7 Best Hidden Gun Storage Ideas

If you have a firearm in your home, you must store it safely. A gun in the wrong place where unauthorized people and kids can access it is a recipe for tragedy. Fortunately, firearm storage has undergone various innovations resulting in different hidden gun storage ideas while ensuring your firearm remains out of the wrong hands.

Hidden Gun Storage Ideas
Hidden Gun Storage Ideas

Traditionally, people stored their firearms in gun safes; however, safes might not be the best option, particularly during emergencies. If there is an emergency, you will immediately require a gun to protect your family and yourself. A safe is cumbersome to interact with during an emergency. For this reason, you are better off using these hidden gun storage ideas.

best Hidden Gun Storage Ideas

best Hidden Gun Storage Ideas
Hidden Gun Storage Ideas

DIY Storage

One way of safely storing your firearms is to create a cabinet for them. Doing this is easy, and you can control just how secure or safe you want your hidden compartment to be. When creating your DIY cabinet, you need to ensure it is sufficiently strong to carry your firearm. 

It doesn’t matter if your gun is heavy or lightweight. The last thing you want your cabinet to do is to fall over simply because you are handling it.

Your DIY firearm storage can be something as bare as a cupboard. It can also be as complex as creating a homemade wall-mounted gun cabinet. The type of tools and skills required to build your wardrobe depends on the kind of storage you aim to build. 

Nevertheless, creating a cabinet for hiding guns requires the right type of wood, carpentry skills, power tools, and screws and nails.

Here’s a useful video if you are interested about going forward:

Improvising Your Couch

If you have a hollow couch, you can use the inside to store your firearm by popping the sofa apart behind the seat or the sitting area and using it as a secret compartment.

You might need to create a separate box to keep your gun before placing it in the sofa. Your firearm can be stored in the couch’s cavity and secured using duct tape, Velcro, cold, or a weld.

If you decide to use this method to store your firearm, you should know that it can be quite challenging to access in an emergency. Additionally, intruders might walk in and head to the couch, taking it. So placing a weapon in the sofa might not be the most effective choice.

Storing Your Gun in a Bookcase

A bookcase can be a great place for a concealed weapon. This process doesn’t involve you cutting a hole in the wall. If you don’t already have a bookcase, you might want to install one in your bedroom or closet to store your firearm. 

To use a bookcase as concealment furniture, make a box the same size as your gun. For the best-hidden effect, make the box out of solid wood. When installing, ensure the storage space looks as natural as possible.

Creating a Cabinet in the Wall

If you want to store your firearms in plain sight without anyone being able to tell that they are firearms, install a cabinet in your wall and then cover the secret compartment with some memorabilia or décor. 

This style is called a cabinet in the wall, and it enables you to get any cabinet style, bring a section of the wall down and then install your cabinet.

You can place the cabinet on the wall in your hallway, where the door opens, or behind the couch where you can keep an array of gun racks and hidden gun safes, letting you keep your guns out of the way. 

When using this method for hidden storage, remember not to remove the mirror, picture, or décor as the front fascia conceals your firearm.

The installation process is quite simple, just be sure to avoid electrical wiring or plumbing. Cut the hole in the wall, build a large enough gun cabinet, install the door with the locking mechanism, then cover the hidden compartment with a mirror or piece of art.

Living with children under 18 means that you need to consider them accidentally stumbling on your firearm. You have to rule out placing your gun in the bathroom or under the bed. The most effective place to store your gun is somewhere that is hidden yet still accessible. It would be best if you also moved to teach your children about gun safety.

Under the Bed

Hidden storage under the bed is another way to keep it close if there is an intruder in your home. Quick access is one of the things that makes a difference. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that your firearm storage is right where you sleep.

Keeping Your Weapon in the Bathroom

Another hidden gun storage solution is keeping your weapon in the bathroom. Placing your firearm in the bathroom cabinet can be a great idea since an intruder might let you use the bathroom. When placing your gun in the bathroom, you should put it in a gun safe instead of being in the open. This enables you to gain access to it should you need it.

Inside the Front Door

There are a couple of advantages to placing your firearm inside the front door. For one, your firearm is within easy reach for quick access in the event of an intruder. Nevertheless, with this storage idea, you have to lock it in another part of the house during the day to ensure no one gains access to your hidden gun safe.

Using Your Pantry

Placing your firearm in an out of sight area is one of the best things you can do. It is a great idea to hide your gun on a shelf in the pantry in the pantry. It isn’t readily noticeable to intruders, and you have fast access when you need it. The pantry is usually the last place an intruder thinks your firearm is once they get into your home.

Storage for One

A great thing about living alone is that you have complete control over the environment. Living alone enables you to store your gun anywhere in your home. You need to consider personal responsibility and safety just as you would if you had a young child in the home. To this end, you should keep your firearm out of sight and check your locks.

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As you can see, there are a plethora of hidden gun storage ideas. You need to select the one that works best for you by considering if you live alone or have small kids in your home and the best placement for your weapon using your home’s layout.

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