Portable Fire Pit With Wheels | Should I Purchase One Or Make My Own?

For anyone already dabbling in the outdoors arena, entertaining guests or at least those who have a bug out plan ready to go for when SHTF, having a trustworthy source of fire is literally a life saver. It’s very common these days that we humans skip the build phase and opt for a portable option as it saves a ton of time, especially when mother nature is not feeling her best. The most widely used variant is the portable fire pit. A humble fire pit is worth its weight in gold if you can manage to purchase something decent. But what about a portable fire pit with wheels? I can say straight up that an addition such as this can definitely boost your fire pit to a whole new level!

Think about all those times when you’ve been out trekking solo and you could have really used an extra set of hands to move your pit around. Sure, you could have purchased something a bit more lightweight but quite often, the lighter ones aren’t made to last. Having a portable fire pit with wheels would enable you to spend less time with your chiropractor and more time doing what you live in the great outdoors. That sounds all well and good but what are your options? Can you purchase a portable fire pit with wheels already installed? Can you add wheels to your fire pit? Is there any other way that you can manoeuvre your fire pit without wheels as a last resort? Let’s dig around a bit and find out.

Can you purchase a portable fire pit with wheels already installed?

If you aren’t feeling too creative and need the luxury of mobility right now then there are a multitude of options out there for you. Of course you can go out and do your own research until the cows come home but luckily for you, we have done a bit of heavy lifting in that area. We did this to make sure that you end up with the best portable fire pit with wheels that suits your needs. We had a look at 3 options and did what we call a ‘power review’ where we got to the nuts and bolts of each product without the fluff in between! They aren’t your propane variant but the wood fuelled pits can do the job just as well! The 3 that made the cut were as follows…

Landmann USA 28051 Heatwave Fire Pit

The Landmann Heatwave Fire Pit has a classic design and is crafted using top quality, durable stainless steel. The base is unexpectedly sturdy which gives extra confidence when manoeuvring around. Most bases with wheels seem to rattle around a bit but not this one. It is great on soft, uneven grounds.

The size of the bowl is a decent 28” which allows you as the user to have the freedom of a top quality heat puncher. Showcasing a 360 degree cylindrical chrome-plated spark screen will ensure you and your family/friends the comfort of safety from wayward sparks. This model includes a wood grate as well as a bonus cooking grate which is a rare find with a portable fire pit with wheels. To top it all off, the extra bottom shelf is a great place for storing your fire pit cooking accessories.

28″ Portable Round Steel Wood Fire Pit

This portable fire pit with wheels is another stainless steel variant. It’s similar in aesthetics and size as the others. As the name suggests, the 28” bowl is well manufactured using high quality porcelain enamel. The lid is also made using porcelain. It contains a galvanised steel spark screen which allows visibility whilst keeping the fire mamed and tamed.

The patented central hinged door allows ease of access to load up the fire with wood. It will also make the clean up a little less tricky due to less moving parts. The sturdy wheels make lugging this model around a breeze. It’s simple to assemble and packs away snuggly in the back of your pickup or car truck.  

Fire Sense Bessemer Patio Fireplace

The Fire Sense Bessemer Patio Fire Pit rounds us out as a top quality stainless steel model. Again, heavy duty, sleek and a damn good easy to keep clean portable fire pit with wheels. Both the bowl and lid are constructed using porcelain enamel which helps prevent corrosion. Temps don’t get as hot as cast iron but porcelain can hold its own regardless. Plus it’s a lot easier to clean than cast iron.

The top is a dome shape which helps to redirect the heat downward toward your feet and rises up through your body instead of directly into your face. Nice! It comes with two spark screens which have been sheet wrapped using a corrugated steel grate, this gives extra protection from flying embers. The large single door makes it easy to clean and a breeze to load wood into. The wheels are large and stable making them easy to transport and better still, deems your pit simple to manoeuvre.

Our Verdict

The Landmann Heatwave Fire Pit was easily the best portable fire pit with wheels for your money. The only reason that you may consider not purchasing this model would be if you prefer another design purely based on aesthetics. The wheels and spark screen are great quality and the size is perfect for almost any outdoor expedition. This one gets our vote!

Can you add wheels to your fire pit yourself?

In short, yes you can! Let your imagination roam free. An easy variant would be if you purchased 4 high quality heat resistant caster wheels from your local hardware shop and screwed or bolted them into where the adjustable legs are. You could of course add them to the adjustable part as well which would allow both features to function as they should instead of one or the other. A hot tip would be to purchase a set of lockable wheels so the fire sits in one spot and isn’t a moving fireball when or if the wind blows. Something like these would be ideal.

Are there any other ways to manoeuvre your fire pit without wheels?

This is more of a PSA for safety if anything. It is recommended that whenever you decide to move your fire pit, clear any obstacles in your path out the way before doing anything. Yeah yeah Captain Obvious! It does happen though, I’ve seen it with my own eyes. Another beginners tip is to make sure that you keep your back straight and knees bent to lower your center of gravity. If it’s still too heavy, get a family member or friend to help. If no one is around, get yourself a cabinet maker’s trolly that you can lift on to a push around till your heart’s content. As a last resort, you can try what the Egyptians apparently did with those big ass blocks. Try to manoeuvre the pit onto some round straight logs which you can push along and move the back log to the front each time you go forward enough that it rolls out the back. Magic!

To Conclude…

The way a fire can just lift morale, the way it soothes the soul as it dances to the breeze is like some kind of strange hypnotic magic that begins to take effect the moment it starts throwing up embers. Everyone should be able to experience this beautiful sight at least once in their life. Having the ability to move your fire is a luxury that is definitely worth enjoying if you have the funds of course. We hope that this article has helped answer a few of your queries. If it hasn’t, don’t be shy and leave a comment with questions or ideas that you may have and we will try to delve a little deeper into the topic to help other readers in their quest for knowledge on all things survival!

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