Review of 4 of the best lighters for hiking and survival

Having a fire means you can cook your food, stay warm, dry your clothing, light your surroundings, and keep wild animals at bay. If required, you can also use it to boil water. Having the best survival lighter in the world can literally save your life.

Many people claim that in a survival situation, the ability to make a fire can be the difference between life and death. When you’re stuck somewhere damp and freezing, one of the most important things you should be able to do is build a fire.

Some people may argue that you can start a fire with whatever you have around you. You can even rub two sticks together if needed. Starting a fire with this process, however, requires time. What if you can’t use both hands simultaneously? And if you’ve already developed hypothermia?

That is why having a fire-starting tool in your bag is always advised by experts. While you can use waterproof matches, or a flint and steel, nothing beats the convenience of having a survival lighter in your emergency kit. Let’s take a look at some products to find the best survival lighter in the world for you.


  1. What You Should Look for in a Survival Lighter.
  2. Top Survival Lighter You Can Order Online:
  3. Final Thoughts.

What You Should Look for in a Survival Lighter

All lighters give us the ability to start a fire, but not all of them are the same. When choosing a lighter to include in your survival gear, you can’t just pick a random one that people commonly use to light their cigarettes. You can’t settle for the run-of-the-mill lighters from a convenience store, either.

That is because the manufacturers did not design these lighters to work in adverse conditions. You’re expecting to go through adverse conditions, which is why you’re trying to put together a survival kit in the first place.

You need a lighter that would work whether you are indoor or outdoor. Your lighter should be able to work when you wade through a flood or when you are working in the rain.

Here are some other qualities of a good survival lighter you should consider before ordering one:


A survival lighter must be made of durable materials and designed to withstand harsh conditions. You can’t buy a lighter that could shatter at the slightest impact. If you are wading through muddy terrain, you will probably fall. If you are in a hurry, you’ll most likely drop things. Therefore, a survival lighter should at least be able to withstand getting stepped on or dropped from a certain height.

Waterproof and Wind-Resistant

Starting a fire can be extra challenging when you are in a wet situation. However, you cannot choose where you will be when you need to make a campfire. That is why you must buy a waterproof tool, or at the very least, a water-resistant one. This way, even if you accidentally drop your gear in the water, you can be assured that your lighter will still work.

It would be beneficial if you consider buying a lighter that is wind-resistant. If you don’t have both hands free to operate the lighter and cover the blaze, you’ll need a weapon that can fuel a fire even when the wind is howling. Try to find a lighter with a direct flame. This means the fire it emits is like a powerful torch that cannot extinguish quickly.


While a lighter will see more use than standard matches, you’ll always want to have something that you won’t have to substitute all the time. If a lighter runs out of fuel, it’s no longer helpful until you can refill it. Find a lighter that is simple to fill and holds the fuel for a more extended period. Since some of them aren’t well-sealed, the lighter fluid evaporates quickly.

When it comes to fuel, a lighter that works on butane rather than lighter fluid is the way to go. The flame produced by lighter fluids is not as intense as that produced by butane. The advantage of using this fuel is that it is less expensive and available almost everywhere.

Some newer lighter models are electric. A few types run on batteries, while others are models that you can charge by plugging into an outlet. Electric lighters can be helpful since they don’t require the use of any fuel. Plus, they are more effective at working in damp conditions. The problem with it is that you’d have nothing to use during emergencies where there is no electricity once the charge gets used up.

Butane-fueled lighters produce a more intense flame and are also windproof. Furthermore, since the blaze is high and big enough, you won’t need to look for kindling if you’re trying to create a fire with moist materials.

Electric lighter models are also available in newer versions. Some are battery-operated, while others you can charge by plugging them into a socket. Electric lighters are advantageous because they do not require any fuel. They’re even better at working in humid environments. The downside is that if the charging depletes, you’ll have nothing to use in an emergency where there is no fuel.

Top Survival Lighter You Can Order Online

Here are some of the best survival lighters you can buy online.

Outdoor Tesla 2.0 From the Survival Frog

The Outdoor Tesla 2.0 From the Survival Frog

The Outdoor Tesla is a water-resistant lighter that’s perfect for emergency conditions. The manufacturer used a solid plastic material that would not shatter or break even when falling from a great height. A lanyard is also available to make the tool portable, so you can easily clip it to your bag or belt loop. This isn’t something you’d have to dig in your survival kit to discover. The lighter is easy to see thanks to the bright orange shell.

It runs on electricity, so you won’t have to refill the lighter with butane or lighter oil. It just needs to be charged for up to two hours, and you already get 300 uses out of it.

If it runs out of power, simply plug it into any functioning USB port with the included USB cord. You can operate this lighter with one hand. You just have to touch the top-facing plasma dual arcs of the lighter on something that can catch fire, and you will have an immediate fire. It is often considered windproof due to its construction.


  • It is pretty light but big enough to be gripped comfortably
  • You do not need to refill it
  • Powered electrically
  • It also has a flashlight and whistle feature


  • The battery life could use an upgrade

UST Refillable Floating Lighter

UST Refillable Floating Lighter

Ultimate Survival Technologies designed this lighter to not only survive extreme weather but also to provide you with a dependable lighter that you can use up to 30,000 times.

This small waterproof lighter features a watertight O-ring seal and a metal clasp to keep it dry even when it falls into a puddle. The case is of impact-resistant ABS plastic. It will not crack if you drop it from a considerable height. The zinc wind guard and lever are both very sturdy, so you can be assured that they will not crack even if you use them repeatedly.

The lighter is not only waterproof but also lightweight. Its construction allows it to float in water. You’d have a fighting chance of recovering it if you dropped it in a heavy flood or river.

It has a catalyzer coil that produces a 2000° F blaze. It will quickly spark whatever flammable substance you are attempting to burn. Furthermore, the blaze is difficult to extinguish. It can endure winds of up to 80 miles per hour and work appropriately at altitudes of up to 8000 feet.

You can conveniently and efficiently refill this lighter with high-performance butane via the reload gas inlet. The flame is also adjustable in case you want to conserve your butane.


  • It is pretty light
  • You can operate it using one hand
  • It is waterproof, windproof, and buoyant
  • Works perfectly at high altitudes
  • Easy to refill with the reload inlet


  • Tank is a bit smaller for extended trips
  • Flame lies too close to your thumb

TOMOLO Waterproof Plasma Lighter

TOMOLO Waterproof Plasma Lighter

Another excellent choice for your survival kit is the Tomolo Plasma lighter. It is waterproof and sturdy due to its silicon rubber shell. It would not crack if you drop it or jump on it. It’s also easy to grip because of the casing material.

It has an instant-ignition feature you can use with only one hand. To start the engine, simply open the safety locking mechanism, push the lock button, and then the ignition button. To create a fire, all you have to do is connect the plasma electric arcs to some flammable object. You can also use the Tomolo Plasma lighter to ignite a fire in the presence of heavy winds and rain.

The lighter’s flammable lanyard is helpful for more than just adding it to your survival pack or belt loop. It can also be used as a tinder to fuel a more intense fire.

The weight of a rechargeable battery is much less. It has an LED display that indicates when you need to charge the unit or unplug it. You can plug in the lighter without the use of a socket. Any computer with a USB port would work. That may be a battery charger, a notebook, or a portable power source.


  • It is pretty light, weighing only 2 ounces
  • It comes with a 90-day warranty
  • The flammable lanyard also has a built-in whistle
  • LED included to display current charge


  • Might not be strong enough for some camping chores

Kammoy 3-in-1 Electric Lighter

Kammoy 3-in-1 Electric Lighter

There are three functions of this electric lighter. It has a torch on one end and a compass on the top of the cap, so it’s more than just a fire starter.

This is something you can benefit from while camping.

If you drop it in a puddle, this lighter will remain waterproof as long as the auto-flip is locked in place. It’s windproof thanks to the arc lighter.

Since there is no flame to blow out, you may ignite a fire even when it is windy.

The Kammoy electric lighter, like the others mentioned above, is rechargeable. As long as you have access to a power supply with a USB connector, you can use it thousands of times.


  • 3-in-1 combo lighter
  • Windproof flame
  • It is exceptionally light, weighing only 55 grams
  • It comes with a lanyard
  • Rechargable


  • Battery isn’t as good as it should be

Final Thoughts

When putting together your survival gear, having a quick and convenient way to start a fire should be top of your priority list. Although there are various other tools you can use to start a fire, nothing beats having a lighter on hand.

Don’t settle for regular lighters. You won’t be able to depend on them entirely in a survival situation. Instead, go for a long-lasting, portable lighter that produces an intense flame and one you can easily refill or recharge.

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