  • Torsion stability External Support Shank
  • High-traction rubber sole
  • Water repellant leather
  • Water-resistant design


  • Not entirely waterproof
  • Questionable durability

6.  Timberland Men’s Chocorua Trail Boot

Timberland boots represent the epitome of ruggedness. Similarly, the Chocorua Trail Boot has what it takes to sustain an outdoor assault. If you are ever on the fence about buying a pair of Timberlands, this review should change your mind.

Product Overview

Timberland Men's Chocorua Trail Boot

The boot is made from full-grain leather. Many shoe manufacturers cheap out by using suede that looks like leather but wears out incredibly fast. These timbs will last you quite a while, and you don’t have to worry about finding a cobbler while you are hiking.

The Chocorua trail boots were meant for the wild outdoors, and nothing can challenge its resilient construction.

External protection is one thing in outdoor footwear. Rubber soles are commonplace and will keep out thorns, nails, and even water from seeping inside. A TimberDry membrane is embedded just above the rubber sole to keep out moisture. Additionally, the timberlands employ a unique GORE-TEX construction to guarantee your feet remain dry at all times.

Standout Features

People with flat feet cannot wear just any outdoor hiking boots. They must select products that offer proper ankle support. Also, boots that cushion their joints from the shocks of outdoor excursions like the Chocorua are incredibly helpful. They are also wide, providing your feet with ample room to sit comfortably.

There is an anti-fatigue footbed inside the shoe that you can remove. It provides a degree of waterproofing while also cushioning your feet. What’s more, if it gets worn out, you can easily replace it with another footbed


This boot is as stylish as it is comfortable. Additionally, the Chocorua’s maintain an EVA foam midsole comfort system. The material gets compressed at the factory before being fitted inside the shoe. Like most reputable manufacturers, Timberland offers a Limited Warranty in case something happens during the hike.


  • TimberDry waterproofing membrane
  • Excellent midsole comfort system
  • One-year limited warranty
  • Rugged and stylish design
  • Zero foot fatigue
  • An adjustable rustproof lacing system


  • Waterproofing wears out with time
  • Treads get worn out quickly

7. Salomon Men’s X Ultra GTX Hiking Boot

The Salomon Ultra GTX Hiking boot is a stylish pair and one of the best hiking boots for flat feet. The company has a good reputation, and you can trust that this product will deliver the whole outdoor experience without the tired feet and strained ankles.

Product Overview

Salomon Men's X Ultra GTX Hiking Boot

The Ultra GTX Hiking boot is lightweight but resilient when in the wild. It is not made of leather and the fabric used means this boot tip the scale at around a pound. They are pretty broad and are an excellent option for hikers who’ve got wide feet.

However, the trade-off is that the shoes are not waterproof. It’s better to know this so that you can plan your routes and avoid waterlogged sections. But if you happen to get soggy, the fabric is well vented and will dry quite fast. For longer trips, remember to bring extra pairs of socks or simply get a solid waterproofing spray.

Nevertheless, the GTX hiking boots lead when it comes to foot comfort. The insoles were the most comfortable. The padding goes all-around your foot and affords you immense stability while trudging through the woods.

Standout Features

Because of its minimal weight, the GTX hiking shoe can afford an extended rubber tread. The sole is deeply perforated with well-patterned grooves. These will dig deeper into the ground and grip most terrain surfaces like a vice.

The rubber soles converge at the front with a protective toe cap. This nifty feature should offer some level of protection to your feet among rocks and boulders.

Salomon employs a straightforward design meant to go the distance. Unlike other brands, you won’t get multiple layers of rubber at the bottom. What’s more, the laces are sturdy and will not come apart too easily.


  • Lightweight and stylish design
  • Excellent arch support
  • Decent water resistance
  • Breathable mesh construction at the top
  • Top-notch traction
  • You can use it anywhere


  • It isn’t waterproof when submerged
  • Non-leather construction might not withstand dense thickets

8. Adidas Outdoor Terrex Swift Men’s Hiking Shoe 

For most dedicated hikers, only the best equipment is worth the trouble. This means multi-layered hiking boots with full-grain leather uppers. But for the casual outdoor enthusiast, sometimes functionality is all you need in an outdoor shoe. The Adidas Outdoor Terrex Swift Hiking shoe for men affords you everything you need to conquer the wild.

Product Overview

Adidas Outdoor Terrex Swift Men's Hiking Shoe 

The Adidas Outdoor Terrex Swift Men’s hiking shoe has a simple and straightforward design. The top section is made from synthetic meshed fiber. It is also well ventilated and allows your feet proper aeration. So, you can say goodbye to sweaty and smelly feet.

The exterior design draws inspiration from Adidas’ range of athletic footwear. Moreover, the meshed fabric makes the boot lightweight. It allows a hiker to get going quite easily and fast through mountain trails. Moreover, there are TPU connections that increase support and absorb most of the shock from uneven terrain.

What is surprising about the Adidas hiking shoe is its waterproof ability. Despite having mesh fabric, a GORE-TEX® membrane does a solid job at keeping water out.

The lightweight build paired with a TRAXION® outsole allows you impressive traction levels. It features a unique rubber sole with plenty of grooves laid out for maximum grip above any surface you decide to walk on.

Standout Feature

Most hiking boots have extremely long laces. It can get exhaustive having to tie them up, especially if you’ve got a fully loaded backpack on your back. Fortunately, the Adidas boots have a bungee lace-up system. It is simple to tie and adjust the fit. Also, there is no need for fancy knots, just pull the laces and engage the clip once you are satisfied with the fit. This shoe is relatively light and sporty. If you are looking to move fast, then Adidas is the best option.


  • Lightweight build
  • Top-notch grip levels
  • Suitable for wide feet
  • Robust rubber soles
  • GORE-TEX waterproofing system


  • Smaller heel cup
  • The low-cut boot will easily absorb water
  • Low-quality laces

Things to Look Out for in the Best Hiking Boots for Flat Feet

People with flat feet are often disadvantaged when buying shoes. Their footwear must have a couple of tenets that afford them better comfort and prevent soreness. If you’ve got flat feet and are looking to buy hiking boots, consider the following factors.


People who have flat feet frequently experience discomfort. That is why their hiking boots must have adequate cushioning at various pressure points. These shoes should feature excellent arch support. Commonly, EVA footbeds are preferable because they are rigid and superior when it comes to absorbing shock.


Leather is a popular choice for most hikers. It is naturally water-resistant, rugged and looks like a thoroughbred outdoor boot. However, it is also quite heavy. People with flat feet will suffer if it lacks proper support features. On the other hand, synthetic materials like suede are lightweight and durable. What’s more, they can also be waterproofed.


Before buying an outdoor shoe, check out the size guide provided by the manufacturer. Most companies offer different sizes for either gender, as others have different brands for either male or female hikers. The fit should be perfect and sometimes snug. Hiking with a tight shoe will destroy your flat feet. On the other hand, if the boot is too large, you’ll find it quite taxing hauling it around.

Support Structure

There are important pressure points on your feet that demand adequate support. The midsole holds your arches, and it needs to be molded to conform to your feet. The outsole should be dense for added support and shock absorption. Lastly, a proper boot needs a tall shaft that keeps your ankles steady even on rough terrain.

There are a ton of hiking boots, but not every shoe fits people with flat feet. Because of their condition, there are critical factors that must be satisfied to accommodate their needs.

The best hiking boots for flat feet need to be comfortable, well supported, and tough. The wild outdoors is characterized by a demanding terrain. The wrong footwear will cause more harm to your feet over time. Luckily, these eight examples are some of the best hiking boots you can get on the market today.


1. Are Hiking Boots Good for Flat Feet?

Hiking boots offer good levels of support and comfort. High-cut boots, in particular, reinforce your ankles and prevent them from twisting. Also, they have well-cushioned insoles to provide a snug fit for your feet. Additionally, the outsole is often contoured to match your heel. It is also made of rigid material for extra support and shock absorption, which is necessary for people with flat feet.

2. Which Hiking Boot Has the Best Arch Support?

Naturally, the best arch support must be rigid and comfortable. The Moab 2 has a fresh footbed with a contoured design and loads of support for your heels. The rubber material is robust and doesn’t wobble when walking.

3. Should I Get Hiking Shoes or Boots?

Hiking shoes are often low-cut and do not offer the same degree of support as hiking boots. However, they are lighter and will not burden you on your excursion. On the other hand, boots offer superior ankle support and often better arch support. They are the go-to option for people with flat feet.

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