Best Hiking Boots Under $50

A true camper must carry the right equipment to get the best experience from the wild outdoors. Hiking boots are pretty critical when venturing off the beaten path. Hiking is not an expensive sport, and you can get yourself a pair of the best hiking boots under $50 to kickstart your outdoor life.

Like any hobby, you’re better off starting small. Even when backpacking or camping, you don’t need the latest tech on the market.

Sure, $100 boots look like they could tear apart the mountain trails. But if you’re just getting started, it’s best to start with simple and functional equipment. Remember, your outdoor life is only beginning, and you’ll have time to upgrade it later on.

Top 8 Best Hiking Boots Under $50 – Quick Snapshot!

  1. Mountain Warehouse Adventurer Women’s Hiking Boot
  2. Northside Men’s Leather Hiking Boot
  3. CC-Los Men’s Low Top Hiking Boot
  4. NORTIV 8 Men’s Hiking Boot
  5. Northside Unisex Waterproof Hiking Boot
  6. Pendleton Men’s Kinsman Trail Hiking Boot
  7. Hi-Tec Men’s Skamania Hiking Boot
  8. TFO Women’s Outdoor Sports Trail Trekking Sneaker 

The Best Cheap Hiking Boots Today

Hiking is a fantastic way to enjoy your free time. You’ll escape the chaos of city life and even enjoy some fresh air.

However, you need proper gear before thinking of hitting the wild outdoors. Luckily, there is a wide range of equipment retailers for just about any budget.

The best hiking boots under $50 are not just a bargain sale. These shoes have everything you need to trudge through the woods and get back home safely. Rubber soles line this boot on the upper material. It also features a comprehensive support framework to keep you walking even under dense undergrowth.

Anyone going on their first hiking trip will need to ease into this active lifestyle. Hiking boots $50 will allow you to experiment with different styles and see what works best for your feet.

We considered dozens of hiking boots, especially those offering the best bang for your buck. The following three were clear winners:

  • CC-Los Men’s Low Top Hiking Boot – Best waterproof hiking boot
  • Northside Men’s Leather Hiking Boot – Best rugged hiking boot
  • Mountain Warehouse Adventurer Women’s Hiking Boot – Most comfortable hiking boot

Here are ten standout hiking kicks if you are on a budget.

1. Mountain Warehouse Adventurer Women’s Hiking Boot

While the great outdoors demands a rugged approach, that doesn’t mean it can’t look good doing it. Get the Mountain Warehouse Adventurer Women’s Hiking Boot today and show up to the nature trail in style. The boots are as robust as they are fashionable and will guarantee a relaxing and productive day in the woods.

Product Overview

Mountain Warehouse Adventurer Women's Hiking Boot

The Mountain Warehouse Adventurer Women’s Hiking Boot has a fully synthetic construction. These kicks also boast a mesh lining inside, which improves breathability and overall comfort.

Hiking is intense, but you can forget about sweaty feet once you have the Mountain Warehouse Adventurer on your soles. They are hands-down one of the best hiking boots under $50.

The upper section includes waterproofed ISODRY fabric. This clever material only allows sweat molecules to seep out but keeps water from entering – keeping your feet nice and dry.

Most bargain hiking boots lack adequate foot protection. The Mountain Warehouse Adventurer, on the other hand, has reinforced heel and toe areas to keep your feet safe from accidental bumps while hiking.

Standout Feature

The bottom sole has a molded footbed that provides a custom fit for your foot for maximum support and comfort. The outsole has deep grooves, which give you maximum grip and confidence when trudging through the worst terrains.


  • ISODRY waterproofing fabric
  • Extra deep outsole grooves for maximum grip
  • Heel and toe rubber support


  • The front section is too narrow
  • Questionable outsole quality

2. Northside Men’s Leather Hiking Boot

Any outdoor activity demands rugged equipment. That is why the Northside Men’s Leather Hiking Boot is a cut above the rest in terms of durability. It is a top-quality boot with a leather build that will keep you climbing mountain trails with ease.

Product Overview

Northside Men's Leather Hiking Boot

The Northside Men’s Leather Hiking Boot is a proper outdoor shoe. It stretches up to a mid-ankle height. There is a heel and toe guard on the back and front of the shoe. This section does a remarkable job of keeping your feet safe in case you bump onto some rocks.

There is a molded EVA insole that matches the contour of you. The sole is also removable and easy to clean. The tongue and shaft collar are heavily padded for added comfort to your foot and ankle throughout your outdoor excursion.

Standout Feature

Waterproofing is a critical factor when selecting a hiking boot. Luckily, the Northside Men’s Leather Hiking Boot is one of the best hiking boots under $50. It has a seam-sealed construction to keep water out of your feet. Also, the added moisture-wicking lining and gusseted tongue keep unwanted elements from leaking inside your foot.


  • Leather construction
  • Multi-directional rubber outsole for enhanced traction
  • Padded collar and tongue


  • Debatable waterproofing ability
  • It takes some time to break in the stiffness

3. CC-Los Men’s Low Top Hiking Boot

Nothing gives you confidence like a solid pair of hiking boots. While it looks like a casual outdoor shoe, CC-Los’ Low Top has all the bells and whistles of proper outdoor gear and is one of the best hiking boots under $50.

Product Overview

CC-Los Men's Low Top Hiking Boot

The CC-Los Men’s Low Top hiking boot is made entirely of leather. The upper incorporates a meshed lining that gives it remarkable breathability. Its low-cut height contributes to excellent circulation that keeps your feet dry and cozy.

The leather upper connects with an Omni Grip rubber outsole that gives you reliable traction, even on wet surfaces. Also, it isn’t too stiff, and your forefoot is free to flex while trudging through bushes and rocky terrain.

Standout Feature

If you’re planning to wade through streams, CC-Los’ hiking boot will not fail you. The leather and synthetic fiber combo make it impenetrable by water, and it will remain waterproof in up to 4 inches of water. The tongue is gusseted at the connection point with the leather upper for added protection against water seepage.


  • Fully waterproof
  • Cutting-edge traction
  • Excellent arch support
  • Cushioned insoles


  • The outsole comes off easily
  • The uppers are faux leather

4. NORTIV 8 Men’s Hiking Boot

Are you looking for the best value for your money? Get the multifaceted NORTIV 8 Hiking boot for the best hiking experience. It is equipped to withstand harsh weather and will conquer just about any landscape you decide to follow. Additionally, expect zero fatigue even if you wear the shoes all day long.

Product Overview

NORTIV 8 Men's Hiking Boot

The NORTIV is a thorough hiking boot with a 6-inch-high shaft. The interior has plenty of cushioning all the way up to its firm collar, keeping your foot in place as you find your grip.

The upper is made of synthetic leather. There is a waterproof membrane inside the fabric that keeps water out of your shoe. And the reinforced rubber cap will ensure that your toes won’t bump and collide with rocks.

This boot has plenty of features that provide comfort. For instance, the interior is cozy, and your foot will fit snugly. It also has removable insoles with outstanding arch support around your ankles.

Standout Feature

The NORTIV 8 boasts of a Multi-Directional Traction rubber outsole. It is sturdy enough to withstand extreme wear and tear. Also, the patterned sole will give you plenty of grip and confidence to take on even the slipperiest of surfaces.


  • It has a 6-inch shaft with a comfortable collar
  • Multi-Directional Traction
  • Flexible insole
  • Waterproof membrane


  • Minimal leather
  • No steel toe reinforcement

5. Northside Unisex Waterproof Hiking Boot

All the best hiking boots under $50 are versatile outdoor gear. Northside Hiking Boots take this up a notch by delivering a rugged and capable shoe that will wade through swamps on your next outdoor expedition.

Product Overview

Northside Unisex Waterproof Hiking Boot

This shoe has a 100% leather upper that keeps your feet dry even under soggy conditions. This material is equally strong and has reinforced toe and heel segments to withstand scratches and any fender-benders along the way.

You can take the EVA insole off when you want to clean it. It is cushioned and combines with a padded collar along its shaft for superior comfort all day long.

Standout Feature

The grip levels on the Northside hiking boot are exceptional. The multi-directional outsole ensures that you don’t lose grip on dry and slippery surfaces.


  • Full leather upper
  • Multi-directional rubber outsole
  • Removable EVA insole


  • Not suited for extreme outdoor activities
  • Best used by kids

6.  Pendleton Men’s Kinsman Trail Hiking Boot

Modern fashion recognizes the outdoors. The Pendleton Men’s Kinsman Trail Hiking Boot is a stylish piece of outdoor gear. Besides its looks, this shoe holds its own pretty well against significantly expensive outdoor equipment.

Product Overview

Pendleton Men's Kinsman Trail Hiking Boot

The Pendleton is a robust shoe made from leather and wool. Its upper is also coated with leather rand for extra durability against tree stumps, thorns, and sharp rocks. This section keeps both rainwater and snow from seeping inside.

It is an ankle-length boot with a comfortable collar. There is a molded EVA midsole that holds your feet upright and prevents injury.

Standout Features

Since you need a fair bit of comfort while hiking, the Pendleton hiking boot is relatively light. A combination of leather and wool brings down its weight and makes it easy to walk a long distance. Additionally, the wool adds softness to the interior of the boot and keeps things nice and cozy, especially if you want to go through snowy terrain.


  • Comfortable collar
  • Lightweight hiking boot
  • Excellent traction on the rubber outsole
  • The boot is also perfect for casual occasions


  • Ruggedness doesn’t match other brands
  • Breathability is an issue in hot weather

7. Hi-Tec Men’s Skamania Hiking Boot

Hiking trails are usually unpredictable. When it rains, most paths become soggy and very muddy. That is why you will absolutely need a rugged shoe that guarantees water resistance. The Hi-Tec Men’s Skamania Hiking Boot is a proven challenger that will get you to grips with the wild outdoors and even afford a decent level of comfort.

Product Overview

Hi-Tec Men's Skamania Hiking Boot

The Skamania is an ankle-length boot fitted with a steel shank. You need all the reinforcement you can get because outdoor terrains tend to be uneven. Also, the collar has a wealth of padding to hold your feet securely in place.

There is a removable insole that contours to the shape of your feet. The rubber outsole has multiple deep grooves that dig into the ground for ultimate traction. Additionally, the midsole has a wealth of cushioning for extra comfort.

Standout Feature

The Hi-Tec Men’s New 2018 Skamania Hiking Boot is made from suede leather and nylon uppers. This amalgamation results in a fully waterproof membrane that keeps mud and water from seeping inside.


  • Waterproof upper membrane
  • The rubber outsole has deep grooves


  • Stiff ankle support
  • They are challenging to break the stiffness

8. TFO Women’s Outdoor Sports Trail Trekking Sneaker 

If you want to make decent progress on your hike, you must travel light. Shave off some weight, carry a smaller backpack with only essential gear, and wear lightweight hiking shoes. The TFO Women’s Outdoor Sports Trail Trekking Sneaker is an excellent boot for light outdoor workouts.

Product Overview

TFO Women's Outdoor Sports Trail Trekking Sneaker

You’ll immediately notice that the shoe is incredibly light, as it has suede leather. The upper also incorporates tiny vents that improve circulation within the shoe and keep your feet dry and cozy.

Your forefoot is safe with an anti-collision cap on the front of the boot. It is an old-school hiking boot with irregular traction nails on the outsole. The outsole is thick rubber that is resistant to wear. You go anywhere with these shoes on your feet.

Standout Features

For such an elegant hiking boot, the TFO Trekking Sneaker has a robust ankle support structure. The shoe sits on a plush EVA midsole that takes in most of the shock and bumps from your hike. Also, it is buoyed with an arch support framework to keep your ankle stable even as you conquer the wild outdoors.


  • Ankle support
  • Air circulation insole gives excellent air circulation
  • Durable suede leather


  • Uninspiring waterproofing
  • It might be too stiff as an everyday shoe

Features to Look Out for in the Best Hiking Boots Under $50

There are hundreds of outdoor shoes to choose from. So, you might not be able to identify the best hiking boot under $50. Here are a couple of parameters you should consider to determine the best outdoor footwear.

Durable Material

Hiking is no mean feat. You have to go through uneven terrain, sometimes wade through muddy puddles, and hack through bushy sections. Everything you’ll be wearing has to be robust to withstand the outdoors.

That’s why leather boots are the best fit for outdoor living. They are lightweight and beginner-friendly. Synthetic shoes are also a decent option. However, synthetic material is not the best for waterproofing.

Water Resistance

You will encounter a bit of water once you’re in the wild. Whether it be a stream, muddy pathways, or just the occasional rain, your footwear needs maximum preparation for the worst.

Your next hiking shoe must have a degree of waterproofing. The best hiking boots under $50 are reasonably water-resistant.

Leather-clad shoes have the best waterproofing available on the market. Also, synthetic fibers will equally keep your feet dry during a downpour.

While you cannot get the same waterproofing as in other expensive shoes, your feet should at least remain dry. A little moisture makes an excellent breeding ground for fungus and smelly feet so keep in mind your hiking boot’s water resistance.

Comfort and Breathability

You need maximum comfort while hiking. You’re going to be on your feet for most of the hike, and you’ll probably be hauling a backpack. An injury or slight discomfort will only slow your progress.

Also, your feet usually sweat, especially during the summer months. You’ll eventually need a way to get rid of this excess water.

Some boots have a tradeoff between breathability and waterproofing. The best waterproof boots tend to be airtight. However, breathable boots also lose water pretty fast. You can go for a shoe with synthetic fiber, which keeps water out and still lets your feet breathe.

Traction and Grip

If you’re hiking on uneven surfaces, you better have all the traction and grip you can find. A rubber outsole is a preferred option for the best hiking boots under $50. These soles usually have deep grooves that will dig into the ground and give you a firm grip on any terrain.

You need confidence when hiking, which you will get when your shoes have a sturdy grip. Rubber is also durable and can withstand hard rocks, thorns, and twigs.

Ankle Support

Your ankles must be in a position to prevent injuries while hiking. EVA midsoles are renowned for being flexible and soft.

The best hiking boot under $50 have molded midsoles that are contoured to the shape of your foot’s and give you extra comfort. Additionally, your boot must have adequate padding, especially around the collar.

The Takeaway

The range of the best hiking boots under $100 is quite extensive. But when considering the best features for the price, the catalog grows thinner. These are the best hiking shoes you can get if you are on a tight budget.

If you are a first-time hiker, it’s best not to go overboard, especially if you aren’t used to walking long hours in the sun. Hiking footwear is a bare necessity for outdoor living, and you must consider all the features required to keep your feet comfortable.

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