The 8 Best Camping Plates 2023 Reviews and Buying Guide

Anyone who has gone camping will admit that it was one of the best outdoor experiences ever. The freedom and the challenge of overcoming the wild outdoors is an addiction that is hard to resist. Cooking and savoring a meal in the wild is also thrilling, especially if you packed the best camping plates.

No camping excursion is complete without a mealtime.  Most outdoor meals are easy to make. Nevertheless, after a long day trudging through swamps, mountain passes, and thick undergrowth, a nice warm dinner and drink will rival even the finest delicacies.

Best Camping Plates For Outdoor Enthusiasts

Camping plates are critical for any trip outside of the civilized world. Most times, the cutlery weighs a fraction of your tent and luggage. It allows you to enjoy your food respectfully when you set up camp, so it is definitely worth the purchase.

Top 8 Best Camping Plates For Outdoor Enthusiasts – Quick Snapshot!

  1. GSI Outdoors Pioneer Table Set
  2. Stansport Deluxe Enamel Tableware Set
  3. UCO Camping Mess Kit
  4. Kekow Stainless Steel Dinner Plate Set
  5. Wealers Complete Messware Kit
  6. Sea To Summit Solo Camp Dinnerware
  7. UCO 4-Piece Camping Mess Kit
  8. TOAKS Titanium Plate 

The Leading Camping Plates on the Market

Like most outdoor gear, there is a massive variety of camping plates. Frankly, it can get crazy for newbie explorers having to sift through all the options looking for the best camping plates. But since the last thing you want is to eat with your bare hands, we have compiled some of the best utensils to pack on your next trip into the wilderness.

There are a couple of standout plates. Our rigorous selection criteria produced three clear winners when it came to reliability, comfort, and outright functionality.

These plates are:

  • UCO Camping Mess Kit – Best camping plate for solo adventures.
  • GSI Outdoors Pioneer Table Set – Best durable camping plate.
  • Best value for money camping set While these three represent the best features of camping plates, the remaining examples are still top-notch dishes. Find out why in the following review.

The 8 Best Camping Plates for Outdoor Enthusiasts

1. GSI Outdoors Pioneer Table Set

The plates, mugs, and bowls in this set have been through a 1000-degree kiln. They have a porcelain finish and stainless steel rim. What’s more, the set has that classic rugged look. Even the pioneers would be proud to use this table set on their journey. GSI has a long-standing reputation for making outdoor equipment. 

They have been doing so for decades, constantly adapting home-based tech to the wild outdoors. Campfire meals are always enjoyable, and you can trust GSI’s camping set to get your bellies full and keep the laughter going.

The pioneers were the true outdoor buffs. They rode through the untamed lands looking for a better life. Along the way, these guys had to endure everything nature could throw at them and, in the end, succeeded. Are you looking to emulate these legends of a bygone era? Then get yourself the GSI Outdoors Pioneer TABLE Set and take on the natural world.

The outdoor lifestyle is a harsh one. Besides a resilient spirit, you need equally strong equipment to get by. GSI’s camping set is made of heavy-gauge stainless steel. These utensils will take a thorough beating before getting as much a dent.

With each purchase, GSI offers four sets of each item. This way, you get four cups, four bowls, and four plates. You can then enjoy a meal with your hiking buddies. The plates and mugs are compact enough to fit inside any decently sized backpack.


✅ Rugged design.
✅ Durable stainless steel construction.
✅ Ceramic coating for increased strength.
✅ Lifetime GSI guarantee from manufacture defects.
✅ Table set for the entire family.


❌ Metallic material tends to transfer heat rapidly to your hands.
❌ It doesn’t include cutlery.

2. Stansport Deluxe Enamel Tableware Set

Green is the color of nature. From the leaves of multiple trees to the pleasant meadows and even the swamp grass. So why not match your nature expedition with the majestic emerald-colored Stansport Deluxe Enamel Tableware Set?

Enjoy your meals while being at one with nature with this beautiful and functional set of camping plates.

This set of camping tableware gives you excellent value for your money. Instead of just a single plate, you get twenty-four pieces of tableware.

There are four plates and an equal number of bowls and mugs. Now you can enjoy an outdoor meal with your pals next time you are out camping. In addition to the mugs and bowls, the Stansport Deluxe Enamel Tableware Set also includes a handful of forks, knives, and spoons. There’s no need to eat like a Neanderthal even if you are enjoying the wild outdoors.

The plates are sturdy and will need a well-aimed blow to put a dent in them. They have a metallic build and enamel finish. The plates and mugs have a timeless design that you will instantly fall in love with as you serve a sumptuous meal. And the bold stainless steel edges take the design to the next level.

These plates are easy to clean. The enamel finish allows you to remove dirt, and food quickly remains off the surface of the plates using a cloth wipe. It is smooth, and with a little warm water and soap, you will have them looking spotless in no time. Also, they are dishwasher safe if you don’t want the hassle of manually cleaning your utensils.


✅ Beautiful enamel finish.
✅ Sturdy metal construction.
✅ Multiple plates and bowls.
✅ It even includes forks and knives.


❌ Mugs tend to get hot with warmer liquids.
❌ You’ll need to carry extra pots and pans.

3. UCO Camping Mess Kit

If you are hiking solo, you don’t need an entire dinner set. Besides, it will be way too much work having to clean up after meals. UCO’s Camping Mess Kit is better suited to individual hikers. It has everything you need for outdoor mealtimes in a compact package.

This is the best camping plate for unaccompanied hikes. It is made from nylon that is reinforced with glass material. It doesn’t have the same ruggedness as other steel plates, but it still lasts long. 

The material is BPA-free, and your food won’t get contaminated even if it’s scalding hot. The nylon is a poor heat conductor. This allows you to handle hot food and drink. There is a collapsible mug in the package that you can quickly store in the kit. It has a nice handle that also protects you from drinks that are a bit too hot.

The included cutlery piece is a nifty two-piece spoon and fork. The spoon also has a knife edge on one side of the handle. Separate camping equipment can easily get lost in the wild. Fortunately, the set comes with a strap, and each piece has a notch for securing them together.

Steel camping plates often have smoothened bottoms. This can prove unwieldy, especially on wet surfaces. That is why UCO’s uses a different approach by incorporating rubber grips which ensure that your plate and its contents stay put while you enjoy your meal.


✅ Rubberized bottom.
✅ Collapsible mug.
✅ Additional tether for securing the camping set.
✅ Dual-purpose spoon.
✅ Airtight sealing for food storage.


❌ You’ll need to carry pots and pans to prepare your food.
❌ Shallow plates tend to spill soups and stews.

4. Kekow Stainless Steel Dinner Plate Set

Few materials symbolize the great pioneer lifestyle than stainless steel. The Kekow Stainless Steel Dinner Plate Set pays homage to the outdoor life with its solid construction and delightful functionality. You cannot go wrong with this product, and here’s why.

They are made from high-quality stainless steel. It is highly polished and bears a lovely sheen, especially after cleaning all the dirt away. Speaking of which, they are quite easy to clean.

These plates won’t rust and can take a beating while you are out in the wild. And even if they get dented, you can easily mold them back to their original shape.

Stainless steel is a phenomenal material that lasts for a long time. It makes the best camping plates that do not rust or corrode. Furthermore, your food doesn’t take on a metallic taste because this material doesn’t give off toxins.

The plate is ten inches wide and has a 3-inch depth. It is perfect for holding stews and soups. Also, they are pretty thick, and once full, they stay put on your table. This makes them a perfect option for kids and adults alike.

The Kekow stainless steel plates are a versatile bunch. Besides serving food, you can easily use them in your oven. They have high heat resistance and will require extreme temperatures to warp. So, you could even use them for making casseroles.


✅ Wide and deep enough.
✅ Solidly built and stable.
✅ Stainless steel finish.
✅ Rust-proof and durable.
✅ Multipurpose plate.
✅ The value pack includes four pieces.
✅ Easy to clean.


❌ Are prone to denting.
❌ No insulation.

5. Wealers Complete Messware Kit

The Wealers Store offers campers a splendid deal when it comes to camping cookware. Get the Wealers Complete Messware Kit today and venture into the wild with everything you need to prep your outdoor meals.

The tableware set is sufficient for a team of four backpackers. It has four-piece of cups, plates, bowls, and cutlery to cater to the entire crew. The plates are a good size and stretch to over eight inches. Six-inch bowls and four-ounce mugs complete the set.

This dinnerware set is designed to handle the rough outdoors with ease with its stainless steel construction. They won’t rust or attract any scratches during your forays into the wild. Easily carry them to any location, whether at the beach, some secluded forest, or the open country.

Also, stainless steel doesn’t leak any dangerous toxins into your food owing to its BPA-free blend. Moreover, it is easy to scrub away dirt and particles and keep everything tidy.

This is a versatile dinner set. It allows you to enjoy a multiple-course meal with its bowls and accompanying mugs. Most camping plates are available as a single piece. They don’t allow several dishes at once, unlike what Wealers has to offer. So, get ready to enjoy a complete barbeque in the wild.

Hauling sixteen pieces of cutlery is no mean feat. Although they don’t weigh as much as you would think, they can be quite bulky. This makes it harder to organize into your backpack. Luckily, the Wealers Store has included a handy mesh bag.

This package has a single major compartment that holds all the large pieces stacked together. Additionally, it features several well-designed slots where you can easily place the cutlery.

These plates don’t differ from your regular dinner set. You can use it for most meals, whether spaghetti, soup, meatballs, or stew. The cups also have a superb depth and hold a decent amount of liquid.


✅ Stainless steel design.
✅ Dishwasher safe.
✅ Includes a storage mesh bag.
✅ Several camping plates for the entire crew.
✅ Rust-proof and durable.
✅ Ultra-light camping plates.


❌ Bulky dinnerware set.
❌ No insulation on the cups and plates.

6. Sea To Summit Solo Camp Dinnerware 

Traveling light is a crucial aspect of camping. While you have to pack everything you need, including camping gear, extra clothes, and food, try to minimize the load as much as possible.

The Sea To Summit Solo Camp Dinnerware set is the best camping plate for a single backpacker. You will barely notice the six-ounce bowl strapped to your carry-on pack.

This camping bundle suits just one person. You will get a multipurpose ultra-light bowl, mug, and cutlery set. They are made from polypropylene that is BPA-free and reinforced with glass. This set affords you phenomenal weight savings.

A lot of backpackers are crazy about their luggage organization. Luckily, the Sea To Summit Dinnerware set comes with an equally weightless nylon storage pouch. Its dimensions are pretty diminutive, taking up just 192 cubic inches.

If you want the best camping experience, you can also purchase Alpha and Sigma pots. The tableware set easily fits into the 2.7L compartment.

Polypropylene is a long-lasting material. Although you can’t use the plates for cooking your camp meals, they are still well insulated. This protects your hands from getting burnt once your pour in a hot meal. The bowl has a 1L volume and holds a considerable amount of food. Also, the mug is pretty decent and can hold 350ml of liquid. At six inches, the cutlery set gives you immense comfort when handling your food.


✅ Ultra-light polypropylene material.
✅ Additional storage pouch.
✅ Excellent packing ability.
✅ Additional cutlery set.


❌ Non-insulated mug without a handle.
❌ You cannot use the plate for cooking food.

7. UCO 4-Piece Camping Mess Kit

Camping is physically intense. First, you have to hike to their desired camping site. No camping luggage is lightweight because you have to carry all the equipment needed for a three-day trip.

So it helps to shave off some of your equipment’s weight. That’s why UCO’s 4-Piece Camping Mess Kit is a must-have for campers and backpackers alike.

This camping dinner kit is pretty barebones. It has a plate, a bowl, and spork. The plate is made from BPA-free polypropylene and weighs about half a pound when empty.

A spork is a versatile tool. It has a spoon on one end and a fork on the other. Additionally, the fork has a serrated knife edge on one of its sides. The spork is made from reinforced glass nylon that will last you several camping trips. This material allows it to withstand extreme temperatures while keeping your hands cool.

Moreover, the spork is contoured to match the bowl’s interior cavity, making it easy to get even the last bit of food from your plate. And you won’t have to worry about losing the spork that easily because it is tethered to the bowl.

The plate and bowl can double as a storage container. They connect at the edges, and a double gasket is in place to form an airtight seal. This prevents your pre-packed food from going bad on long hikes. It is the perfect companion when scouting the outdoors, backpacking and camping.

Most camping plates are smooth, and if you aren’t careful, they’ll slip and spill your food. But UCO’s product has rubber grips on the sides that run below the plate. These provide a non0slip platform affording you a comfortable and stable meal.


✅ Doubles as a storage container.
✅ 3-in-1 spork.
✅ Rubberized grips.
✅ Durable camping plate.
✅ Includes a bit of rope for the spork.


❌ It cannot be used to cook food.
❌ Spork is a stain magnet.

8. TOAKS Titanium Plate 

While camping, you will do a lot of things outside and use your tent for just sleeping. That is why all outdoor gear is robust and can withstand the elements like the TOAKS Titanium Plate. It will be a tall order trying to wear this one down no matter the outdoor conditions.

You won’t find a lot of camping plates made out of titanium. That is why TOAKS provides campers and backpackers with an ideal implement to serve and even prepare their food on.

The titanium allows your plate a longer shelf life and an exceptional resistance to wear and tear. This plate doubles as a frying pan, and you can prep your camp meals quite fast on it. However, it doesn’t come with a handle. You’ll need to fashion one with locally available wood from nearby bushes quickly.

The pan is extremely light and weighs just over two ounces. The benefit of this is that it heats up quickly, so you’ll have your scrambled eggs in no time. Moreover, it cools down in no time, saving you precious time if the bears come calling.

Packing is a critical stage when getting ready to go camping. Typically, you are better off traveling light and only carrying essential items. This pan is great because it doesn’t take up space, and you can even attach it to your pack.

It also comes with a mesh sack that you can use to organize your luggage. TOAKS also deals with outdoor cutlery. You can also get a titanium mug and 3-piece cutlery set to go along with the amazing camping plate.


✅ Extremely lightweight.
✅ Doubles as a frying pan.
✅ It heats up and cools down quickly.
✅ Mesh storage sack.
✅ Easy to clean.


❌ Frequent hot spots and uneven cooking.
❌ Not suitable on an open flame.
❌ No handle.

Are bamboo plates suitable for camping?

There are many reasons to choose bamboo plates for your next camping trip. For one, bamboo is a highly sturdy and durable material. As a result, you don’t have to worry about your dishes breaking if you accidentally drop them on the ground. They’re also very light, so that they won’t add much weight to your backpack.

Another great reason to choose bamboo plates is that they’re eco-friendly. Bamboo is a sustainable resource that proliferates and doesn’t require chemicals or pesticides to thrive. Using bamboo plates makes you feel good knowing you’re not harming the environment.

So, are bamboo plates suitable for camping? Absolutely! They’re strong, lightweight, and eco-friendly – everything you could want in a camp plate.

What are the most eco-friendly camping plates?

Many types of camping plates are available on the market, but not all are eco-friendly. Bamboo plates are an excellent option for those who want to reduce their environmental impact.

Bamboo is a sustainable material growing in popularity due to its many environmental benefits. It is solid and durable yet lightweight, making it ideal for camping trips. In addition, bamboo plates are biodegradable and decompose naturally if disposed of properly.

Bamboo plates are a great choice if you’re looking for an eco-friendly option for your next camping trip. They’re sturdy, lightweight, and won’t harm the environment when you’re done using them.

Are stainless steel plates suitable for camping?

Stainless steel plates are a great camping option because they are durable and easy to clean. In addition, you don’t have to worry about them breaking or bending; they won’t absorb food smells.

Another great thing about stainless steel plates is that they don’t rust. So if you’re using them in an area with a lot of moisture, like near a lake or river, you don’t have to worry about them getting ruined.

They are also lightweight, so if you’re hiking or backpacking, they won’t add too much weight to your pack. And finally, they’re inexpensive, so if you’re on a budget, they’re a great option.

Camping Plate Buyer’s Guide

Regular dinner plates won’t cut it when you set up camp. They are more fragile and often heavier than camping plates. However, the variety of camping plates is growing, and picking the best one can get confusing.

Camping Plate Buyer’s Guide

Nevertheless, the best camping plates are easy to spot when you look for the following features.


While backpacking, you don’t want your luggage weighing you down the road. Camping plates are made from different materials, and each has a different weight. Stainless steel and enameled pieces tend to be heavier than plastic plates. However, plastic plates won’t last as long as the other two. So to find the right plates, you have to figure out your priorities on your camping trips. 


Wide plates are harder to package. But if they have a tether like UCO’s, you can easily attach them onto your backpack straps. Otherwise, you are better off with smaller diameter plates.

Additional Cutlery

Companies like Wealers offer complete dinners set for the wild. But then again, these are often multiple cutlery pieces that weigh a ton. While on a solo trip, you can opt for a versatile spork. Or you can skip the cutlery altogether and take your meals as nature intended. Again, it depends on your needs and preferences.

Camping plates are essential to any trip off the beaten path. They allow you to take your food decently. Other plates are versatile and can be used as pots and pans. That way, you don’t need to haul a lot of equipment. Still, the best camping plates tend to balance resourcefulness, durability, and how well they can be packed.

 Frequently Asked Questions (fAQs)

1. What is the best material for camping plates?

Camping plates are made from a variety of materials each with its own pros and cons. For instance, plastic is an excellent, lightweight choice for backpackers. However, it is not durable and will easily warp when exposed to heat.
Aluminum and stainless steel last longer, although the latter tends to weigh more. Enameled plates are hardy but will chip if dropped. Meanwhile, titanium strikes a balance between weight, durability and food safety.

2. Are enamel plates good for camping?

Enamel camping plates are made from heavy-gauge steel. Besides the steel, these plates have a porcelain finish on the surface to complete that smooth look and feel. They have unmatched durability and can be used over an open campfire, stove and even oven. However, the tradeoff is that they are quite hefty and if you are carrying a large set, you’ll feel their weight on your back.

3. How do you wash dishes while out camping?

To get clean dishes while camping, you need a bit of hot water. It makes scrubbing away oils and fats quite simple. Pour the scalding water onto your dishes and add cold water until it’s cool enough to handle. Use biodegradable soap, then rinse it off with cool water. Finally, hang them to dry.

Is Corelle eco-friendly?

Yes, Corelle is an eco-friendly company. They use recycled materials in their products and are constantly looking for ways to reduce their environmental impact. They are committed to sustainability and are continually working to improve their practices. 

5. What are camping plates made of?

Most camping plates are made from enamel, plastic, or aluminum. Enamel plates are very durable and long-lasting but can be pretty heavy. Plastic containers are much lighter and can be less expensive, but they’re not as durable. Aluminum plates are lightweight and won’t break if dropped, but they can dent easily.

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