Rocky Broadhead Boots Review – Top 3 Tips To The Perfect Hunting Boot

Hunting is hard on the feet. To go after your prey, you need to walk long distances in uneven terrain. You might have to be on your feet for hours. If you do not wear good boots, you might as well call it a day and go home. You won’t be able to catch anything if you are in pain. And pain is precisely what you will feel if you get the wrong hunting boots.

Some of the best hunter’s boots out there are as comfortable as sneakers. They provide the best insulation and water-resistant features. They also give you good traction and support to help you hike through the roughest terrains. The Broadhead boots from Rocky are an option that possesses all of the must-have features in the perfect hunter’s boots.

How to Choose a Good Pair of Hunting Boots?

We all have different foot sizes. However, getting a pair of boots in your size shouldn’t be the end of your hunt for the best pair of hunting boots. There are several other factors to consider. Let’s have a look at them and see if the Rocky Broadhead boots satisfy these features.

1. Your Boots Must Fit Perfectly

Rocky Broadhead Boots

When buying shoes, you cannot settle for something that doesn’t fit you well enough. We cannot emphasize this enough. You have to find boots that fit your feet perfectly because there’s nothing worse than going on a hunting trip wearing boots that are either too large or too small.

Finding boots with the right fit may seem straightforward. Put the boots on and walk around. If it feels okay, that’s the one to buy. Right?


It would be best to try the boots on with the socks you plan to use on your hunting trip. Will you be hunting somewhere cold that requires wearing wool socks? Then wear wool socks when you shop, so you get to mimic your actual hunting conditions.

Wool socks are thicker than hunting socks. The difference is going to be apparent once you go on the field. Additionally, if you plan on using a liner to keep your feet dry, take this into account when you choose the size of your boots. Some say you’d have to up two sizes to accommodate hunting socks and a liner.

Another tip from experienced hunters is to try out the boots late in the day. By doing so, you will fit on boots that accommodate the natural swelling of your feet. Thus, you get to see how the boots would feel after walking for a few hours.

Find hunting boots that fit great around the ankles and instep. The boots should provide enough space to let you wiggle your toes. If possible, look for an inclined surface and walk up and down, so you can check how your boots would feel when you hike up or down uneven terrain. If your feet slide up inside the boots, then the shoes are too big.

2. Your Boots Must Fit the Terrain Where You Will Hunt

The kind of terrain where you’ll hunt will affect the type of boots you should get. For example, if you usually hunt on rocky terrain, your hunting boots should have a stiff sole and a high ankle. If you’re thinking of going after elks or deers, you can often find these wild games in places where the terrain is steep and rugged. Therefore, you must buy boots that have outstanding support.

If you are going to be hunting deer or waterfowl, you will be frequenting marshes or swamps. If this is the case, rubber boots are the ideal footwear for you. Hunting boots made from rubber are often watertight, so they will keep your feet dry no matter how wet the external conditions are. Additionally, rubber boots do not absorb scents the way nylon or leather boots do. This is why it is perfect for deer, as these creatures have a keen sense of smell.

Some rubber boots even have snake-proof features. They are made of denser materials and have a rubber layer to keep any snake bites from getting through.

For more comfort, you can opt for hunting boots with nylon or leather upper. Find one with good rubber soles for better traction. There are great options that use these materials. Some even have water-resistant and insulating properties that should keep your feet dry and warm.

3. Your Boots Must Fit the Amount of Activity You Expect to Do

Rocky Broadhead Boots

Insulation is a crucial factor to consider when looking for the perfect hunting boots. The key is to find the right amount of insulation. Too much and your feet will overheat, but too little, and you will be shivering in your boots.

You have to base the decision partly on how much physical activity you expect to be doing while hunting. If you plan on stalking elks or running after pheasants and other small game, your feet will be moving a lot. That means your body will generate enough heat and would not require too much insulation.

However, if you know that you will be sitting still on a treestand or in a duck blind, your boots must provide the extra insulation to keep your feet warm.

Of course, the weather and your body’s thermostat will also have a considerable effect on the insulation level of the boots. The Rocky Broadhead boots offer varying levels of insulation for different hunting and hiking conditions.

History of Rocky

In 1932, two brothers, William and F.M. Brooks, started a shoe factory in Ohio. The brothers eventually sold the business to Irving Drew Shoe Co. Since the industry languished during the 1960s, Irving Drew decided to sell the company. The son of F.M. took this opportunity to buy back the company and rebrand it as a rugged footwear business. This was how the Rocky brand came to be.

In 1984, the Rocky shoe company decided to put more of its resources in designing innovative hunting footwear. Soon, outdoor retailers all over the U.S. started carrying their boots.

Rocky has long established itself as a high-quality, innovative, and durable work and outdoor apparel manufacturer. One of their best-hunting boots is the Rocky Broadhead boots.

The Rocky Broadhead Boots

Rocky features the Broadhead waterproof boots. These are designed with intense hunters in mind. The insulated hunting boots are specially made for the outdoorsman who walks farther and longer on rough terrain. The priority of this footwear is to provide hunters with lightweight boots that will keep their feet warm, dry, and comfortable.

Rocky Men’s 8 Inch Broadhead 800g Hunting Boots

Numerous hunters have tested the Broadhead Hunting boots, and they all claim that the best features of the footwear are its weight and insulation. Let’s take a closer look at the other features of the Rocky Broadhead boots that make it a good choice for hunters, hikers, and outdoors people.

They Come in a Wide Range of Sizes

The first factor we must check is how well the boots fit the wearer’s feet. The Rocky Broadhead Hunting Boots come in a variety of sizes, from size 8 to 13. They also come in a medium and wide width to accommodate the length and width of the feet. For feet that fit in between the standard sizes, hunters suggest that you buy one size larger and wear extra socks.

They Are Waterproof and Sweat-Proof

This pair of hunting boots utilize the company’s trademark guaranteed waterproof construction. It promises to keep the wearer’s feet dry even if you walk through wet leaves, soggy ground, or mud.

Besides the waterproof outer construction, the inner part of the shoe has a moisture management lining. This works to prevent sweating of the feet.

They Have Good Insulation

If you plan on hunting in cold terrain, the Rocky Broadhead is a good option. These hunting boots are insulated with four hundred grams of 3M Thinsulate. This material is featherless insulation that many companies use as goose down replacement. Thinsulate is an excellent option if you hunt in locations with extremely low temperatures. If this is too hot for your site, you can opt to purchase the Rocky Men’s 8-inch Broadhead 400g Hunting Boots instead. This version offers all the features listed here but less insulation.

Rocky Broadhead Boots

They Are Durable and Provide Good Traction

Some hunters claim that wearing the boots feels like wearing sneakers because of the comfort it provides. The footwear uses an EVA foot sole and rubber skin outsole. Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate is a material that is rubber-like in terms of flexibility and softness.

The boots’ tread is unique and provides a good grip. You will be able to walk on sand, rock, and dirt without the fear of slipping. It even holds up well against jagged rocks and wet grass.

The ripstop nylon fabric used for the upper of the boots is durable enough to withstand rough wear. The 8.5-inch shaft will protect your legs from the underbrush. However, it is not snake-proof, so you will still need to wear snake gaiters to protect you from these reptiles.

The footwear also has TPU overlays. These polyurethane plastic overlays are placed on all the high-wear areas of the boots to increase stability and durability.

They Are Incredibly Lightweight

The boots may feature rugged construction, but they’re still surprisingly lightweight. In fact, they are said to be 33% lighter than most hunting boots. This is beneficial for those who need to walk several miles to stalk their prey. The lightweight construction also helps keep the boots flexible and stealthy. They make less noise than heavier boots and allow you to change directions without making any sound.

The Real Xtra Camo Pattern Is Effective

The Broadhead boots feature a camo pattern called the Real Xtra. It will allow you to blend well with any surroundings. This pattern provides extra effective camouflaging because it is excellent in allowing you to blend entirely in various habitats.


  • The boots come in a variety of different sizes
  • Waterproof and sweatproof design
  • Great insulation against harsh weather
  • Durable ripstop nylon fabric
  • Lightweight design


  • Rubber bumper around the toe is uncomfortable


If you plan to hike through rocky, muddy, grassy, or dusty terrain, you will need the perfect hunting boots to get you where your prey is. Your choice of footwear must be comfortable, lightweight, waterproof, and durable. The Rocky Broadhead Hunting boots check all these features and more.

The boots are incredibly lightweight and waterproof. Their tread provides the right amount of traction to help you get up or down steep terrains. They’re insulated well to help keep your feet warm during cold weather, and their moisture-wicking capabilities keep your feet sweat-free in the heat. Overall, they’re a fantastic choice of footwear for hunters. All you’d need to do after a long hard day out hunting is set up your tent, build yourself a campfire and put our feet up!

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