Grizzly Cooler Review | 75 Quart

With so many Grizzly coolers available on the market, it can be challenging to find the one that ticks all your boxes. You need to consider several factors to choose the perfect Grizzly cooler for an excellent camping experience. One such contender is the Grizzly Cooler 75 Quart.

From durability, capacity, and ultimate performance, the Grizzly Cooler 75 is the samurai of coolers. Let’s dig in a bit more about the product below!


The cooler has a burly drain plug and dependable latches and hinges. Thus, it is rare to find any negative reviews regarding the durability of this cooler. Due to its rugged build, the Grizzly Cooler 75 scored exceptionally high in our durability test. 

Moreover, the seal on the lid did not even leak while we conducted our slosh test. It is sealed with a rubber gasket to keep the cold air inside the cooler. This extends the life of the ice inside it. As a result, the cooler scored an 8 in our durability testing, while all other high insulation models only scored a 7.


The Grizzly Cooler 75 houses slots for two internal dividers. In addition to this, there are external latches, ruler markings on the lid, extended and recessed handles, and pin-style hinges.

Furthermore, the cooler has two drain plugs on each end. Out of all the models that we tested, this is the only one with two drain plugs. For this reason, it scored 5 on our test, which is above average among our scores that range from 3 to 7.


We were genuinely impressed by the capacity this cooler offers its users. With a total of 75 quarts, you can easily store up to 80 cans in the cooler, and there will still be some space left. This is what makes it suitable for longer trips.

Ease of Use

Out of all the models we reviewed, the Grizzly Cooler 75 is the only one that utilizes all of its three latches effectively. These latches are made of several rubber pull-downs, and we found them extremely easy to undo and secure.

Furthermore, the lid is relatively easy to open and stays that way for as long as you want. As the top does not open at full 90-degrees, we expected it would not shut down properly. However, we were pretty surprised at how smoothly we were able to close the lid. The drain plug makes a bit of a splashing noise when you try to unscrew it. But once it’s opened, it drains pretty quickly.

The only thing we faced difficulty with was opening the drain plug. It requires a bit of force since it has the propensity to stick.

Nylon Rope Handles

One of the most noticeable features of the Grizzly Cooler 75 is its nylon rope handles. These ropes are pretty large and covered with nylon protection. Not only that, but they are a lot more comfortable as compared to the rigid plastic handles. As these handles are quite long, it becomes easier to carry the cooler, even if it is heavy.

Recessed Bezel inside the Cooler

Another outstanding feature is the recessed bezel inside the cooler. It also plays on a small plastic tray, which works like a cage in the deep cooler. You can store the food on the tray if you don’t want it to come in direct contact with the ice. If you wish to get more trays for your cooler, you can also purchase them separately.

FDA Approved Plastic

The resin used in the manufacturing of the Grizzly Cooler 75 is FDA approved. This means it complies with the provisions of the United States Food and Drug Act.

It is manufactured from rotationally molded LLDPE plastic to provide the highest level of durability and thickness. This is what makes it entirely safe for use under all circumstances.

IGBC Certified

The Grizzly Cooler 75 is an Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee or IGBC Certified. It is considered the gold standard certification of coolers when it comes to bear resistance. This means that the Grizzly Cooler 75 passed the rigorous IGBC test and met all the standards.

To make the cooler bear-proof, there is a large O-ring on its top. This seals the cooler and keeps the outside air from entering it. Not only that, but it also prevents wildlife such as bees, flies, and mosquitoes from entering the cooler. 

Lifetime Warranty

The Grizzly Cooler 75 is not only known for its durability but its lifetime warranty as well. This means that if you damage the cooler for any reason, the manufacturers will replace it free of charge. This is one of the reasons why a lot of campers are making the switch to these coolers.

Made in America

Different premium cooler brands are manufactured in several parts of the world. For example, Yeti coolers are manufactured in the Philippines, China, and the United States. But, this is not the case with Grizzly coolers.

All the models of Grizzly coolers, including the one under discussion, are manufactured in the USA in the small town of Iowa.


To be honest, we were a bit disappointed with the insulation of the cooler. It could only maintain a safe food temperature for three days during our test. But, the good news is that it could retain ice for more than ten days. Regardless, we expected better insulation from a cooler of this high-end value.

On the bright side, this hard-sided cooler is pressure injected with polyurethane foam of up to two inches. Due to this unique insulation, the cooler’s global warming and ozone depletion potential are significantly reduced.


The Grizzly Cooler 75 weighs 33 pounds, which is a bit heavier than some other Grizzly coolers out there. Therefore, the weight of the cooler reduces its portability. We would not recommend taking it on short trips since it can be challenging to manage.

Value for Money

For a Grizzly cooler of this high durability and capacity, its price is considered average by users. We highly doubt that you will find a cooler with such capability for less than the Grizzly Cooler 75.

Grizzly Cooler 75

Grizzly Cooler 75


  • Large enough to store 84 cans together
  • Made from high-quality polyurethane foam
  • The Bear-claw latches make transportation easier
  • Capable of preserving ice for more than ten days
  • The rugged construction makes the cooler durable
  • It comes with two lock holes to keep the contents safe and secure
  • The Grizzly Cooler 75 is IGBC Certified


  • Not suitable for short trips due to its bulky size
  • Insulation performance is not great

Tips to Keep the Contents Cold in Your Grizzly Cooler 75

As the insulation in the Grizzly Cooler 75 is not that great, here are some tips for you to increase the chill factor.

1. Start With a Cold Cooler

If you directly start with a cold cooler, it will increase the chances of keeping the items cold inside the cooler for a longer period. This is because the ice you add to the cooler will not have to expend energy to chill it. As a result, it will remain frozen for a long time and will do the job of keeping the contents cold.

Several different ways allow you to chill the cooler before placing the components in it. For example, you can freeze water bottles and keep them inside the cooler with the lid closed. You can also fill it with cold water. Once the cooler has chilled, you can then drain the waiter.

No matter what you do, make sure that you lower the interior temperature before filling it with the contents.

2. Fill the Cooler With Cold Contents

If you get the opportunity, you should place cold food or pre-chilled beverages in your Grizzly Cooler 75. When you start with cold contents, the cooler will not have to work too hard to keep the contents inside chilled. As a result, it will retain ice for much longer than under usual circumstances.

3. Pack The Items Densely

If you want to keep your Grizzly Cooler 75 cold, you should pack the contents inside it as tightly as possible. This will leave little airspace between them. Then, if there is still some space left, you can layer ice on top of the items. This will help you fill your cooler to its full capacity.

Additionally, if you have more ice than the other contents inside the cooler, you can surround the top, bottom, or sides with ice to give an extra layer of insulation to the cooler. This increases the insulation power of the polyurethane-injected foam walls of your Grizzly Cooler 75.

4. Keep the Lid Sealed

You should fight your desire to inspect the contents inside the cooler frequently. Instead, try to keep the lid closed as much as possible. That’s because every time you open the cooler, it introduces warm air to the items inside. As a result, the ice has to expend more energy to chill the items.

5. Insulate the Exterior of the Cooler

When you keep the cooler’s exterior insulated, it gives you some extra time to keep the contents cold. You can keep the exterior cold by keeping the cooler out of direct sunlight or wrapping it in a sleeping bag or blanket. 

6. Use Dry Ice

If you want to pack paper-wrapped food in your Grizzly Cooler 75, you should consider filling it with dry ice. That’s because the paper can get wet from the melting ice.

The good news is that the Grizzly Cooler 75 is compatible with dry ice. However, it can freeze the contents inside the cooler. So, if you don’t want your food items to freeze, then dry ice might not be a good choice for you. But, if you want to preserve meat for a more extended period, you should consider getting dry ice for your cooler.

An important thing to remember is that if you use the cooler with dry ice, make sure that you pop the lid or leave the cooler’s drain open for safety.

7. Drain the Cooler Properly

Taking proper advantage of the drainage will also help you keep the contents of the cooler cold for a long time. That’s because ice melts faster in standing water as it is a great conductor. Therefore, it covers the entire surface of the cooler and results in the ice melting quickly.

The Grizzly Cooler 75 has an effective drainage valve at its bottom. This allows an efficient and easy flow of water. In addition to this, there are many channels at the base of the cooler. These channels play a significant role in pulling water from the ice and directing it to the drain.

How to Clean Your Grizzly Cooler 75?

When it comes to cleaning your grizzly cooler, there are two times in particular that you should consider. These include the time before you use the cooler and once after you have used it. First, let’s take a look at the cleaning guide for the Grizzly Cooler 75 below.

Cleaning Routine Before Use

It is crucial to clean your grizzly cooler before you put anything inside it. The last thing you’d want to do is place anything inside a dirty cooler. Ensure that you thoroughly clean the cooler, so there are no traces of the food from your last trip. Otherwise, it can lead to the contamination of the food you put inside.

To clean the cooler properly, you will need a bar of soap and some clean towels. Additionally, you will require a lot of clean water as well. For this, you must ensure that the place where you are going camping has enough water. Otherwise, you can consider bringing your own water bottles.

You should not only clean the inside of the cooler but the outer surface as well. Also, make sure to clean your hands thoroughly before you handle the items inside the cooler.

Cleaning Routine After Use

Don’t forget to clean your grizzly cooler once your trip is over. We understand that it might be pretty tempting to leave the cooler as it is and save the cleaning for later, but later never comes. That’s why you should get to cleaning right away.

The cleaning routine will begin after you have drained all the ice from your Grizzly Cooler 75. You should dispose of all the leftovers immediately using bags and wrappers. Leaving them in the cooler for a longer time will only contaminate your food. You need to clean the cooler immediately once it is empty. Otherwise, the stains could become permanent. You will require a mild detergent or soap along with some warm water to clean the cooler thoroughly.

If the tough stains are not going away, you can also use some baking soda mixed with warm water. Keep scrubbing the mixture on the stain until it vanishes. Finally, rinse the cooler with warm water.


Now that we have discussed all the elements of the Grizzly Cooler 75 in detail, let’s summarize our findings with some pros and cons of the cooler. It has all the aesthetics, durability, and capacity of an ideal cooler. However, it falls short on insulation performance. Regardless, the pros of the speakers undoubtedly outweigh the cons. So, if you are looking for a Grizzly cooler for your next camping trip, the Grizzly Cooler 75 is worth considering!

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