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Best Survival Radio

Aiworth Emergency Solar Hand Crank Radio - The Skilled Survivor

Aiworth Emergency Solar Hand Crank Radio


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Puiuisoul Emergency Hand Crank Radio - The Skilled Survivor

Puiuisoul Emergency Hand Crank Radio


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Raynic CR1009 Emergency Radio - The Skilled Survivor

Raynic CR1009 Emergency Radio


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Best Survival Radios of 2021: Complete Reviews With Comparisons

The best survival radio is an invaluable tool to have for camping, at home, and in a legit survival scenario.

Many of these radios come with redundant power sources not dependent on electricity, such as hand cranking and solar energy.

As such, you will be able to rely on them no matter where you are. More often than not, they are more than just radios, too.

Some come with an assortment of features, from a built-in flashlight to power bank.

Product Quick Comparison

Puiuisoul Emergency Hand Crank Radio - The Skilled Survivor

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RunningSnail MD-090P Emergency Crank Radio - The Skilled Survivor

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Raynic CR1009 Emergency Radio - The Skilled Survivor

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Aiworth Emergency Solar Hand Crank Radio - The Skilled Survivor

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FosPower Solar Crank Radio for Emergency - The Skilled Survivor

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Survival Radio Reviews

Puiuisoul Emergency Hand Crank Radio

Puiuisoul Emergency Hand Crank Radio - The Skilled Survivor

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The Puiuisoul Emergency Hand Crank Radio is a survival radio designed to not only be compact but also provide you with weather alerts.

It comes with an assortment of features, such as a bright flashlight and a larger power bank compared to the competition.

Product Highlights

The Puiuisoul Emergency Radio is an excellent choice for someone looking for a smaller compact radio you can store in your bag or car.

The radio features NOAA alerts and has an SOS alarm to ensure you are informed of dangerous weather systems heading your way at all times.

This survival radio definitely lives up to its name.

It boasts both a solar panel and hand crank to ensure that there is always a way to keep it charged when there is no power.

It also comes with a 4,000 mAh power bank, which is quite large for its size and can fully charge a modern mobile phone.

You also get a flashlight and a reading light with a built-in motion detector.

To make sure you can use it in any weather, the device itself is also waterproof.

The Good

For such a small radio, you will find that it comes packed with a lot of good features.

The most impressive is the 4,000 mAh battery you can use as a power bank.

Many survival radios this size would only feature a 2,000 mAh or even smaller battery.

It also provides NOAA alerts and can send out an SOS alarm, which is vital for this kind of radio.

And since it is also waterproof, you’d be able to use it in any weather.

What makes this radio superb is that it comes complete with numerous life-saving features while still being small and easy to carry.

The Bad

This is a good radio, but it may be a bit difficult to tune, especially if it is your first time tuning a radio.

This is because it features analog knobs.

Then again, this can be a good thing, too, because the simpler something is, the less likely it would break.

However, having buttons for tuning would have made it more user-friendly.

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  • Durable battery
  • Reliable SOS alarm
  • Compact and easy to transport


  • Analog tuning knobs
  • The solar panel may be weaker than expected
  • Heavier than the other options

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RunningSnail MD-090P Emergency Crank Radio

RunningSnail MD-090P Emergency Crank Radio - The Skilled Survivor

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The RunningSnail MD-090P Emergency Crank Radio is compact but comes packed with features that will make life easier in a survival situation or when camping or hiking.

You will appreciate that it has a power bank, multiple ways to power it, a flashlight, and more.

Product Highlights

The RunningSnail MD-090P Emergency Crank Radio is an all-in-one radio complete with all the features you need to get through an emergency.

It is a reliable tool to have when camping and hiking, too, as it is compact and lightweight enough to keep in your backpack.

It comes with a replaceable 4,000 mAh lithium-ion battery, but there is a 6,000 mAh variant as well.

You can charge the built-in battery by hand cranking or by utilizing the solar panel.

With this many charging options, you can be sure that it will remain operational for as long as you need it to be.

Aside from charging mobile devices, this device also offers you access to 7 NOAA Weather Stations.

The flashlight has three different modes, while the reading lamp is equipped with a motion detector.

The Good

Whether you are looking for something you can use in an emergency or when camping, this is a good choice.

The built-in battery is enough to provide a single charge to a modern mobile phone.

What’s more, you can easily charge the radio by hand cranking or letting it sit in the sun and utilizing the solar panel.

The flashlight is very bright, and the multiple modes are a welcome addition.

The most important aspect is the AM/FM radio, which has access to 7 NOAA Weather Stations.

The Bad

While this device offers many excellent features, it falls a bit short due to its jack-of-all-trades, master-of-none nature.

One such area is battery life.

Unfortunately, it can be quite short, and the solar panel might not be enough to provide a quick charge to compensate.

The radio reception may not be that great, as well, depending on your area.

Read the full RunningSnail MD-090P Emergency Crank Radio review


  • Compact design
  • Many useful features
  • Multiple charging options
  • Excellent customer service


  • Radio reception may be hit or miss
  • Short battery life
  • May not be as durable as other options

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Raynic CR1009 Emergency Radio

Raynic CR1009 Emergency Radio - The Skilled Survivor

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The Raynic CR1009 Emergency Radio has several features incorporated into it, such as a flashlight, a power bank, and a reliable radio.

Not only does it keep you informed during camping or emergencies, but it also provides many more advantages.

Product Highlights

The Raynic CR1009 Emergency Radio comes complete with five different ways to power it up.

You can charge this radio via the hand crank, solar panel, Li-ion rechargeable battery, AAA batteries, and AC power.

With this, you will have access to the life-saving information coming from the radio at all times.

What’s more, you will be able to enjoy the radio’s other features, such as the reading lamp and power bank.

This emergency radio gives you access to the NOAA Alert Radio.

As such, you will be able to get important weather alerts, even when the power is out.

It also has many survival features, such as a compass and the 5000 mAh power bank to keep your phone charged enough to call for help.

To guarantee it can handle any weather condition, this radio is also waterproof.

The Good

When looking for the best survival radio, you will want something you can rely on when there is no power.

You’d also want something durable and compact enough that you can easily pack it in your survival backpack.

The Raynic CR1009 Emergency Radio checks all of those boxes.

It has a good size power bank that can charge a mobile phone, several light sources, a great radio, and is waterproof.

Note that it will not automatically provide alerts to you when weather warnings come in. You need to be tuned to the specific NOAA channel.

The Bad

For important weather alerts, you need to have the radio tuned to NOAA at all times.

This can be a serious problem, but as a survival radio, it should be tuned to NOAA channels anyways.

Regardless, having an alert feature would be a huge advantage.

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  • Waterproof construction
  • Easy to keep charged
  • Many practical features
  • Good value for money


  • Bigger than most other emergency radios
  • No automatic alert system
  • Radio reception is not as good

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Aiworth Emergency Solar Hand Crank Radio

Aiworth Emergency Solar Hand Crank Radio - The Skilled Survivor

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This Aiworth emergency radio is a great option when you need weather alerts and are looking for something you can charge manually.

It comes with four different ways to power it, and it is waterproof for enhanced durability in emergencies.

Product Highlights

The Aiworth Emergency Solar Hand Crank Radio is a waterproof survival device with access to NOAA Weather Alerts.

This ensures that it will continue working, no matter the weather condition you find yourself in.

It also comes complete with many other features, such as a hand crank and solar panel.

With these, you can ensure that it is always charged up or can be charged when the power goes out.

You can also use three AAA batteries or charge it conventionally via a micro-USB cable.

The built-in 2,000 mAh battery is a great backup that will provide some charge to your mobile device or other gadgets.

While it can charge a mobile phone, it may not be able to give it a full charge.

It also includes a flashlight.

This is a great radio to keep in the house, the car, go-bag, or even in your backpack for a hiking trip.

The Good

You will find a lot of advantages when it comes down to having this radio.

For one, it has a clear and easy-to-read LCD screen that is also long-lasting and waterproof.

In fact, the entire device is waterproof and can power itself via the solar panel or hand crank.

The reliable built-in flashlight is quite bright, too.

Despite having a smaller battery size, it does last a pretty long time compared to the competition.

The Bad

There is a lot to love in this survival radio, but it could do better in certain areas.

Sure, it needed to compromise on its battery size to accommodate a more compact design.

Still, a 2,000 mAh battery is too small to charge a modern smartphone.

A larger power bank would have been a better addition.

Read the full Aiworth Emergency Solar Hand Crank Radio review


  • Long-lasting battery
  • Easy to operate
  • Clear and durable LCD screen
  • Waterproof construction


  • Radio signal may be weak depending on the area
  • No analog tuning knobs

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FosPower Solar Crank Radio for Emergency

FosPower Solar Crank Radio for Emergency - The Skilled Survivor

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This FosPower emergency radio is an all-in-one survival tool.

It is an exceptional AM/FM radio that also comes packed with practical features, such as a hand crank, solar panel, flashlight, and power bank.

Product Highlights

The FosPower Solar Crank Radio is designed to withstand just about any kind of situation you find yourself in.

It boasts three different power sources to make sure it always has the juice to function when you need it.

It can run via the hand crank, the solar panel, or three AAA batteries.

The power bank feature ensures you can keep your mobile devices charged indefinitely.

Simply charge the battery via the solar panel or use the hand crank.

This radio also comes with two different light sources, NOAA Emergency Weather Broadcast Access, and an SOS alarm.

Basically, it will keep you in touch with the outside world during emergencies or when you are hiking or camping.

The best part? As long as the world has not ended, you can take advantage of its limited lifetime warranty.

The Good

This survival radio is pretty compact, allowing you to carry it in your backpack for camping or store it with your other gear at home or in the car.

It has several helpful features, from the different power sources to the power bank functionality.

The two built-in lights can also make the nighttime more bearable when out in the wilderness.

The Bad

This radio could fall victim to many quality control issues.

For one, you might find it a challenge to tune the radio or pick up any channels at all.

The power bank feature may not work as intended, too.

It is only 2,000 mAh, and many phones require more than that for a full charge.

For this reason, you will probably need a bigger power bank to accommodate modern devices.

Read the full FosPower Solar Crank Radio for Emergency review


  • Compact design
  • Redundant power sources
  • With flashlight and reading lamp
  • Many practical features
  • Lightweight at 10.9 ounces


  • Poor quality control
  • Power bank size could be larger
  • Intermittent radio signal

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Buyer’s Guide

Owning a survival radio is important, especially in today’s world with natural disasters on the rise.

Having a way to get alerts and stay informed of what is happening around you is crucial.

So, when looking to purchase a survival or emergency radio, the most important factor to consider is the radio itself and the ability to charge it manually.

The other features are just bonuses.

1. NOAA Alerts

When you purchase a survival radio, you need to make sure it can receive NOAA alerts at all times.

Some radios claim to do it, but you need to be tuned into the channel and have the radio on.

As a result, this may cause you to get the alert too late.

A good survival radio will constantly be monitoring NOAA and will send you an alert if something dangerous is heading your way.

2. Manual Charging

A survival radio won’t do you any good if it is dead.

For this reason, it is essential to find a radio you can charge even when the power is out.

Typically, these kinds of radios will have a hand crank, but it is a good idea to find one with both a hand crank and a solar panel.

After all, redundancy is important in emergencies. If one system fails, you can use the other one instead.

Survival Radio FAQS

1. What is the best type of radio for survival?

In a survival scenario, the best kind of radio to have on hand is a HAM radio.

These radios are extremely powerful and flexible.

They have about a million frequencies you can tune into, which will increase your chances of being able to not only receive information but send out data, as well.

Having an emergency alert radio is also quite useful for natural disasters.

It will send you alerts and inform you of incoming weather conditions, so you can prepare and evacuate if needed.

2. Are CB radios good for SHTF?

CB radios are actually rather suitable for SHTF situations.

They are relatively affordable to acquire, but they are limited to just four watts, and the terrain can reduce your range a lot.

Usually, you are looking at around 20 miles of range with a good antenna.

Still, most CB radios have NOAA weather. The police use Channel 9 for emergency communications, which can be life-saving.

Although in an SHTF scenario, chances are there won’t be any police to help you, but information can save your life.

Having a CB or a HAM radio can give you the information you need to decide what you have to do to stay alive.

3. Are hand crank radios worth it?

Hand crank radios are incredibly worth it, and every family should have at least one.

These radios are inexpensive, and they can provide NOAA alerts and SOS alarms.

They also do not rely on external power. Instead, you can charge them manually via the hand crank.

In emergencies, these radios are much more reliable than the internet or cellular networks.

4. Will a CB radio survive an EMP?

EMP is actually a bit overblown.

Many homes and devices come with built-in surge protectors, which will take the hit if an EMP goes off.

And if the EMP blast is strong enough to destroy your electronics, chances are it is because of a nuclear explosion.

In that case, you have bigger problems to worry about.

CB radios can survive an EMP blast.

However, just to make sure, place your survival communication equipment, such as your CB radio, into a faraday cage or a full metal container.

Doing this will ensure that it stays protected in the event of an EMP.

5. What kind of radio do I need in an emergency?

Generally, you will want to have a hand crank survival radio.

They can provide NOAA alerts, plus many other kinds of important information.

They are usually reasonably small, and you can store them just about anywhere.

The best part? They do not need external power to charge up.

Just make sure the radio has good reception.

It costs more than the Aiworth, but you get a bigger power bank for that additional price.

Good Luck and Happy Survival Prepping!

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